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Why is the war in the XXI century has become economically unprofitable

Today, the war is not only criminal and unethical, as it has always been: it is also a direct deduction of the national wealth. But, as before, the world will need many more years to fully accept the new reality.


The most crushing defeat of America

April 30, 1975 troops of the Vietnam People's Army entered the capital of South Vietnam. Taking the North Vietnamese Saigon became the de facto end of the Vietnam War.


The "Habakkuk": the amazing story of a giant aircraft carrier

The Second World War has stimulated many technological advances. But one project stands alone in its scope. Every war gives impetus to the development of science and technology. The Second World War, of course, was the pinnacle in the history of military technology. In addition to hundreds of thousands of the most various innovations, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of military industry during the war developed a lot of the most imaginative projects that for various reasons have not been brought to its logical conclusion.


Opinion: Evgeny Kaspersky about the end of democracy without special passports online

Head of "Kaspersky Lab" Evgeny Kaspersky said about the need in the future to let users on the Internet for a special passport, which allows you to control, including the holding of elections. This he said in an interview with "The Secret of the firm."


Ice airfields

The idea of ​​the iceberg-airport occurred to science fiction writers and engineers more than once. In fact, as soon as the aircraft have learned to safely accelerate and sit on the flat ground, the conquest of the poles of the planet with the help of aviation has become a matter of technique - in fact there is enough natural airfields. Talked about this back in the 19th century Arctic explorer Julius von Payer after opening them Franz Josef Land, "It would be wise to refrain from trying to achieve pole until replaced helpless sea-going vessels will not come court air." And it's true - it took only a few decades, and in 1925 Roald Amundsen wrote: "The airship has replaced the dogs. Future polar explorer is closely related to aviation. "