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"2017. War with Russia: the Urgent warning of a retired General

Retired NATO commander expresses his point of view on the pages of artwork. We offer you a review on his book.


Aircraft with thermonuclear engines

If the success of modern aircraft do not impress you, get to know the project of the Spanish designer and designer Oscar Vinals (Oscar Viñals). Developed by Finalson jet liner Flash Falcon fly due to fusion engines. Of course, appropriate technologies are yet to be created, but the constructor is not stopping.


The beat of a ticking time bomb

Israel has a recipe for safety, suitable for airports and cities in Europe.


The miracle weapons of Hitler

The closer fit of Nazi Germany by the time of its crash, the more its leadership relied on "wonder weapons" - wunderwaffe. But the defeat of the Third Reich threw the miracle weapons to the dustbin of history, making the development of German scientists among the countries of the winners.


As in the Soviet Union responded to a downed American plane? An instructive example!

During the Cold War between the West and barbaric Russia / Soviet aircraft were shot down dozens (not counting, of course, the loss in local wars such as Korea, etc.) - fire from the ground and in the air. Most, of course - western / American - it is their aerial spies regularly brazenly intruded into our territory. But there is one double incident, to-ing is of interest in connection with the deliberate destruction by the Turks of our Su-24: 27 July 1953 over Manchuria was shot down our passenger IL-12 (21 killed, a memorial in Vladivostok on the photo above) and 29- go over the Sea of ​​Japan - American reconnaissance RB-50G (16 dead).


Возрастное ограничение