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The trouble with Russia are not fools and roads, but elite
Material posted: Publication date: 03-01-2015

New year's gift to the Moscow authorities has brought solace in the raging stream of day – postponed-after-holidays ticking bomb called "sentence-bulk-independence-on manezhke" was timely and defused without casualties. Apparently, Navalny has earned the term for his fraud with the money of the French company and the Kirov forest, but the people's peace of mind is worth it to while he remained on the outside. He was not the first, not the last person would have to sit, and sat down.

But other than that, the little joys. Without much optimism I look at the coming 2015, both in Russia and worldwide.

United States – the wounded, the tired giant, yesterday's hegemon, does not want to give up their world power, with the right to mow the coupon issuing machine. Although the end of American domination is not far off, even if you don't go to a new full-scale world war, still able to harm.

In Russia, the past 2014 was a turning point – from good times to obscurity. The confrontation with the United States entered into the open phase, the conflict with the Kiev regime far before the end. The economy is unsteady, the oil falls, the ruble has weakened, military threats are growing. Looked up the swamp distemper.

Russia would cope with any problem. Russian – sacrificial people willing to go through any hardships, people of enormous courage, a passion which did not subside, the creative passion is great, the material groundwork of the Soviet era has not disappeared. But Russia has problems. It is not fools and roads, it's elite. A certain part of the Russian elite does not feel any love or responsibility towards his country and his people. As noted by Alexander Etkind, this colonial elite. They (in my previous metamorphosis of the Soviet elite) surrendered the country in 1991 and led to the terrible catastrophe.

Boris Mezhuev from "News" caught the spirit of the times, calling the main danger – the return 1991. Recall what happened then. In the depths of the Soviet elite hatched a plot, and taking advantage of a monopoly on the media and the weakness of civil society, they faked revolution. They talked about reforms, but led to the collapse. The authorities could, at any moment, to curb confusion, but they did not touch Yeltsin and allowed him to become ruler. Russia was divided into several States ("Ukraine", "Russia", "Georgia"), people's property passed into the hands of oligarchs, began rampant degradation. The country has committed suicide, or rather, the elite killed her.

The year 1991 was a catastrophe not only for Russians, who lost more lives than the Second world war, but for the whole world. On the West end of shared prosperity, the neo-liberals took matters into my own hands and put in their pockets. The middle class collapsed. Hopes for socialism were buried. New world has emerged for the rich.

The Americans unleashed the war of aggression worldwide. If the last rulers of the USSR thought a little bit about Russia, they wouldn't allow leaving Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and would not allow NATO troops to enter Eastern Europe. But they committed treason, and received a box of biscuits and a jar of jam in the form of large yachts, palaces, estates and oil wells.

In 1991 loyalists, patriots, loyal to the country, supported the regime, but the regime gave up and merged. (I was among the fools-loyalist, I believed in perestroika and Gorbachev believed. As probably laughed my Russian friends!) Now the loyalists and the patriots, already resigned to capitalism, support of Putin and the Kremlin. But if the Kremlin forces, planning new surrender, new surrender? We at the Kremlin, but a Kremlin – or the Kremlin?

Now we know that huge amounts of money – both money and airtime – was invested by various authorities in the dispensation of the opposition Bolotnaya and Navalny. They arose not despite, but thanks to the mode. This is not normal – the tsarist regime did not pay the bills Lenin. And today, Washington does not subsidize the revolutionary movement in the country.

The story of Alexandrina Markvo, Ashurkov and other environment Navalny, showed that hundreds of millions of state budget money going into the pockets of the opposition. They were smart, and we, for power, were fools. And yet we were considered "sold power".

Now there are fancy explanations for this phenomenon. Bulk blackmailed, or cunning Putin wanted to dispose lured by the opposition. They seem to be extremely improbable. Maybe the cunning of the CPSU Central Committee is still waiting in hiding, when the Soviet people will realize their mistake and overthrow the power of capitalists, but I doubt it. "Cunning plans" is a clever explanation of the lesions, those who wish to delay their bitterness.

It was getting increasingly difficult to dismiss the assumption that the Russian elite is planning a new 1991, racy overthrow of the "Putin power" and "bloody gebni" with the transition of power in the hands of other puppets of Washington and the oligarchs. It scares me that we don't see and counter. Comfort me, tell me – you shot for treason. I'm afraid that cheating on your doorstep. Not afraid to fight not afraid to die – I saw the war - terrible betrayal.

Even during acceleration Manezhnaya square on December 30 swamp chanted "Cossacks in police vans," that is called upon to arrest those who stood against them on the side of the authorities. So, they, swamp, know and feel that the authorities are on their side, and the Cossacks and other "kriminale" only spoil the performance of the valiant resistance of heroes – bloody gebne and its satraps.

The time has come for civil society to have their say – in 1991 will not work. And need to work on that, because to blindly rely on the goodwill of elites after 1991 impossible. People can thwart their plan, and to put us in paddy wagons, and even to Kolyma, the most socially bellantonio close friends, and their friends – from Chubais and Kudrin until the last official of the municipality that transferred money to Navalny. Russian riot may need.

Israel Shamir


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