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On the national idea

The project involves the compilation of information on one of the most topical issues in Russian society - the theme of the search of the national idea. The importance of this topic is that no project of forming geopolitical power center of world level is impossible without a clear development goals, without ideology and without an understanding of the citizens of the country for the sake of what, in fact, necessary or that the government's actions.

Moscow – The Third Rome

It's me (and a group of friends) a letter from A. P. Devyatov, which I publish below with some exceptions that do not affect the essence of the matter:

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German archaeogenetic: "No Russian genome does not exist"

What is the genetic history of settlement in Russia? A trail in the DNA of Europeans left the inhabitants of the Russian steppes? When the ancient inhabitants of Baikal became the Indians in America? An interview with DW.

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Army guard immortal Victory

Russia has only two allies — its army and Navy, at the time, said the Russian Emperor Alexander III the Peacemaker (1845-1894). These words have not lost their relevance today. Issues of citizen security, national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country remain at all times.

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Russia was surrounded

"After some time the enemy again caught up with us. And beat even stronger, that's going to beat", the song of Igor Rasteryaeva "Russian roads". Undeclared hybrid war waged against Russia has reached its peak. Russia was surrounded by hostile forces which operate from outside from the inside. The world was on the brink of war. For Russia and its President has come time "CH" to break out and win, it is urgent to neutralize the "fifth column", which has long been stuck in our rear and ready, opening the gates to the enemy, to surrender the fortress, said Fyodor Pashin, expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy.

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The language of security: the mythology of government and society

The publishing house of the Center for strategic estimates and projections went out the next book in Sergei Nebrenchin, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, Colonel – "the Language of state security: the mythology of government and society". The publication researched metaphysical and geohistorical origins of the Russian language and its interdependence with consciousness, mind and psychology, mythology and culture. The author analyzed the nature and content of the evolution of Russian literature, the problems of survival and self-preservation of the unique Russian civilization in a linguistic-cultural context. A special place takes the study of intercultural communication and competition in the modern world, the nature and essence of Russophobia in the information war against Russia. The book shows the place and role of Russian language in the strengthening of the state, the consolidation of society, defending the sovereignty and national security in an era of global challenges and threats.

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Возрастное ограничение