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Associate Professor of journalism at Moscow state University: "this year we got aliens"
Material posted: Publication date: 09-09-2016
Use destroyed our education on the root. This is a shameless deception on a national scale.

“I know”, “General” and “through-Chur” — perhaps that is the spelling we see in Newspapers in five years when the current freshmen of faculty of journalism of the Moscow state University will receive their diplomas.

Here are the phenomenal results showed collected with the help of the exam students, some of whom are even stabulnieki. As expected, the verification work of new recruits in the universities turned into a scandal.

Details told the associate Professor of stylistics of the Russian language Anastasia Nikolaev.

— First-year journalism just written dictation test in Russian. They confirmed the grades received?

— Installation dictations to identify the level of knowledge of first-year students we write every year. Usually with them not doing 3-4. But the results this year were terrible.

Of 229 first-year students on page 8 and made fewer errors to only 18%. The remaining 82%, including 15 stoballnikov exam, made an average of 24-25 errors. Almost every word of 3-4 errors that distort its meaning beyond recognition.

To understand many of the words is simply impossible. Actually, it isn't the words and their conditional playback.

Is there?

— Well, that is, for example, you think, h? To dig. Or, say, patient (patient), can (possible), vrochi (doctors), nez Naya (do not know), geniral through-Chur, arestovat.

And all this pearl of students from strong 101st and 102nd groups of newspaper office. That is to say, the elite. Meanwhile, 10% written them at the dictation of the words are not. It is rather petroglyphic signs, than the letter.

You know, I'm 20 years giving dictations, but never seen. Store all dictations as evidence. In fact, this year we got aliens.

Have you really had such a weak set?

— The fact of the matter is that formally strong: the average score on the Russian language — 83. That is not just “five”, and “supermature” as a great score on the Russian language this year began with 65 points.

And that's too bad, because when guys overwhelm the very first session, we will say, “You received “super product”. And now guys can't play a simple Russian words. As you were able to make cooperationto of superdevice?!”

By the way, this year through the exam, winners of Olympiads and gold medalists were unable to enroll for full-time office: all of them study in the evening. Little Muscovites.

However, journalism still can't complain. As some of the most hopeless students we were able to cut through a creative competition. But what have, say, Philology, afraid even to think. It is a national disaster!

— What causes it?

— To some extent, “Albany” Internet language. However, the main problem — the exam. According to the freshmen the last three years at school they haven't read the books and did not write dictations with the works — all the time only trained to insert the missing letters and tick boxes.

As a result, they do not know how to not only write but also read: please read a short passage from the book puts them to a standstill. Plus huge gaps in basic knowledge.

For example, the complete absence of the historical process: it is said that the University was founded in the past, the twentieth century, but the Empress Catherine.

— It is possible to do something?

— At the end of the dictation, a meeting of faculty academic Council. Generated by emergency measures to literacy. Will do what we can, but we must understand: to compensate for the gaps with age, harder, and probably will be revealed guys are unteachable. And hours on these activities in our training plan.

So I'm afraid someone will have to pay, although the guys are not morons, and victims of serious educational neglect.

— Many can lose?

— Do not rule out that one in five freshman. Use destroyed our education on the root. This is a shameless deception on a national scale.

The harsh, inhuman experiments, conducted on normal healthy children, and we pay for it in full measure. After all, people who can neither write nor speak, are all specialties: medical, nuclear physicists.

And that's not the worst. Children do not understand the meaning of written each other. This means that we are going to loss of adequate communication, without which there can be no society.

We are faced with something terrible. And it's not the edge of the abyss: we are at the bottom. Guys, by the way, and you know that it's bad, eager to learn, ready to run additional classes.

Some, for example, we wrote a dictation in the form of love notes. The girls made 15 errors and burst into tears.


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