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Global anti-hero
Material posted: Publication date: 17-07-2014

The Tolstoy dilemma about the history and personality on the background of the Donbass events becomes irrelevant. Practice current civil war in Ukraine shows that sometimes the story develops separately from the individuals who create it. Even the heroes can't help but notice her. Otherwise not to explain the appearance of Igor strelkov – a hero, which did not assume the reality of post-Soviet and Western experts.

The commander of the people's republics of Donbass now in the situation when all the previous biography is irrelevant, and any attempt to find enemies behind him, a shadow, a puppet master, bound to a notorious failure. In good standing, it is not worth ask this question, which is akin to Pandora's box. Because if Strelkov is a puppet, only fantasies about what size may be the person, the Manager, should lead the Ukrainian patriots in awe and trembling. Because at this historical juncture Shooters in practice, disavowed the entire Pantheon exclusively Ukrainian heroes, old and new, from Mazepa to Yarosh. The Ukrainians is not yet visible behind a veil information veil, but the historical scale Igor Strelkov has been equaled only by Bohdan Khmelnytsky. That, as I recall from textbooks, too suddenly, out of personal resentment, gathered around him a group of armed "separatists", and forced to weep bitter tears the Commonwealth. Yes, Strelkov is not Ukrainian herountil Ukrainian.

Interesting in this connection to observe how the rhetoric of Kievan patriots when it comes to Strelkova. First, in publications, stories and posts featured some amusing "Reconstructor" with an unfashionable moustache and dared to challenge the brave Ukrainian warriors in the brand new American camouflage. Then came "a GRU Colonel" and trace her, and, quickly after this stage, the Shooters in the view of Ukrainians has become "international terrorist." Now about it are silent, or without special need not mention. The following stage will be "you know who", and there, staring, and my name will start to magnify.

Official Kyiv terrible Shooters today not only as a military adversary. He, to their great regret, never liesneither in the reports nor in life. For the people who built the state and a career in PR, or in the case of Ukrainian – usual lies, incomprehensible and frightening. Scares light as cockroaches, and wild animals the fire. On the background of strelkov with a shabby tablet (you remember, that the officers ' field bag, not a gadget?) dressed in the all-new Poroshenko, Parubiy, and other high-ranking Ukrainian army seems to be ridiculous, Recalling the Comedy collective Popandopulo. And their words, spoken with militant views before the formation of such in love with them journalists are the same as the banknote with the signature operetta swindler.

The shooters broke in the Donbass about the knee not only the Ukrainian army and its morale, but also post-modern information age, with its political technologies, simulacra, soft impact and financial infusion. He reminded that there is good and evil, and they have no semitones, there is an immortal soul and large Motherland, not measured, in principle, money that is concepts that are worth living and which are not afraid to die.

Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, reminiscent of today brilliantly maneuver about Hannibal in Donetsk steppes – a bright refutation of the liberal thesis about the absence of Russia's special way, your way, and about the inevitable victory of English-speaking globalization. Though, because globalism does not imply selfless heroes, not for them, he thought. Heroes don't need the money, so the global system they were always perceived as virus, which is why the global world believes the real heroes are the actors and show stars, having lost the skill of reproduction of these characters. And where them to take, when the last half-century "Golden billion" is war or weapons of mass destruction, either on the Internet or by proxy. War should not interfere in the life of civilized Nations, to interfere with the digestion of consumers and their controlled reproduction. To stimulate these processes and historical sublimaze is Brad pitt, with jokes, rhymes scalping the Nazis.

In the logic of his critics, Shooters should never have to appear, and even more could be realized in contemporary Russia. Book a boy, a historian with a gun, the one for which Vysotsky wrote "the Ballad of struggle" such romance in today's world do not survive, losing with the devastating pushy managers. It a shame they should be from what book the boy was a pragmatic leader and commander, showing an example of honor, dignity, fearlessness and absolute ownership.

Strelkov personally, unlike the militia, burning with the thirst for vengeance, is not hatred against Ukraine and love Russia. Because only love guided by heroes of all time – love of a woman, truth, or, in the worst case – the love of power. And this is, perhaps, the only danger but a bullet or shrapnel that threatens him not to go copper pipe and bump into politics. Because the politicians are absolute heroes do not exist – they are only for a certain percentage of the electorate, but for others they can be nothing. However, judging by the fact that the word "policy" in the lexicon of strelkov, he can easily avoid this temptation.

Paul Dolman


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