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Material posted: Publication date: 13-09-2014

Strangers. As it so happened that they appeared in this country in sufficiently large numbers, and as it so happened that they came out of the cabinets, where he hid himself, as the skeletons of foreign Proverbs, and boldly trample on our pavements?

"They own the people among whom they live abandoned to the will of Providence, looks in their eyes backward, uncivilized and outdated"

This same phenomenon can easily be observed in Ukraine. So you start with it, it would be easier to understand.

When they became independent in 1991, their nationalists near then accepted the Soviet system of spiritual values began to gradually build your. Near the iconostasis of Soviet heroes slowly but surely built its iconostasis - nationalist.

From small-circulation Newspapers and lurid leaflets nationalists migrated to the national turnover of all these Bandera, Chuchevichi and the Ukrainian insurgent army. And with them romance caches and glorification of the lads, who were shooting from sawn-off shotguns to officers of the NKVD. Gradually.

This process took three Ukrainian President half: Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko and half Yanukovych. Initially built parallel to the iconostasis and a parallel scale of values.

Some time both scales co-existed in the minds of the Ukrainian people.

When Yushchenko began to destroy and displace Soviet values and Soviet heroes, replacing them svezhevykachannye from naphthalene. Therefore, "Glory to the heroes! Glory To Ukraine!", they shouted on the Maidan. It was a moment of victory of their new iconostasis heroes over the Soviet.

In Russia, the construction of a new scale of values took place at the same time, but since Russia is more ventilated area than Ukraine, our intellectuals constructed the iconostasis is not with the nationalist, but with Western characters: the aggressive Churchill, harmless and aggressive Carnegie, Henry Ford, Hollywood stars, McDonald's, the philosophy of the market is blinded from this parallel world, like many better and more modern than we have inherited the Soviet.

Our urban intelligentsia rejected the nationalist scale of values, but have adapted European-American. Because "aliens". Not the fifth column, as the fifth acts secretly, but agents of influence, others. Aggressively attempting to infect his "sugesto" society.

A sense of community with European values prevail in them over a sense of community with the Russian people, who continue to rely largely on Soviet values.

Their own people among whom they live abandoned to the will of Providence, looks in their eyes backward, uncivilized and outdated. (Note that half of them this situation is even like, they might think they're outstanding, "creative class" against the background of a supposedly non-creative people).

When such "foreign" people silently experiencing partial to Euro-American world, to their orders, statutes, their culture is not a betrayal.

But when such "foreign" advocates and promotes the alien to his love and to strangers, which to us of hostile intentions, then he becomes a traitor.

Source: Blog Of Eduard Limonov

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