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Experiment customs: how Russians are deprived of the gifts before the New year
Material posted: Publication date: 15-12-2017
"I bought a doll for my daughter LOL — there are cheaper almost twice. Daughter really wants a gift for the New year — just raves about these dolls. And then I read the news that customs stop the parcels from online stores, requires INN. Say — experiment. Dolls now hang at customs — I don't know whether it comes to NG". This is the complaint of one woman on the forum "moms". One of hundreds: someone is waiting for the smartphone, someone clothes. Nothing terrible happened, just FCS staged "experiment" — it effects thousands of Russians feel right now.

Was and link

The problem began on November 24 when the FCS adopted order no 1861, significantly complicates the import of Internet parcels from abroad. Now in the Declaration of goods should be specified INN the recipient and also the link to the products purchased in the online store. "The idea was necessary for unambiguous identification of a natural person for the purpose of accounting of the cost and weight of all goods received by the person during a calendar month," — wrote to TASS, citing the press service of the Ministry.

Later on the FCS website posted a PDF of the resolution, which States that the order comes into force on 7 December 2017, and its effect will last until 1 July 2018. The experiment involved the far Eastern, Volga, northwestern, Siberian, Urals, Central, southern, North-Caucasian customs administration, as well as Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and the Moscow regional customs. It's funny that in an official document venture with INN called "the experiment", as if stressing: the measure is temporary, let's see how things go.

"Customs are tens of thousands of parcels — only Boxberry hung 25 thousand orders"

Theoretically the end user all this mess don't need to worry about: Yes, you now need to enter numbers in another field, but only just — room INN is available to all owners of passports to learn it easily. But, as usual, something went wrong and now the customs are tens of thousands of parcels — only Boxberry hung 25 thousand orders, said operating officer of the carrier in an interview with the Russian service of the BBC. New year in Russia is under threat.

Fakir was drunk

The case seems banal gullibility (or it was planned action to humiliate the population). The decision itself, we will remind, adopted on November 24, and the law shall come into force 7 Dec. The difference of 13 days. Courier services new rules explained on November 28. Nine days. Carriers too, not just "rostelegraf", informing the population, for example, on 30 November. Seven days. This term, perhaps, would have sufficed Malta or Andorra, to avoid "plugging" at customs. Russia for some reason is not enough — people actively ordered before, during and after the entry of the order into force. In addition, impact and even distrust of the Russians to any innovations. In particular, here are the typical comments on the public Boxberry to the news of the order:

Facebook is also very active, a user complains that the parcel was detained December 4, that is, before the entry of the order into force:

Complaints book carriers bursts of angry responses, but most sufferers do not even understand what it is was about they said no. How about a link to the online product. This point is not so much attention, and for good reason: if a number of logistics companies (Shopfans, Boxberry, takes the burden of placing links yourself, service, Express delivery SDEK and SPSR from the obligation repudiate, writes "Kommersant". The understanding of these companies the user has to attach a link. Ideally if he will make a screenshot from the product page — in case the price change. According to our data, SDEK sent a form to fill in data for a few months before the hype. It looked like this:

Market participants react to news in different ways. AliExpress promptly unsubscribed: 17 Dec on the order page there will be a special form for INN. But Polar Express, which is engaged in mail-forwarding, has announced to clients that as from now, don't forget to enter all the data, otherwise the parcel will go back.

"It is not clear why the experiment was launched in early December, two weeks after the foreign "Black Friday""

There were exceptions: representatives of the "our services" said the new rules they were not touched. "Our customers, this order does not apply" — says a post on the public carrier. This fact "mail-order" explains that the decree refers to the design in the framework of electronic customs Declaration, which occurs at some customs points. "Mail-order" goes through some "posts at the international airports", where, according to the carrier, such a procedure is not practiced. Although the order lists all Moscow airports.

However, not everyone was lucky — customs problems came over a lot. Perhaps if the warning system did not start a week before the "activation" of the order, and in October, the delays could have been avoided. Again, it is not clear why the experiment was launched in early December, two weeks after the foreign "Black Friday". To predict these days, a large flow of parcels from abroad, not necessarily to work in logistic company — just use common sense.

If you believe the words of the Deputy head of the Main Directorate of customs clearance and customs control Federal customs service of Russia Mikhail chislova, consumer innovation is not affected. Answering the question "How to decorate the parcel, which is on the way?", the official said

"The consumer needs to contact the carrier, give your INN, and carrier will contribute data to the registry. No problems with it. <...> The carrier knows what to do — November 28 at the site of the FCS held a meeting with 16 representatives of the companies, we reviewed the status of the order, carriers have told consumers where to send INN" — the Deputy chief of head Department organization of customs clearance and customs control Federal customs service of Russia Mikhail readout.

In addition, Michael noted — no screenshots in the normal way to do:

"Providing screenshots are required only upon request of the customs authorities. When there is a suspicion that the value of the goods does not correspond to reality — for example, a TV costs one dollar, we will request a document confirming the price."

"People didn't believe folding speeches employee of the FCS"

At the end of the readout, reminded that innovation does not affect the speed of registration:

"The Federal customs service again ensures that there are no delays of parcels that go into Christmas and new year periods, of course, will not."

However, the people did not believe folding speeches employee of FCS — judging by the comments:

Эксперимент таможни: как россиян лишили подарков перед Новым 

Who benefits

Of course, the "experiments" of this level don't just happen — it is part of a larger campaign to reduce tax-free threshold. Now there are quite liberal rules of importing goods from other countries: 31 kilograms, a thousand euros a month. Anything above that is subject to the "tribute" in 30% of the cost, but not less than four Euro per 1 kg weight.

The government plans to derail the "ceiling" of up to 20 euros by 1 July 2018, just when will the whole INN. Expected earnings from foreign e-Commerce have been included in the draft Federal budget — 30 billion rubles for the first half of 2018. However, this money will not necessarily come at the expense of tax payments; the entire sector purchases abroad.

In any case, it is obvious that the current rules state no money — according to Michael chislova, in 2016 the tax deductions for the excess of duty-free imports amounted to 81 million rubles. Expected 30 billion (if not completely from tax payments) and the current 81 million — the numbers are radically different.

"Petition "to Cancel the new customs duties" was signed by 437 thousand people"

The Russians, of course, do not want to pay — the petition with the requirement "to Cancel the new customs duties" at the time of publication of the material was signed by 437 thousand people. There is no doubt that compatriots have to figure out how to run a state. Methods are known now — in particular, it is possible to register parcels to relatives, which significantly increases the threshold.

The government considers that the experiment was going to reduce "the risk of importation of goods for dummies": all the data about the buyer leaving the system EAISTO that remembers who and what I ordered this month from abroad. Since people tend to carry the most expensive and serious purchase via a courier service, under the distribution were carriers.

By the way, hence the explanation of why spared "Mail of Russia", which will also join the "experiment", but in the following year. Internet commentators see in the privileges OL a government conspiracy and "elimination of competition", but all the easier. First, all sorts of Boxberry and Shopfans much smaller, and secondly, through the state bringing the papers cheap goods whose value is unlikely to exceed even the draconian threshold of 20 euros.

What should I do?

If your package is stuck right now, then most likely you have already sent all the data. It remains only to wait humbly — despite the words of Michael chislova, the order caused a delay in the design. If you are only going to spend money on AliExpress, Ebay and other "pumps", the cook not only an individual taxpayer identification number, but also links, screenshots and other proofs of your innocence — as if something happens.

And remember. Very soon all this will end — on "tax-free" 20 euros you can buy except the case for the iPhone or some of the Chinese small things.

Illia Bozhko


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