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Officials of the Volgograd Motherland no longer needed
Material posted: Publication date: 30-11-2012

Officials of the Volgograd city hall no longer consider the image of the Motherland on Mamaev hill attractive to tourists.

In the year of the 70th anniversary of the victory at Stalingrad, the Department of foreign relations of the mayoralty of Volgograd has announced a competition for a new symbol of the city-hero. Experts believe that the current refusal of the city authorities from the world-famous symbol on the main height of Russia not only will not help the development of international tourism, but, on the contrary, will provoke a new political scandals and a wave of protests from veterans of the great Patriotic war.

On the website of the municipality of Volgograd published a remarkable text entitled "the Volgograd looking for a new logo". Its authors – employees of the Department of foreign Affairs – report on the carrying out of the contest "Brand of the Volgograd region", the aim of which is to create a "new image of his native city and region." Everyone the city hall officials offering to participate in "the establishment of tourist or commercial brand for the city and region", which should be a "bright, zapominayuschiesya, symbolic image, characterizing the unity of space, history and traditions of the area". "We need fresh ideas and vivid images" call the authors of the project.

In what direction should move the creators of new ideas and images, announced the Volgograd news Agency with reference to the partners of the project of regional Agency for tourism development. According to officials, the Motherland and all that is connected with the great Patriotic war, not too important for the region": "the Motherland is still a legacy of the Soviet era. Unfortunately, in many it is associated with something heavy, tragic and mournful. Especially among foreigners. And we wish that our region was seen as a pleasant area for recreation".

Remains a mystery, what is the replacement for the Motherland try to find officials of the Department of foreign relations of the mayoralty contest for the new symbol of the city will be completed by 17 December, However, it seems that for the transformation fields of Stalingrad in a pleasant area for recreation city bureaucrats want to take seriously. In the management and development of territories of the Department of foreign relations of the mayoralty of Volgograd even created a special Department for the promotion of the territory and image, and a search for meaning and descriptive alternatives to "boring" officials Motherland.

"An attempt failure from the world-famous image of the Motherland as a symbol of Volgograd-Stalingrad as otherwise stupidity can not be named – said the political expert Svetlana Kolosova. – In Moscow, Paris, Berlin many beautiful monuments and architectural structures, but the Kremlin, Eiffel tower and Brandenburg gate remain unchanged and the absolute character of these cities. Volgograd Motherland beautiful has long been multi-faceted with political, philosophical, aesthetic dimension. And if he is not satisfied with Volgograd officials, we need not change the symbol, and officials."

Political scientist Alexander Strizoe sure that local bureaucrats conceived the rebranding of the Volgograd will lead to the opposite result: "Rejection of the symbolism of the Motherland will not lead to a rise in the popularity of the city in the tourist routes. On the contrary, we should expect erosion of the image of Volgograd in the Thistle brand in the country."

According to political analyst Andrei Mironov, "the initiative with finding a new symbol of the city looks simply ridiculous in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Stalingrad victory": "It could trigger a massive political scandal involving not only war veterans, indignation are easy to predict, but the Federal government". Mironov believes that "initiatives city officials are likely to be nipped in the expected February 2, 2013 Putin's visit to Volgograd", "If the President will come only to celebrate the anniversary of the Stalingrad victory, and not to spend time on a pleasant site for recreation. These territories had, I think, there are enough Volgograd".

Andrei Serenko


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