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I. Ostretsov "Keeping to the philosophy of non-violent development"
Material posted: Publication date: 04-03-2017
The book presents a deductive social theory and philosophy behind it. In accordance with Godel's theorem on incompleteness of any system of rational claims, generally speaking, it is possible to build arbitrarily large number of social programs.

In reality, however, the fact is that only only option. The question of the justification of this variant is Central to the book. It is shown that the axiomatic base of the theory becomes complete and adequate to reality only in the case of incorporating the fundamental axioms of Jesus Christ. In the framework of the theory introduced the concept of all forms of social structure of society, the social essence of man and collective, intelligence, violence and freedom. Developed the General scheme
development of the human mind. Shows the determinism of the transition of human civilization to a social organization adequate to the precepts of Christ. Derived necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of market forms of management. Develop options for the transition to an adequate social organization of the entire human civilization.

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