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Area of research, "Defence and Security" is aimed at a comprehensive study of the formation and development of methods for detecting and predicting threats to national security. Particular attention is paid to the study of conceptual and doctrinal issues of modern military science and art. Special place in the study is concerned with the study of modern concepts and techniques of warfare.

`Handbook for volunteers of the Irish Republican army`

No nation has a greater tradition of guerrilla warfarethan Ireland. Andthe history of Ireland is full of examples of their successful use.

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`Handbook of the US army artillery fuzes`

Handbook of U.S. foreign artillery fuses. In the Handbook published in 1997 privedenny main types known at the time of fusing. The book is intended for specialists in mine-explosive case.

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Yuda T. `Kosovo: what everyone should know`

As a journalist , the author talks about the former Yugoslavia since 1991. Since that time ojivaet and the situation in Kosovo through all the stages of its development. The book was published in Oxford in 2008, however, according to the author, zand this time the edge has changed beyond recognition, but many of the problems faced by today remain virtually the same as it was ten years ago.

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`The manual on counterinsurgency operations`. Marine corps USA

`The manual on counterinsurgency operations`. Marine corps USA

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`Counsel for the preparation protivoleprosnoe`

The manual on the preparation protivoleprosnoe.

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