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2012... or twenty years later
Material posted: Publication date: 05-12-2012

Twenty years in the history of the period is negligibly short, to human life – many years. Decades, define generations. Looking at a new life, necessarily find myself mentally perenochuesh daring in the nineties, and compare: what was that? what is?... Alas, it is impossible to hurry up with the answer to the question: what will happen?

Nostalgia? An attempt to summarize the life stage is quite natural for those born and raised in the USSR of recent years, whose period of formation and maturity was in "Perestroika" and the collapse of the Union and the building of a new country on the ruins of the past. In his youth forced us wearied demonstrations, political information, books Brezhnev "little Land", "Revival", "Virgin" (which became the subject of study in almost all disciplines – history, geography, literature), courses of history of the CPSU and scientific communism, atheism, the requirements of ubiquitous learning materials of congresses of the Communist party and the necessity of socialist competition. Sovdepovsky system itself was outdated. We were young, we longed for the freedom and bright colors of life, of liberation from the dullness of nomenclature. It was stuffy and crowded in the context of Marxist-Leninist ideology, we sought and found the living word – in literature, history, philosophy, "the shrines under a bushel"... We were naive, gullible and simple. We are easy to manipulate in the years of perestroika and in the first years of "independence".

By the will of fate, for me and for many my acquaintances (colleagues, friends, neighbors) today became relevant again vital problems that troubled society twenty years ago. These problems are not just got the relevance, but require immediate solution. They relate to the education of children, education, medicine, employment, housing and communal services. You can, of course, to say that these pressing issues is always important, for they are life itself. However, it begs the question, for comparison: what really happened, has changed in the twenty years of our lives?

Over the past twenty years born and raised a new generation of citizens of another country, a different formation, new tribe, is largely not understood by us and understands us, because of different ways of determining the vectors of development of cultural-historical, political life of modern society, due to destruction of traditions and breaking down.

During this period, other, more different from each other, we become - in terms of spiritual values and material wealth. And yet, what we are today?

No matter how hard in our society today to survive the elderly, but they still have at least some social protection – pensions, Comparing it with the growing prices for medicines and foods, many of them while away the time at the TV watching various shows and series, remember the past and bleak look at the future of their grandchildren.

Some, how sad it is to see former Communists and Komsomol members, hoary with age, with the same enthusiasm to believe in their exclusivity and are convinced that they have the rights authorizing them to be intermediaries between God Jehovah and all, in their opinion, misguided, gaining himself a witness-yakovitski bonuses, offering a "Wake up" in "the Watchtower" American Russell. Activists of the organisation helps financially – it is a fact, but this must be earned.

Enlightened faces of older people who have to see in the temple, their quiet joy, saved, or recovered in the faith of their ancestors, humility, and prayer, give strength and nourish hope and faith: the candle is not extinguished, go out, and so - alive people Here... and the succession of generations, and understanding, and mercy. And love. And confirmation of this: young, beautiful, and spiritual, cultural and educated, acquiring and developing spirituality in the cultural and historical traditions of the forefathers.

Alas, little comfort. The world is too fractured motley. But maybe it's good? Young people, students, after a heated debate on the vital and topical issues (freedom, morality, law, love, sex, happiness, family, faith, patriotism, homeland) at the seminars have repeatedly asked me the question: "why are we, your children, the children of those who grew up in the same system, why we are so different, can't reach an understanding, and even often do not find common ground with each other in the attempt to understand life, to find answers to questions? How not to be lonely?" To answer the questions we, the representatives of generations 50-60-70-ies is sometimes difficult. Difficult to understand - which of the generations is lost. You might want to think about lost generations, and not one of them?

We who were born in 60-ies of the last century, was formed and matured in the Brezhnev era. And, despite the double standards that existed then in society, perceived Leonid Ilyich, as the guarantor of peace in our country, "there are many forests, fields and rivers", and we "other country" did not know "where people breathe so freely". The leader's death in November of 1984 alarmed, disturbed, frightened: "what if a war starts?" "How now?" He seemed indispensable, as the building in which we lived. I remember those days: lesson cancellation in educational institutions and collective viewing in the red parts of the ceremonies on TV, farewell Toot of factories – in honor of Leonid Ilyich, General sincere tears of grief on the faces of Soviet citizens. And then came some kind of stagnation. For ordinary Soviet citizens short-lived, the time of troubles Chernenko, Andropov flashed attempts to gain control of labor discipline, non-alcoholic weddings, some kind of "Andropov" vodka...

Our generation, brought up on the foundations of morality "code of the Builder of communism", not inconsistent with the truths of the gospel, the examples of the feats of pioneers-heroes (this was a popular children's book series in every school, district, and city libraries) and the Komsomol in the great Patriotic war – they were named after pioneer and Komsomol groups, brigades, streets, squares, looking for a place to feats. And found...

Older generations, our brothers and sisters on the share fell more feats of labor: the development of virgin lands, the construction of the Baikal-Amur mainline, and us – the war in Afghanistan, the fulfillment of international duty. Of course, used to be Czechoslovakia, but not to such an extent... We got some play in Poland... But the people then knew little about those events in the countries of construieste. Our boys went into the army with pride: the army is the school of life, who did not serve the man. In Afghanistan, selected the best of the guys. Naive, hard-boiled young men in six months of army "boot camp" fell into a meat grinder, in the thick of war in a foreign country, of another civilization, not realizing that, why would you want to kill people on their home ground. They killed... they killed Them... They returned to the Union heroes who performed international duty: alone with forever crippled psyche, the other – in zinc coffins. How many tears, inconsolable grief still worried about their mothers, sisters, wives, and children, children born after the Afghan hell, and not understanding why their sons, brothers, husbands, fathers still cry at night, why drink the bitter, remembering fallen comrades, why not find yourself, not able to adapt to a new society in a new country?! Who needed this war? In our countries (former Soviet republics) today come the citizens of Afghanistan with the desire, willingness to learn and cooperate, and former enemies have become partners.

Following the event, not immediately meaningful to us in full, was the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. And again there was a place for feats. Civic duty fulfilled all, who then called homeland, and it befell generations of the 50s and 60s. Many of the liquidators of the terrible accident there, and many against diseases, try to defend the state paid health, life years, well-deserved social benefits.

And then – "restructuring", "independence"... the Collapse, the closure of enterprises, privatization, voucherization, miner's strikes, someone, unknown to us, manipulating the consciousness of the people, turning people to the masses...

Do we understand what happens to us who shape our destinies, if we can administer them yourself? Alas... "To Sleep!" shouted A. Kashpirovsky television, and we dutifully slept, woke up, sympathized with slave Izaura, dreamed of the farm-houses, cried together rich. Our lands were overgrown with ragweed as tall as a man, was reorganized companies from large to small, from public – to private. We have adapted to the new reality, and survived, not thinking of tomorrow, experienced today. Children ceased to give birth. Under the hammer were sold the empty building of kindergartens under the tax services offices, private firms (so many new words!). We were already inert, passive, guided, believed in miracles, that overnight you can become rich and have the whole world in your pocket. There were some sharps, the gaming business, prostitutes, pimps, network marketing, Cossacks, many American missionaries, of "MMM" with the guileless face of Leni Golubkova, promising wealth and independence. Many difficulties have dropped now and the share of generation 70.

When all this chaos were young and Mature men who walked on the hard and light the way of salvation: the prodigal children returned to Orthodoxy. We are a spiritual thirst met each new edition of the forgotten works of Russian and banned in the USSR foreign philosophers, writers, poets, every issue of the literary-journalistic magazine "Novyi Mir", "Znamya", "October", "Our contemporary", "Roman-Gazeta". In 90-ies there was still prokopowski library; reading books and old and small regardless of profession and social status. We was reading, immersed in previously inaccessible spiritual world, not realizing until the end, in what country you live in, where we are the new leaders. It was difficult to find work, former Soviet citizens were poor, but survived, worked for peanuts, when it is believed that these difficulties are temporary, and they can be overcome. Appeared in many periodicals – a variety, of the institutions offering the new specialty, another person took the TV. The Zeitgeist was different. Talented journalists, to night sitting up in the offices, tried to be in pace with time and a little bit ahead...

In all this motley, diverse new life, often affecting their surprises, we adults are perhaps missing my point...

With the collapse of the state, based on Marxist-Leninist ideology had collapsed and its existing system of education and upbringing. Attempts to fill the void that has arisen is the ideological and Patriotic, moral and ethical parts of the valeology, narodopravstva failed. Not the scale. The youth forgot, or rather, she somehow without our effort was tamed, accustomed by television and the then unexpectedly advertisement to the new format: "the New generation chooses Pepsi!"

And the last generation born in the USSR still took offense to statements that encourage a consumer society. Our children were proud that were born in the USSR, and many of them asked us questions about how we, as adults, made the collapse of such a big and strong country, our common homeland, the country in which they were born and which will always remain a myth. These children were realized. And understand. They have not been exposed to the spiritual castration that took their younger brothers and sisters. Of course, this phrase grates on the ear, and today we have decent, educated, well-mannered young men. But this is not the rule, not the merit of the state. You have to wonder and marvel: here it is, our people, is alive and contrary to public policy and to predictions of the globalizers. However...

Is it possible to build a new independent state in conditions of globalization? Is it possible the erection of a new House without foundations, without foundations? Is it possible to think about the future of the country not caring about children, their upbringing, education?

One cannot but agree with the fact that youth policy is the best way to reveal the true plans for the future of the forces which are in power. The future really belongs to the one to whom belongs the youth. And as solved and solved this issue in our country during these twenty years?

To date, sorely lacking kindergartens. Remember how quickly sold their buildings! Sad but true: to arrange a kid in kindergarten, I had to give a bribe. A similar fate befell the families of my friends. It may not be a bribe, and forced the situation, which explains the head of the overcrowding of groups and own responsibility for the fact that she adopts the child. Or: it's not a bribe, and sponsorship of parents, necessary for development of child care. Only here, if you have no money, and space for your child, not even if your family is large.

School... a Few of today's students, alumni with warmth and love speak about their school and about the teachers. All observed and felt amazing acceleration time. As if not learning, and otoshibuta, not children live their school life, and somehow leave her, dying away (the word-how bad!)! Lack of love, warmth, kindness, responsiveness, teamwork. Parents often blame bad teachers in the education of the younger generation, explaining the lack of professionalism or extortion, disgruntled teachers and parents, finding time for parenting their children. There is a lot to rant on this subject, and yet, I think, is to give a specific example.

In the last six months I had to work as a school teacher in one of schools of Donetsk. Before you take this step, hesitated for a long time. I worked at the school for seven years, but it was the Soviet school. Knowing firsthand about the many challenges of the modern education system, I was hoping that my love of the subject, 24 years of teaching experience and love for children will help to overcome all. First, what an unpleasant surprise: a huge amount of orders, orders – on the Bulletin Board in the staff room. Teachers are difficult to find necessary information, accompanying the comments that are immersed in routine, detracting from the educational process. Indeed, for all kinds of presentations, reports, meetings, paperwork, portfolio, folders, self-study (how many new, foreign and non-binding words!), at weekly meetings, the meetings of the cyclic commissions, rematadamente, school of the young teacher, school of excellence and innovation is to work not that creative, in normal operation impossible! In the Soviet school such an absurdity was not! Of course, teachers should improve their professional, intellectual level, but what is happening now demonstrates by superior administration and Supervisory bodies the maximum of distrust and humiliation. The quality of teachers is suffering.

The second, even more unpleasant moment for me was the message about how many in each class students "potential medallists" students (11 th and class 9 th CL.), which means they cannot be put in the class register of merit assessment below 10 points. Further, it was necessary to take note of information about who else from students "under the hood Director" and to whom, what grade should be, for anyone who is asking,... who is whose son or daughter.

The next negative: about each minor blots in a classy magazine of merit (not talking about tagging), it is necessary to write detailed explanatory note to the Director, to be a journal, an explanatory Memorandum and repentance to the Cabinet and listen to the humiliating monologues that require humility.

The completion of the study methodical materials, scientific articles – mandatory requirement, and it is wonderful. But the content and value of these materials, the guide wondered a little. The main thing – to pass on the appointed day and the colourful folder.

It is impossible to forget Apple month! At the direction of the head of regional administration to children every day were given out by Apple. Class teachers were forced to collect signatures every day for each Apple. Photographed this process, the photo with the report handed to the management, and the Director is the top management.

And yet... the Proverbial logs of progress was periodically checked by officials. They were signed for the envelope, and in it – 50 UAH. with teachers for less stringent control. Similarly with educational plans – only less than 20.

And then... is a season of final exams! Needless to say, what?! Do not want...

Do you want children to learn? – You may ask. Difficult to answer. Children are different. And family education means a lot, like school. The problem of motivation in the learning process, the need to address it and the weakness of teachers in addressing the issue of concern for the entire current education system as a whole. And still would remain unresolved, probably for a long time. You ask: how is the educational process? – Alas, in last place. The main thing – demonstration, presentation at the right time.

What about independent testing? – You may ask. Children workers. Alas, not so much. Some of still. And some know ways to address the issue, don't know which teacher. Here this independence.

And another pleasing little fact. The use of the Internet in the educational process today does not develop, and impoverishes the younger generation. Skills with technology, alas, does not develop the soul, nurtures the culture, not conducive to the formation of a system of knowledge. But this is a separate issue.

You should pay attention to the fact that in recent years at universities privately owned, open colleges, lyceums, gymnasiums. Unfortunately, no matter how great was their advertising, these patterns are created primarily with the aim to extend the life of the private universities in the conditions of the present day of tough competition, and quite often care about students and the learning environment (logistical, methodological framework, tradition) leave much to be desired.

The emergence of children's educational centres (for preschoolers) is alarming. Pedagogical experiment can have a negative result and if the young staff (usually, these centers employ staff up to 30-35 years) priorities are eclectic and fashion.

We must admit that the best quality of education remains in those educational institutions where continued and developed the best traditions of national and foreign pedagogy, psychology, culture in combination with innovative methods and technologies.

In 2000, the year in Donetsk took place the international conference on problems of education and upbringing, or rather, on problems of educational work with gifted children. I remember very well the speech of an English woman who has worked in the education system for many years: from teacher – Director to the inspector. Her report was devoted to the history of the reform of English education. In the final part of his word a colleague noticed that in the USSR had a great education system, and that we should not abandon it. This is certainly not the news for us. We only dispose of their property once again casually.

Well, high school? In the nineties created private universities. And I must admit, their founders were well-known professors, their students, budding. These interesting, creative people, despite the troubled times, were optimistic and believed that educational institutions of a new model will be an alternative to existing, competitive, and will have success. Just then, the walls of these universities, there are new specializations that are previously in the registry of the Ministry of education: psychology, religious studies, etc. Students were wonderful! The teachers worked cohesively, sparing neither strength nor personal time – work became sense! Was hoping for the future. Developed creatively based on the best traditions, curricula, programs, created new integrative courses, special courses, creative laboratories. There arose a logical question: what will the diplomas received by graduates of such universities and how would the state and society to them? Will be demand for new specialists in the labour market? Of course, our students strived for stability. Most of them gave then last pennies for education. Thus arose the need for state licensing, accreditation of private universities, the need to comply with Ministerial standards, deprived of new educational institutions and originality of originality, but giving the right to issue the graduates state diplomas. There can be no creativity. Arose and many other problems: the absence and impossibility of development of material-technical base, training, competition with state universities, have adopted some of the ideas announced new private.

The second wave of the emergence and development of education, educational institutions. As founders, leaders in the education system came the businessmen. The population began to provide educational services. Now call it so. More do not want to continue the conversation...

In the 90s, the universities opened. Today is closed. From the traditions of domestic education is less and less in them...

Twenty years in Ukraine universities became more than graduates of secondary schools. The shortage of workers needed in each country, regardless of time and political situation, many graduates and even masters, whose level of training falls far short of even specialized secondary education of Soviet times. Believe it or not, but today the students even those who cannot read and does not know the multiplication table. And mandatory independent testing! The faculty of the graduate school must use the methodology of primary school.

I am glad that we have talented young people, wonderful young men and women, capable and hardworking. But sad that depreciates, not always gets the development of their intellectual and labor potential in our country. Not our government cares about the younger, younger generation, however, it does not care about anybody but yourself state in the persons of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, state, existing somehow for most ordinary citizens ever more often as the bearer of needs (and this is normal, there has to exist as a society!), or somehow the TV-a virtual, but not as a defender of the rights of citizens of an independent state and not as the Fatherland.

Twenty years set up an independent state, but about the future none of the powers that be never think. No on Ukrainian social youth projects, no prospects for young families, professionals, not jobs. Most common occupation: shop assistant and security guard. No the people of the future. None of the people. What is the future of this country?

So the question arises: where do we get patriotism? And how to live in such a country?

Arina Whisper


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