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FSB general: Gunmen in Ukraine operated 90% of its own motion

They say that there is not similar wars. And the premise that pushed them to the top, too, are always different, but the purpose and may be repeated from time to time, through the decades and even centuries. But the motivations of people to take up arms, almost always the same. Someone for the attack, someone - for defense. Everything else - the nuances. Major-General retired FSB Gennady KAZANTSEV (a pseudonym, but his real name is known to us) - a man with a rich and diverse experience of action in conditions of war. Worked in intelligence and counterintelligence, fought in Afghanistan and to make a plan of the Chechen campaign, wrote the book. Therefore, evaluation and comparison of past wars and what is happening today in the east of Ukraine are of particular interest. Especially since it was he who took the time to serve in the "office" of the graduate of History and Archives Institute Igor Girkin, now well-known as a former army commander Donetsk People's Republic Igor Strelkov.