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Monstrous figures: the head of audit chamber "killed" all the report
Material posted: Publication date: 28-06-2017

The state Duma has heard and discussed the report of the audit office for the year 2016. The document is 187 pages and the report of the head of Department Tatyana Golikova clearly painted a disturbing picture of the growing inefficiency of public administration: increasingly, the problem is not lack of money but the inability to organize their use.

The total amount of violations identified by auditors and shortcomings in the past year increased by 87% compared to 2015 year and amounted to 965,8 billion. Grew by 11.6% and the number of these violations. According to the materials of checks sent to the attorney General, filed 3 times more criminal cases (45 instead of 15). The budget was able to return 8.8 billion rubles. Among the record for the volume of eliminated violations of the Federal space Agency, Federal Agency for state property management Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology.

In her report, Ms. Golikova stopped only for some resonance lines.

In 2015, the President instructed to increase the efficiency of use of budgetary funds. Of the 16 points of order be considered made only five. And 2016 was "the most inefficient for implementation of the Federal targeted investment program", said the head of the joint venture: cash execution, the lowest since 2008, 443 objects, is slated to enter introduced only 224. In the end, 12% (12 thousand) increase in the number of unfinished construction sites...

Monstrous called those numbers Olga batalina (United Russia) and asked what can be done to the order of the President from 2015 to the completion of the unfinished was done. Ms. Golikova said that by 2015 any unfinished inventory was conducted, and now at least have an idea of the scale of the problem. Now we have to assess the objects and divide them into those that need to finish, and that finish is impractical. So far about 10-12% of facilities annually included in the FTIP without the presence of required documentation, the head of the SP, and it would be correct to oblige the government to provide quarterly information to Parliament about the state of Affairs included in the FTIP objects — "that the deputies had an understanding"...

The number of places in kindergartens in 2016 increased by almost 245 thousand, seems to be positive trend continued Tatyana Golikova, but on June 1, 2017 are not provided with kindergartens almost 49 thousand children aged 3 to 7 years (about 20 thousand of them live in Dagestan), and in the age of 3 years are in the queue about 142 thousand children. At the same time in 2016 to 1.3 thousand reduction in the number of kindergartens, "having all kinds of beautification" (and a warm toilet, and the water and heating): nearly two-thirds of them in rural areas.

Now the country is implementing a program of transition to single-shift training and the transfer of pupils from dilapidated buildings to the new one. For 2016, the funds allocated for these purposes three times redistributed as the number of entities refused grants because they were required to co-Finance, because were not prepared organizationally.

Yes, created 160 thousand new places in schools, but the number of students in the second shift in the country increased by 9.8 thousand, while the number of students in the buildings from deterioration over 50% to 68.1 thousand "At the same time the Ministry of education has no information on the wear and distributing resources," said Ms. Golikova, and 19 entered schools do not work because they have no license for educational activity. On June 1, the amount used budget allocations made for these purposes in 2017, amounted to only 9.4% of the approved appointments.

A similar situation exists in road construction: budget allocation of the Federal and regional road funds grow, but "their use is at a low level." Here, too, for money is now required co-financing, what areas are ready bad. In the end, 36 subjects of the Russian Federation has not fulfilled the planned parameters. In the Krasnodar region after the construction and reconstruction introduced only 2.5 km of the 31 km of roads. Perm Krai has built and reconstructed only 8.4 km of the 22 km of Tuva and Leningrad oblast have not entered a single kilometer of 18.5 km and 12.3 km according to the plan, respectively. In the village it really seams: January 1, did not enter a single kilometer of roads in Orel, Astrakhan, Chelyabinsk regions, Dagestan Republic and Zabaykalsky Krai.

Alexei Didenko (LDPR) asked if there was any hope for the improvement of accessibility of health services. Tatyana Golikova called the very sensitive issue: in some regions the optimization of the healthcare system were "mindlessly" and the economic effect is not brought. The reduction in the number of doctors and health workers has not led to increased costs for salaries from the budget of Fund of obligatory medical insurance in 2016, this amount was reduced by 19%. In the result of optimization for the 47 million reduced the number of visits to doctors...

Vera Ganza (Communist party) asked how SP evaluates the effectiveness of the sale of shares of "Rosneft" at the end of last year: "there are doubts, I didn't buy the company stock itself at and won in the budget". But Ms. Golikova praised the deal, called what I write in print, just print.

"Thank God that there are people who beat their head against the wall and say what really is", — the head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov ("United Russia") asked a question about "what should do with that truth the Parliament." And immediately got from the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin order to prepare for the beginning of July proposal following the discussion.

Marina Ozerova


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