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And do you have the same, but with pearl buttons?
Material posted: Publication date: 22-01-2013

Yury Boldyrev on behalf of President Putin to the academicians to prepare an alternative economic strategy.

Frankly, I do not like to repeat.

In the sense that "Cover-up", about various variants of this never-ending substitution of entities with all sorts of husks, I had to write repeatedly. Even my latest book, released last year, and is called...

But what if the sequence of events in our social, economic and political life is such that at the opening of the outer shell of what is happening creature underneath found all the same. Then you have to either come up with something that actually no – it seems, someone somewhere saw the light, and if you look closely, it is possible... Or fair to write only about what they can see and understand, although you look like from that long ago is just sickening...

And we have to admit: the external diversity of events, some even and ingenuity shown by the writers and production Directors, however, on check – new series of the same show – all the same cover...

But maybe I'm wrong?

Especially around another round of enthusiasm in regard to recent decisions of our Supreme ruler. Not exaggerating: for the last two or three days no less than three more or less well-known and quite critically-minded person told me about what is happening in these colors:

- Well, finally, it seems things are moving!

- Here it is – the Rubicon: if crossed, the way back will be gone!

- Now, finally, it is clear that a new course is already inevitable!

What happened?

Maybe the President dismissed the current grossly liberal government and suggested that someone from the national-oriented forces to lead the new government? Or at least to begin with in his own administration disbanded the securities sovetnikov former Minister in his government and put in their place from among, at least, not so discredited themselves? Or vetoed any of just laws, which recognized and institutionalisierung further destruction of the national economy and dismantling the welfare state?

Maybe at least stopped the conversion of the 31st hospital in Petersburg under the judges moved to St. Petersburg of the Supreme courts ("JV" wrote about this earlier)? Simultaneously, it is desirable, and the rejection of the absurd and extremely wasteful move, making the appeal to the higher courts for most citizens of the country and additionally unnecessarily more complex and expensive – try to get to Peter, if all the roads (main transport communications) are traditionally in Moscow...

By the way, by the way, the hospital is, in fact, destroying is not an ordinary one, and absolutely indispensable. In particular, this city and Onco-hematological (including children's) centre, where is bone marrow transplantation. But if its, like, in the interest of transfer from Moscow to St. Petersburg "Supreme justice" to destroy, how then together we will walk on water to the noble patrons and popular artists-gooders, telling us before the next elections, "Putin personally helps pediatric Oncology"...

This city centre GCS – severe systemic illness that affects more and more young, and even which simply counter new pressures.

Finally, there is the center of kidney transplantation and hemodialysis: while a new build, how many without timely cleaning the blood has time to die?

Okay, Peter far from the Kremlin is not visible. But, maybe the Supreme ruler at least gave adequate hammering the mayor over the latest "innovation" is the introduction of Moscow state paid ambulance, which allegedly will arrive faster, but still will have some magical complex "additional services"?

Unfortunately, nothing of the sort is noticeable. So, what happened then, where did that fit of optimism?

What happened, agree, previously unseen: the President has instructed the RAS academicians to write a report on alternative economic strategy. And my Advisor academician S. Yu. Glaziev, the President instructed to oversee the project.

So, maybe, finally, really on our day? Could we even dream that the President of Russia suddenly began to listen not only to the vulgar Pro-American liberals, of which he had made to guide all of its key expert bodies, as well as the forges of personnel, but to no more than common and national-oriented forces?

The credibility of this version like gives and harsh, almost a paramilitary tone of the publications that reported the news from earlier contemptuous mocking attitude to all kinds of "economic Orthodoxy" not a trace remained. And, moreover, the "planner" in the ranks of the vulgar liberals. Judge for yourself – some headers which are:

Involuntarily I want to ask skeptics: what are you still missing?

Really, why?

But not enough, so to say ... inexperience.

Let's start simple. Generally, that someone someone gave some instructions, you know? Not to mention the information about the "turmoil" in the ranks of the enemy?

Let me explain: I'm here, "Free press", I am not looking for retirees who read Newspapers only on paper, helpfully puts the well-wishers in their mail boxes, and, maybe, for those, including pensioners, but have mastered the Internet. So, they themselves can "Google" who owns who managed, finally, with some positions primarily perform media (see above the titles of the publications), the first obavestava us about "leakage" and the loudest screaming about the "commotion"?

Specify, for example, acting editor of the publication that reported a "commotion" Chubais is a former member of the political party "Right cause", and in his earlier publication - responsible for "special projects". Should we continue?

Well, where it is seen that the first enemy suddenly began to shout so loudly about how in its ranks, supposedly, a terrible commotion? Except, of course when a "commotion" tell us responsible for "special projects"...

That is, suppose, even without knowing anything more, however, not only me, but everyone that is able to offer not only an advertising jingle, but the sources of the information received, there is reason to attitude to "swivel" news, to put it mildly, suspicious. But, maybe we know something else that will shed us some more light situation? Judge for yourself.

President Putin instructed the Russian Academy of Sciences to prepare a report by March. I mean, like, really fast? Or, on the contrary, a little too slowly?

If, that is, from scratch, with a clean slate, if, say, RAS only to physics and astronomy was involved, and now suddenly ordered to take part in the economy, then well, just a miracle of efficiency required. But do I have to list how many RAS institutes involved in the economy, academics and economists, not to mention the members-correspondents, doctors and candidates of Sciences? Which, by the way, all these years, worked, conducted research and even publicly formulated their conclusions and suggestions.

And then arises a totally blasphemous question: and, maybe, all is needed for a long time and repeatedly says?

Here, of course, there is a difference between professional and ordinary user. Specialist, however, knows that the particular Bicycle to invent is not required – everything is long and detailed. But man, so to speak, external to Economics as a science, however, something even in the network can find easily.

And let's just agree: let's have a look isn't all there is on this subject, only what is directly and immediately subject to the wording of orders of the President, and not someone else, namely those who and given the now "historical" order.

As there was an assignment? Quote reported in media:

"The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Osipov to prepare a report "On measures to ensure the sustainable development of Russia in conditions of global instability" and a package of documents necessary for the implementation of these measures". From the administration of the President charged with coordinating academician Sergei Glazyev. The report would be submitted in March".

But, actually, what March to wait if, after just a brief search online, easily find a very fresh (autumn 2011) report On "the strategy of economic development of Russia" under the editorship of academician S. Yu. Glaziev and with a group of authors, including academics – heads of the main institutions in this field? Yes, and with the following phrases in the announcement: "a systematic, pragmatic and creative approach to the analysis of the status and prospects of Russian economy development in conditions of global instability".

Corrosive the reader will certainly notice some difference in the wording, but so it really significant? Or someone seriously suggest that in 2011 the leading forces of our RAS spoke and wrote only about the development in General, and now the President has advised them to think about sustainable development?

As for the "set of measures" (maybe this is what distinguishes the new order of the President?), so on page 23 of the report from 2011 see Appendix 1: "List of measures to implement the strategy of advanced development of Russian economy in conditions of global instability".

So what else is missing, why wait till March?

Or someone can seriously suggest that measures "sustainable development" will be offered other than measures for the development of "pre-emptive"?

Remember in the movie "the diamond arm" hero Yuri Nikulin, feigning interest in buying, walk around the store and asked the saleswoman, saying, do you have a dressing gown exactly the same, but only with pearl buttons? So what other "pearl buttons" on a new report need to our President - in addition to those already countless alternative reports that without the case and without any interest on his part gathering dust in his archives? Probably exactly the same as those needed hero Nikulina and...

Of course, as economist I, for the formal academic status only candidate of economic Sciences, ought not to evaluate the report under the editorship of academician Glazyev and performed under the guidance of a group of academics – the key Directors in this sphere of academic institutes. But as in the past and member of Parliament, and leader in public administration, finally, as a citizen of the country who are interested in the issues, I am quite entitled to give. And it is this: the report from 2011 is quite good and clear (however, as well as previous reports, regularly travelling to all authorities, including the President and the government, but not caused the slightest interest). And suggested in this latest report the list of measures, if accepted as a basis for execution (that the leadership of the country can and should have been done a year ago), would have asked the right course of action, and in the course of implementation could be, if required, as supplemented and amended. So why wait for March and the new report? If the case, what prevents to begin to realize that these same authors and their teams have already proposed? Or at least to formally discuss this at the level of the presidential administration and the government?

And prevents a single direct and unequivocal contradiction of the proposed measures, is now. And which, as we have noted above, just mounted on the foreseeable period of legally and institutionally.

Offered us more than a sequence of actions - is not what we would consider reasonable and responsible. Namely: first, to publicly discuss the proposals wounds to her proposals got adopted and so favored by the current government with the authors of "Strategy 2020" (for this valuable work became once again the order-bearers), and only after that to make key decisions on the development strategy of the country. No, implemented another scheme: every alternative vulgar-liberal and essentially defeatist in the face of overseas superpower on the rate of further degradation of the country completely ignored:

  • country involved in the WTO, which severely limited its sovereignty in the choice of the further economic policy. Despite the fact that the same academician Glazyev, being the Secretary of the Customs Union, has repeatedly said that to join the WTO only together – agreed with Belarus and Kazakhstan conditions (see the official site Glazyev his interview, "Sergey Glazyev: None of the participants of the Customs Union can not negotiate separately");
  • the legal exemption necessary to invest in its development funds to support the American economy at least 7% of GDP (the"fiscal rule");
  • laws have been passed leading to commercialization and thus the inevitable further degradation of the entire social sphere, including education and health;
  • adopted concept of the pension reform, in fact hidden, but still raising the retirement age – just not through a formal age limit, but in requirements work experience (thirty five years, not including education, maternity leave, etc.) required for full payout.
  • finally, the law on the budget for the current year, which establishes all real (unlike beautifully declared) priorities of government, as well as "Main directions of monetary policy for 2013-15," which continues the previous policy of strangling the national economy and, thus, provide the possibility of "our Western partners" to buy from us whatever they only wish, literally, for a song (despite the fact the decision to mitigate monetary policy and the orientation on the purchase of real assets is a euphemism for the inclusion of the full extent of the printing press - world emission centers were taken in summer and autumn).

And after all that, why not listen to those strange academics who all don't like?

No, not even that. Listen to them (and thereby all of us – citizens, who barely survived a fair economic and social science, actually, and is), as before, like, seriously, no one in our government is not going to. But to make a small show on the theme "the President tries - seeking solutions, attracting all research power" is another matter. And what should we learn from the experience, familiar. Moreover, in conditions not of reducing some of the power rankings, but for a perfect disappointment therein of substantial amounts of much-needed power, first of her absolutely loyal voters.

But what to do when a new report will be ready? After all, it will have to listen and discuss, and even to take to implement?

It does not matter. First, to make implementation impossible. All decisions made, literally, in the summer-autumn of last year, exactly the opposite of what was suggested in the report from 2011. And if they are in a new report, or otherwise duplicated, in power and oligarchy, and their tame media will be all bases to accuse the academic science in elementary ... divorced from reality.

Secondly, March is still far away – by this time either the donkey dies, or the Emir. And PR should be done here and now.

Thirdly, at the worst, and why to discuss the future of the report in the presidential administration and in government? We've created an additional intermediate body, which, as you know, is mandated to assess the effectiveness of the entire Russian science. The name of this instance "PricewaterhouseCoopers" (PwC, abbreviated to PwC) – I wrote more about it in his last article titled "the Answer of the American Sultan Cossack". Here it will be logical and be trusted to assess the feasibility and the effectiveness of the measures proposed by domestic academic institutions. After all, the decision about this "estimator" of Russian science, as far as we know, has not been canceled yet? And the leaders of the academic institutions, as is well known, particularly at commercially attractive locations in the Central and South-West of Moscow, to warn in advance that if their report will not receive high marks from an "unbiased estimator", then these sites will more effectively dispose of someone else. You look, and can be found streikbrecher, which won't be in the new report, to insist on de-offshorisation of the economy and measures of tariff regulation (directly contrary to the WTO requirements), a fixed percentage of its GDP on education and health (permanently excluded from the requirements of the legislation) and a progressive scale income tax (the whole "injury" for workers in its message to Parliament, explained to all of us the President, and that was confirmed later by large-scale PR-campaign "All Depardieu now rush to us" )...

And even if supervised by an "objective assessors" domestic science of Steinbrecher would be merely a minority, however, will be able to claim that, say, any consensus to develop is not possible. And as long as and in the academic community there is no consensus, so to criticize the government for what she does? See for yourself: everything is difficult and ambiguous...

In the latter option, of course, absolutely do not want to believe. But here's the problem – experience. Let me remind you, with the accounts chamber of Russia, a similar trick is pulled more than ten years ago. And if the report credit-loan auctions from 1997, it had absolutely clear and unambiguous, the 2000-th year, it is necessary to understand, solely under the influence of the charm contribution Potanin and Prokhorov in "the socio-economic development of the region", the position of the auditor and even the entire Board of the Chamber suddenly miraculously changed – I even had to formulate a dissenting opinion - in essence, a protest against falsification of the new audit chamber report...

Given the fact that the auditor paralizuvalasya then, after this oath of allegiance to the government and the oligarchy, quickly received the order and it is easy to guess, was not the only encouragement for the work we need to understand: the experience of bribery and other "admonition" doubting our power is considerable. To what extent is it ready to send to the taming of the miraculously still preserved more or less independent of academic science?

How will the events develop, we'll see.

I, of course, and would like to be in my forecast wrong. I would like even just, perhaps, to remain silent. Indeed, if people finally have hope, why spoil their fun?

But, on the other hand, can not be warned that, that we cannot see and do not understand?

Yuri Boldyrev


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