incessant hybrid of aggression against Russia glorious celebration of Victory Day has long been chosen as the main target. On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascism the situation with adverse effects of coronavirus is widely used in order to discredit the processes of military-Patriotic revival, the destruction of the traditional unity of the people and the army, to destabilize the situation in the country.

The day of Victory over fascism is one of the many glorious pages of Russian history, significant dates, acting as the fundamental ties of the modern state of Russia. Phenomenal "Immortal regiment", from year to year millions of columns walking in the country, United in its ranks people of different ages, nationalities and faiths, social strata and groups in society.

Together with the veterans in the same ranks through the cities and villages of Russia held their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, relatives, acquaintances and friends. The powerful energy of the masses, born from his heart, high ideals, completely glorified the ideals of goodness and justice that can not only store and carry the memory of the exploits and heroism of our ancestors.

The glorious energy of generations acts as an insurmountable barrier to the penetration into society of metastases forgetfulness, destruction and degeneration, which have been consistently imposed on the enemies of the Fatherland.

Among them are children and grandchildren of those who during the war were openly served the Nazis, had the reputation of Compromisers and collaborators, have stained themselves with treason, mass murder of compatriots. By the way, just out of this category of citizens was formed several years ago, the ruling nationalist mafia in Ukraine, whose people today is subjected to unprecedented harassment and persecution.

Despite the fact that more than 70% of citizens, according to presidential elections in 2019, reject the policy of aggressive cave Russophobia and nationalism, the spiritual heirs of fascism continue the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Hawks on the Victory Day many can be found in modern Russia. They are also among the representatives of the ruling elites, expert community, show business and media, the so-called intellectuals. The day of Victory for the anti-people forces, like "a bone in the throat".

They experience animal hatred and animal fear alien to their ideals of goodness and justice, brotherhood and solidarity. They are more concerned about the power they are afraid of losing, possibilities and preferences that it gives them to Russia.

Therefore, the enemies of Russia, as before, aim at the heart of more than a thousand years of Russia "Immortal regiment", linking and bringing together the winners with the current generation.

Бессмертный полк
Immortal regiment. Daria dray © IA REGNUM

Not open to overcome the energy of the great Victory, "agents of influence" with the support from the outside deliberately attacking the cherished memory of the heroic exploits, distorts military history of glorious victories, demonizes the military commanders. Under their leadership, many media, Internet, cinema, literature, art, theatre strive to dispel the bright memory of heroes, to crush the military tradition, to denigrate all Soviet military personnel from private to General.

Detractors of Russia today rejoice from the fact that the notorious coronavirus moved the date of celebration of the momentous anniversary of the Victory at a later date. They prefer, when Moscow's streets and squares fill with protest rallies of the liberal opposition, rather than the unprecedented March of "Immortal regiment".

Secretly and openly they are excited about the celebrations in Moscow there will arrive heads of States of the world, further establishing the legitimacy of the claims of the USSR (Russia) for the lead role in the historical victory over fascism.

While the hostile forces to frighten the population and commissioning and establishment of martial law in the country in connection with the coronavirus, strongly discrediting law enforcement, consciously hyperbolizing dimensions of morbidity among military personnel.

In this regard, I want to believe that Russia will be able in a short time successfully to cope with the consequences of coronavirus and the economic and financial crisis, to strengthen the unity of the armed forces and the people, worthy to celebrate the anniversary the friends of the joy, enemies to envy.

Парад Победы
A Victory Parade. Daria Antonova © IA REGNUM

A momentous anniversary is an occasion to once again become aware of the fact that the Russian Empire in 1917, and the Soviet Union in 1991, was finally defeated only after external and internal enemies succeeded, repropagation the army and Navy, to decompose, to mislead and politicize and undermine the morale and combat readiness of the armed forces.

The current attacks on the armed forces resemble the beginning of a massive anti-war campaign against the Soviet Union in the last phase of the cold war, which largely contributed to the undermining of national security and the destruction of the country. As you know, the special attacks of the Soviet military presence in Afghanistan (1979-1989).

The military-political leadership of the country, its armed forces and, in particular, the limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan (OKSV) was accused of destabilization of the situation in the middle East, the initiation of aggression against a sovereign country, accused the officers and soldiers in the mass killings of Afghans, trampling on the religious rights of Muslims.


Something externally imposed "a policy of national reconciliation", which miraculously coincided with the "new political thinking" of Mikhail Gorbachev and the notorious "perestroika" ended with the withdrawal of units OKSV from Afghanistan, the geopolitical outcome of the Soviet Union and the Muslim East with all the ensuing consequences.

Советские солдаты в Афганистане
Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan Leonid Jacutin

Almost simultaneously, in 1989-1990, to the accompaniment of anti-war and anti-Soviet propaganda began the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Europe, including Hungary, Poland, Germany and other countries. In the Soviet Union, which had already started to prevail in the society of pacifist sentiment, the military met unfriendly, was accused of aggressiveness and militancy that was often denied them in the proper arrangement on a new place of service.

Under the influence of subversive propaganda has gone the process of politicization of military life, the desacralization of military traditions and significant dates, statutory relations, began leaving the army.

A particularly detrimental impact on the state of Affairs in power structures had the events in Tbilisi in April 1989, provoked by Eduard Shevardnadze, Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR, afterwards head of independent Georgia. In violation of all the laws of the Soviet division of the ZAKVO, contrary to the opinion of the military command, were involved in legislative assistance to the local police to contain protests in Tbilisi.

The result of unarmed soldiers were placed under the strokes of the valve, batons, edged weapons from the Georgian nationalists. In the few casualties in the stampede at Shota Rustaveli accused the military.

Remember, as the parliamentary rostrum of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the infamous Anatoly Sobchak, one of the leaders of the liberal-democratic opposition, who headed the Commission on investigation of events in Tbilisi, knowingly, angrily, and with special predilection "stigmatized" the army and the military-political leadership of the country.

The attempts of the army to dispel unfounded accusations were drowned in the chorus orchestrated anti-Soviet, anti-war hysteria. It got to the point that even in the Moscow transport troops in the form of ostentatiously expelled from urban transport, were not served in shops and so on. Such was the power of subversive propaganda in the country.

Анатолий Собчак
Anatoly Sobchak
(SS) Nikolay Parfenov

You can still remember about the provocation in Vilnius in January 1991, when troops were accused of violent actions against Lithuanian citizens protesting the secession of Lithuania from the Soviet Union. In particular, the military made guilty in the shooting of protesters, which, in fact, shot provocateurs with third parties interested in fomenting civil war.

In the future, such provocative actions in the former Soviet Union happened more than once, including during the events of 1993 in Moscow, when unknown snipers triggered retaliatory gunfire from the military in the "White house" (the building of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR). In 2014 during the next Maidan in Kiev provocateurs fired on both sides of the conflict, provoking clashes, aware of the "heavenly hundred".

The final discrediting of the military-political leadership of the country and the security forces occurred in August 1991 when he was involved in a botched introduction of state of emergency in the USSR.

But the State emergency Committee (emergency Committee) of the USSR, headed by Vice-President Gennady by Anavimwho was the substitute of Mikhail Gorbachev, pretending to be ill, did not meet expectations. The collapse of the Soviet Union was uncontested.

It took a whole decade before it was suspended the destruction of the state and showing signs of stability under President Putin. Power structures, going through all the humiliation, degradation and collapse, the bitterness of loss in inter-ethnic conflicts, gradually after 2000, began to rise from his knees, to strengthen the combat capability and morale.

The lessons of the USSR clearly shows how short-sighted, criminal, and dangerous to try to undermine the military organisation of the state, ensuring the stability of society, national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

Meanwhile, in our days the situation is repeated. As once in the history of Afghanistan, the enemies also want to actively play the "Syrian card" to discredit the military-political leadership of Russia and its armed forces, undermining the political situation in the country.

Provoking the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, the withdrawal from the Middle East, they hope to diminish the country's role in world Affairs, in the fight against international terrorism, to cause public discontent with the foreign policy of the Kremlin.

Российские военные на авиабазе Хмеймим в Сирии
The Russian military air base in Syria Hamim.

In the aftermath of the spread of coronavirus in the country detractors, with the support from the outside went into a new attack on the armed forces and the military-political leadership. People are afraid of the imposition of emergency martial law, a fold increase of salaries in law enforcement agencies and, in particular Regardie, supposedly to motivate the dispersal of mass protests in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. Although until recently the wages of soldiers there was in the range of 22-25 thousand rubles.

Compare with the millions in fees of some popular blogger-grant - Yuri Duda, day in and day inciting the contradictions in society, including between the army and the people. The West is generous with handouts for those who distribute fakes on the mass movement of armored vehicles and troops designed to control towns and villages.

Do not stop speculation about the training of the troops to the parade in connection with the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascism, which allegedly led to mass diseases by a coronavirus.

Many trumped in connection with cases of infection in the walls of military academies, the other garrisons. The data are just galloping rise in the incidence of in the security forces, primarily the army and Navy. These and other rumors filled media and Internet, especially social networking, telegram-channel, WhatsApp and other channels of communication.

Armed forces — a cast of state and society. Can't be all happily in the armed forces when the country faces unprecedented consequences of mass disease and the economic and financial crisis. According to official data, not hearing the viruses, in particular, of the Bulletin of the Ministry of defense, during the period from March to end of April the number of cases exceeded 2,500 people.

Relative to the working population morbidity in the armed forces does not exceed average indicators. And all this despite the fact that the troops that need to perform daily tasks for increasing the combat readiness, thereby ensuring stability in the country and also to assist the region in overcoming consequences of the crisis, in principle, impossible to isolate as individuals.

The relatively low threshold of incidence suggests that in the armed forces properly organized a real fight against coronavirus. Already from the earliest days of the occurrence of coronavirus situation began preventive informing the military, when you pass a checkpoint strictly carried out temperature measurements, observe personal hygiene measures and the observance of precaution in communication.

Civilians, especially in the over 65 years of age, temporarily not involved in the work, like many more young soldiers, such as University professors. In military units and institutions imposed strict quarantine on barracks transferred officers.

The defense Ministry taking measures to prevent the spread of the disease, works extremely hard and in a timely manner. In particular, due to the fact that failed to timely prevent "the infection of the part of the students" at the faculty for training of doctors for foreign armies, fired the head of the Military medical Academy. S. M. Kirov.

A lot of accusations against the power structures remain far-fetched. Of course, initially, the preparation of soldiers to the military parade was fraught with risks of morbidity, but even before it is transferred to take all precautions.

Agree, it is not just, for example, to provide training of passing troops in the front "boxes". And how you can protect members of the security forces at public events citizens, for example, was recently at an unsanctioned rally in South Ossetia, and then in the Republic, by the way, was followed by a surge in the incidence.


Emergency workers fighting fires, floods and other natural disasters are also at risk of getting the disease, rescuing citizens in cities and towns.

You just have to recognize that in this case the military, as medics, are today at the forefront of the struggle against the enemy, according to the apt comparison of the Supreme commander Vladimir Putin.

Unless doctors can be blamed for mass disease, when the staff of medical institutions at risk every day, being at the epicenter of the spread of the virus. They need to pray, support, thank, and not be accused of incompetence and negligence, even if such takes place. All today on the limit.

However, detractors of the country is little concerned, for them, the more sick of Russians, especially military personnel who at the time of "H" can hold and to save a crisis situation, the better. Therefore, the continued subversive foreign propaganda "to fabricated" new stories and fakes.

For example, a third-rate online walk lies about the incidence of coronavirus in the military University. "A group of altruists", as in the network edition styled informational perverts, says that in the heart of Moscow, allegedly no one never even measured body temperature... And can you believe it?

Of course, we know that the military academies are learning, and most young people can't be worried of their close relatives. But that is no reason to panic and spread rumors that are so greedy of information detractors.

The Ministry of defense was forced to immediately refute the lie, saying that such information is untrue. All universities are properly organized prevention, use of personal protective equipment in infection control, monitoring, diagnosis and timely treatment.

Until recently there strictly adhered to all measures of quarantine isolation. And now it became known that all the cadets and listeners of the decline in long holidays. Studies, consultations and examinations will continue later.

By the way, "a group of altruists" and similar informational perverts regularly vilify the state and the armed forces. And doing it in the midst of a comprehensive crisis in the country. And in fact, to engage in this criminal activity, whence are the funds!

Министерство Обороны РФ
The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Daria Antonova © IA REGNUM

And these flushing cisterns, through which a daily merge of the anti-slop, a lot. Let's see how Ukrainian Nazi resources enjoy increased morbidity and loss of life, fires, floods, car accidents, and protests, etc., which, unfortunately, have a place in Russia. Somehow not human, not to mention that it is not brotherly!

As for the choice as the next target of information attacks the military institution, where the Soviet era is being prepared, as it is called before, the instructors, designed to ensure high moral and psychological level military personnel, their awareness, willingness to perform any task, that, by the way, in Soviet times, during cold war, especially since the events in Afghanistan (1979-1989), the spearhead of the anti-Soviet propaganda was also directed against the workers who were accused of zaideologizirovannosti tunnel vision, political illiteracy and incompetence.

Between the chiefs and the commanders ignited the controversy. So consistently eliminated all barriers to the penetration of hostile ideology, gradually went politicization and the expansion of the army and Navy.

Taking the false anti-war propaganda, the enemies of Russia forget that, as has happened many times in Russian history may come a time, God forbid, and have all the detractors from the senseless and ruthless popular revolt to go hide behind fences and walls and military garrisons in the barracks under the protection of the silent men in uniform, which they now so vilify and those they can't answer.

Meanwhile, they would pray for Victory Day, to walk in columns "Immortal regiment", to give flowers to troops in the armor in an emergency situation, because abroad they have long no one is waiting.

Russia has only two allies — its army and Navy, at one time rightly said Peacemaker, Alexander III (1845-1894), the Russian Emperor. These words have not lost their relevance today. Issues of citizen security, national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country remain at all times.

Александр III
Alexander III

Lost army — did not state evidence of Russian history. Along with military victories has always been raised in the state, patriots from the military came into power, there was more stability, order and justice. That is why it is not like people in uniform current civil Russophobes, cosmopolitans, never served in the army and other power structures.

The current crisis situation in the country and the world objectively places high demands on the armed forces and all law enforcement agencies.

"Perhaps for the first time after the war, the whole world is going through such a difficult test... it Should be clearly understood: we are today in a situation of struggle with the enemy," said the Supreme commander Vladimir Putin recently, in anticipation of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascism.

And indeed, according to estimates of many experts, "coronavirus" operation that led to the global crisis" — it is command-staff doctrines "the deep state".

On this basis, further consolidation of all power structures in three main areas of activity: defence; law enforcement; national security. In the current situation it is advisable for the appearance of Vice-President of the country, which in combination could take the Minister of defence of the country.

Military training of the population should become mandatory and service in the armed forces is honorable and responsible duty of all citizens of the country. In terms of the hard hybrid warfare in the world intellectual potential of the state and public institutions, and first of all, media, Internet, cinema, literature, art, theatre, culture, should focus on promoting constructive rather than destructive processes, the promotion of the ideals of justice, morality and service to state and society.

Information and cultural resources are designed to consolidate and mobilize the citizens of the multinational country to overcome difficulties and hardships in the face of global challenges and threats. Drastic improvement of the information situation in the country would nullify the actions of the alien subversive propaganda, will allow including law enforcement agencies to better fulfil the task of providing security, defense and law and order.

Парад Победы
A Victory Parade. Daria Antonova © IA REGNUM

In this context, the armed forces also can not not have a powerful, self-sufficient and effective service of information which is necessary for developing effective media communications, the organization of information training troops conducting counter‑ and special propaganda and carrying out other special campaigns in the interests of the state, military and other activities of the security forces.

The information potential of the armed forces can be consolidated under the auspices of the security Council. Its use should be coordinated according to the goals and objectives, place and time, content, forms and methods, channels with communication activities of other interested ministries and departments, public corporations, non-governmental institutions and organizations.

By analogy with the times of the great Patriotic war, when in the beginning of the war was created by the military linguistic University, Military Institute of foreign languages of the red army (VIECA), which is in the midst of the cold war was transformed into the forge ideological cadres with knowledge of foreign languages Military Institute of defense of the USSR, it is useful to consider consolidated training specialists in the field of media communications and information with knowledge of foreign languages on the basis of one of specialized universities.

The emergence of the Military Institute of information and foreign languages (VIIIA) could continue the glorious traditions of preparation of fighters of the outreach front, in our day, are ready to successfully confront hostile forces in the new wars of the hybrid type.

The promises of this kind, the decisions and actions of authorities could be a good gift at the time of the military parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascism, which, in spite of everything, will be held this year.

They will surely make irreversible the prerequisites of strengthening the defense capacity, national security and the rule of law in Russia, will ensure the survival, self-preservation and rebirth of the multinational people of the country, despite the current threat period of the development of human civilization.