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Who is authorized to declare. Why did the Allies in Moscow resolutely distanced themselves from the conflict with Turkey

The session which has taken place on the past week of Military committee of the Organization of the Contract on collective safety (ODKB) quickly has outgrown in scandal with participation of military departments at once the several states. All has begun with the statement of the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of Armenia of Yury Hachaturova which has especially underlined in the comment of mass-media that all participants of a meeting have supported the Russian military campaign in Syria, naming actions of Turkey (on November, 24th in the sky over Syria the Russian bomber of Su-24 has been brought down) «an act of aggression and a stab in the back». Military-political allies of Russia, including the nearest - Belarus and Kazakhstan have hastened to deny words of the head of the Armenian military department. "" understood, why the basic allies do not consider it necessary to support Moscow in a public field.


Planes at the atomic engine

The rivalry of the Soviet and American nuclear bombers ended in a draw.


Russian-Indian War, Alaska 1802 - 1805

Land development of Alaska Russian colonists began at the end of the XVIII century. Moving south along the mainland coast of Alaska in search of rich fishing grounds, the Russian party of hunters of sea mammals are gradually approaching the territory, populated Tlingit - one of the most powerful and formidable tribes of the Northwest Coast. Russian called them Kolosha (Kolyuzhami). This name comes from the custom of Tlingit women inserted into an incision in the lower lip wooden bar - kaluzhku why lip stretched and hung down. "Angrier most predatory beasts," "murderous and evil people", "krovozhazhduschie barbarians" - spoke in such terms about the Tlingit Russian explorers. And the fact they had their reasons.


Why is the war in the XXI century has become economically unprofitable

Today, the war is not only criminal and unethical, as it has always been: it is also a direct deduction of the national wealth. But, as before, the world will need many more years to fully accept the new reality.


The most crushing defeat of America

April 30, 1975 troops of the Vietnam People's Army entered the capital of South Vietnam. Taking the North Vietnamese Saigon became the de facto end of the Vietnam War.


Возрастное ограничение