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Area of research, "Defence and Security" is aimed at a comprehensive study of the formation and development of methods for detecting and predicting threats to national security. Particular attention is paid to the study of conceptual and doctrinal issues of modern military science and art. Special place in the study is concerned with the study of modern concepts and techniques of warfare.

The calculation Victor first came to the aid of the firefighters of Chernobyl

The profession of fire refers to life-threatening. Fighting the fire – a lesson for the strong and courageous people. But what if the fire danger is added to the radiation? Helmet and protective clothing will not help. Never thought of 28 firefighters who took the first blow at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Among them – the Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenant Kibenok.

16-05-2019 admin 360 0

As a tank single-handedly broke through the occupied Minsk? Legends Of The Great Patriotic

Minsk. July 3, 1941. The Germans captured the city a week and organise it camps for prisoners of war. The German trophy team busy counting trophies.

03-03-2019 admin 327 0

"My beliefs do not fall out with his teeth": a forgotten feat of General Karbysheva

Interesting and amazing life of Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbyshev, a Russian officer and a Soviet General, and not broken most powerful military machine of the third Reich.

20-02-2019 admin 447 0

"Colonel Kvachkov is ready for battle!"

He was the first in Russia sat down for an armed rebellion. Now came out: an interview with Kvachkov.

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What made me think the tragedy in Primorye?

Another (unfortunately) the tragedy, which happened on the sea of Japan, shocked everyone with his blatant stupidity. A collision and the death of three pilots of the four.

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