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Planet Labs launched into space hundreds of tiny satellites around the clock to remove the entire surface of the Earth. Why is it important?

February 14, the Indian rocket PSLV put into orbit the Earth at a record 104 of the satellite (the previous record of 37 for times). 88 of them are very small satellites Dove company Planet Labs, which is trying to provide daily supervision over the entire surface of the Earth. "Medusa" tells what Planet Labs — and why it matters.


Nuclear flying monster. As in the Soviet Union was building nuclear aircraft

After the war, the world of the winners was intoxicated opened nuclear capabilities. And it's not only about the weapons capabilities, but also quite peaceful use of nuclear energy. In the US, for example, in addition to the nuclear tanks spoke about the establishment of even such household things like vacuum cleaners, working at a nuclear chain reaction.


What modern nuclear warhead. Troubling questions about nuclear war

For the past two weeks, relations between Russia and the United States deteriorated sharply. The Kremlin announced the release of two Russian-American agreements on the destruction of weapons-grade plutonium and cooperation in the field of nuclear testing. Statements by the military and the nature of the messages in the media , many have created the perception that a direct military clash between Russia and the United States is possible. And inevitably, any talk about the prospects of such a collision — including nuclear war. Experts believethat speech yet not only hot, but even about the cold war, but still many remain troubling questions. Jellyfish were asked to answer them, military journalist Alexander Goltz.


National Interest: the U.S. Navy is faced with challenges unprecedented since Soviet times

Such U.S. adversaries as Russia, China and Iran actively challenge the supremacy of America on the seas, writes the National Interest. According to the newspaper, U.S. naval forces after the collapse of the Soviet Navy have not had to face anything like this.



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