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Andrei Medvedev: If I had to speak in the Bundestag, as the boy Cole...
Material posted: Publication date: 08-05-2018
If I had to speak in the Bundestag, as the boy Cole, I said these words:
- Dear deputies. Today I saw a miracle. And this miracle is called Germany. I walked to you and looked at the beautiful Berlin streets, the people, wonderful monuments, and now I stand here and look at you. And I understand that everything is a miracle. You all were born and live in Germany. Why do I think so?

Because given that your soldiers did we have in the occupied territories, the soldiers of the red Army could easily leave the place Germany scorched field, the ruins, and only paragraphs of textbooks would be reminded of what was once a country. It's scary, but it could happen.
You probably don't remember all the details of the occupation, but this is not necessary. I'll just remind you that the soldiers of the Wehrmacht and the SS did to the Soviet children. They were shot. Often in the eyes of the parents. Or Vice versa, first shot father and mother, and then in children. Your soldiers raped children. Children were burned alive. Sent to concentration camps. Where they took blood to make the serum for your soldiers. Children starved. The children ate to the death of your shepherd. Children used as targets. Children brutally tortured just for fun.
Here you have two examples. Officer of the Wehrmacht was difficult to sleep the baby, he took him by the leg and smashed his head on the corner of the stove. Your pilots on the station Lychkovo bombed the train, which was trying to take the children to the rear, and then your aces chased the terrified kids, shooting them in a bare field. Killed two thousand children.
And that's just for what your soldiers did to children, again, the soldiers of the red Army, who saw endless bloody ashes from the Volga to the Western bug, could break away to become a ruthless avenger, and destroy Germany completely. Perhaps even with its inhabitants. After all, they spoke and wrote from the front, without fear of censorship during the war, they want to take revenge on the Germans. Not to the Nazis. Not to the Nazis. It is the Germans.
But they didn't. Do I regret this? Of course not. How can I regret the fact that no blood was shed? How can I regret the fact that our soldiers and officers showed incredible humanity and compassion? I bow to the Supreme spirit and steely determination of my ancestors who found some incredible power, not to become the same beast, what were soldiers of the Wehrmacht. On the buckles of German soldiers was written "God With us". But they were the devil incarnate and suffered hell on our land. The soldiers of the red Army were members of the Komsomol and Communists, but the Soviet people were much more Christian than the inhabitants of the enlightened religious of Europe. And did not retaliate. Able to feel, to understand what the hell hell did not win.
You do not need to ask us for forgiveness, because you personally are not to blame. You can't be responsible for their grandfathers and great grandfathers. And then, only God forgives. But I'll be honest – for me the Germans are forever foreign, alien people. It's not because you personally are bad. It's in me shouts pain burnt by the Wehrmacht children. And you have to accept that at least my generation - for whom the memory of the war it honors my grandfather, his scars, his front-line friends will perceive you. What will happen then, I don't know. Maybe we will come mankurt who will be forgotten. And we much to do that, we pissed away a lot of that yourself, but I hope that all is not lost for Russia. We certainly need to cooperate. Russians and Germans. We need together to solve problems. To combat ISIS and to build the pipelines. But you have to accept one fact: we will never repent for this war. And even more for the Victory. And especially in front of you. Anyway, again, my generation. Because it saved not only himself. We saved you from yourselves. And I don't even know what's important."


Andrey Medvedev


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