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To the question about repentance
Material posted: -Publication date: 31-03-2011

The last days of the Runet from angry news[1], a common Council on human rights under the RF President, who actually proposed to accept responsibility of the USSR for genocide and the Second world war, offering expert community to discuss the plan of implementation of this initiative.

Among the many comments we received on our website from indignant readers of the letter, which largely reflects the stress that caused in the Internet community this event (it is a pity that the author, expressing their own point of view on such a significant issue, have decided to remain incognito):

"...Deeply outraged by the article "the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation recognized the responsibility of the USSR for genocide and the Second world war".

Any Russian or former Soviet people only with great pain in the soul to read such ugly ideological crafts. It took less than a century, as proposed new state structure, radically different from all the former state system - from the primitive society to capitalism. For the first time in the world person required for maximum strength and opportunities, giving back to him and his family social security. With our country taking in all the most developed countries of the world.

Our country is at a huge loss and error found a unique and effective way of development, the criterion of truth which were economic, financial, military and ideological success. And no country in the world wanted to be her people was as free from the exploitation of capital.

But the traitors embedded in the country's leadership, the collapse of a great country.

And here's a bunch of renegades, not in any way binding themselves with the people of Russia or citizens of the former USSR, trying to put the whole nation in humbly-knee pose before the world for the alleged "sins" of totalitarianism!

Nothing but practicing their piece, thrown by enemies of the country, this approach is impossible to explain. Also it is impossible to imagine a successful development history for Russia as the successor of the USSR. It is de facto and de jure must withdraw from the territories conquered in the years of wars and revolutions, have to pay all your former "allies" - from Baltic countries to Asian and Japan for "the occupation"...

Wake up, gentlemen, if you can call it detached from the interests of the country of scoundrels who preach the ideology of the enemy! And God forbid you should Wake, in the end, Russia: pay for units bastards will be again innocent millions..."[2]

With all the tragedy of the current proposals for the history of our country should be recognized that it was to be expected. Probing the question of adherence of Russian people's private memory was initiated by a discussion (incidentally, note he is only discussing) the question of the role of General Vlasov, and the emergence of the myth about his martyrdom in the name of the bright future of the country without the Communists (and similar developments, we could observe and of the other close people in Ukraine in the same direction is the situation with S. Bandera).

The fact that the very possibility of this discussion was available, and in the ensuing discussion from obscurity had learned the name of the new national hero - this is the reason to conductors that information and psychological operations in order to make the next throw, and not have to wait long.

Today the expert community offered to discuss a much more serious issue which affects not the fate of one particular General, and aimed at changing the perception of historical retrospective of the events. What is important here is not even the result of the debate, but the very possibility of the emergence of this theme in the information space of Russia. The discussion will make you look again at the past, but through the prism of the present.

And the present is quite bleak. Today it is much more profitable to do in-depth study of the history, and the farther she pushed back in time the better. Just don't do recent history – nothing to see here. Preliminary census results showed a significant reduction of the population. The same conversation about the economic situation, the level of corruption and defence are not the topic of this article, although each of these and many other factors there is a significant decline.

But back to the topic. Interesting passage from a proposed plan of works "self-development" of the peoples of Russia is that the authors of the article believe that without the development of public consciousness of the tragic experience of Russia in the XX century it was impossible the movement of Russian society to real modernization. In their view, modernization can be successful only when both the national elite and the whole society United in a common civic sense of responsibility before history. And this feeling, feeling responsible host countries, in turn impossible to revive, hiding - not so much from the outside world, but from ourselves - the truth about what our nation did to itself in the twentieth century. It is also noted that the concealment of the truth about the past supposedly prevents the possibility of national self-respect, without which we will never be the preconditions for true patriotism; and, therefore, talk of modernization will remain good intentions.

Why we are again being called to repent? What we do wrong? Is this repentance can become the basis of the "national" idea, which is trying so hard to find in recent years? Why should we flagellate ourselves for the joy of the rest of the world? Why in the most democratic country in the world – the US - doesn't complex about the fact that Indians carved? It's a shame, huh?! Of course, it's a shame and that she went debate, and further – a trick. But if you look at the issue only from a utilitarian, so to speak, professional, point of view, everything falls into place – it is applied can lower self-esteem, to break the inner stem, and further already to work with a dumb crowd.

And what with the crowd work, is quite obvious. In the middle of February there was information that in 2011 the U.S. will allocate $ 25 million to support of bloggers and online activists to "authoritarian countries". The U.S. state Department has already announced his intention to start on Twitter microblogging several different languages, including Russian. All this should contribute to the establishment of democracy throughout the world.[3]

In addition, in the U.S., and in Israel following the results of the Arab "revolutions", which showed high efficiency of developed methods and techniques of crowd management, created a special unit that will use social media to organize and crowd management in the implementation of similar plans in other countries[4], [5].

So everything goes according to plan – improving the means and methods of conducting information-psychological war, actively using modern information technologies.

As for Russia, we once again find ourselves in the position of defending – every time we put it very ably in this position. Today already say that Gagarin was absolutely nothing flying in space – there was no need for that. And on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of his flight making a movie not about him but about "flight" of Americans to the moon.

Why is it so? Why not in principle deny even the very possibility of tabling such questions? Because this practice is: what prevents us to follow a path similar to ban criticism of the Holocaust?

However, with great regret we have to admit that today is not even important: whether to repeat the Egyptian scenario in Russia or not? It is obvious that the Libyan scenario will not have the right.


[2] a User with the nickname bicin




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