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How to learn to live with corruption?
Material posted: Publication date: 20-03-2015
According to some experts, in recent years in Russia there is a tendency to reduce corruption, but accurate statistics on its level today not. What efforts has the government to fight against corruption at the regional and federal levels gaining momentum? What anikorruptsionnye bills developed and may soon see the light? How to deal with a phenomenon that in the history of our country has become an integral part of Russian culture?

These and other questions were discussed by experts on March, 16th during a round table «the corruption Nature. Why it is impossible to win?», the press centre coming on a platform «Parliamentary newspaper».

Anatoly Vybornyj, the committee-man of the State Duma have taken part in action under the civil, criminal, arbitration and remedial legislation Yury Sinelshchikov, the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on safety and counteraction of corruption Dmitry Gorovtsov, the chairman of National anticorruption committee Cyril Kabanov, the president of the Center of strategic estimations and forecasts Sergey Grinjaev the committee-man of the State Duma on safety and counteraction of corruption.

In the beginning of conversation the leader of action the general director of the Center of the political information Alexey Mukhin has asked to experts a question: whether «it is necessary to throw so much forces and means for struggle against the phenomenon which became an integral part of the Russian validity or simply to learn with it to live»?

According to Anatoly Vybornogo that fight against corruption has started to yield results, it is necessary for our state to accept it as the phenomenon.

«Only rather strong lawful state is capable to accept corruption as the phenomenon», - has noted Elective.

According to the chairman of National Anticorruption committee Cyril Kabanova, corruption - characteristic the phenomena for any state in a transition period.

«Corruption - transitional economy greasing», - the expert has told.

According to Kabanova to struggle with separate коррупционерами against struggle with the phenomenon - all the same what to cut a lawn cuticle scissors.

Wild boars has noted to exclude a corruption component in separate spheres, it is necessary to change procedure. As, for example, at reception загранпаспота.

If earlier people have been compelled to search for any communications to receive documents faster, to someone to pay, now there is an accurate mechanism of "one window» when the person receives this service, avoiding bureaucratic delays.

According to Kabanova, today fight against corruption goes with a sign "plus" but to achieve steady positive dynamics it is necessary to combat is system.

«Corruption is an erosion of imperious institutes», - Dmitry Gorovtsov has made the definition of it the phenomena. The expert has noticed that anticorruption activity - a good field for законотвореческой activity. A number of legislative initiatives, as he said, in particular the law «about аффелированных persons» and «lobbist activity», have been developed still in the late nineties and here 20 years lies without movement.

«Probably there are any forces it is not favourable to them to pass corresponding laws», - Gorovotsov has assumed.

The president of the Center of strategic estimations and forecasts Sergey Grinjaev has acted not as the expert in area коруппции, and as the simple citizen, as the Muscovite. It has resulted concrete examples as it is difficult without money and corresponding communications to achieve that officials worked and solved problems of simple citizens.

«Near to my house there is a spontaneous parking which and turns in the spring to a bog in the autumn. We directed complaints to prefecture, пририднадзор, the Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs - complaints simply drive on a circle, and anybody undertakes nothing», - Grinjaev has told.

The expert has noticed that for officials it is necessary to enter personal responsibility for wrong actions or inactivity.

The interesting point of view was stated by the committee-man of the State Duma under the civil, criminal, arbitration and remedial legislation, deputy ГД (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) Yury Sinelshchikov.

The expert has advised to address to foreign experience of fight against corruption where the separate body is engaged in it. But to create something new, according to the deputy, it is not necessary: «Everything that was created last years, turned against our state, therefore similar services need to be created on the basis of already existing».

The deputy has suggested to transfer these functions the procurator which has no time number of functions have taken away, having left only supervision. Синельщиков has supported that, in particular, the public prosecutor, supervising behind investigation of crimes in economic sphere, could request independently the information from banks and etc.

In end of a meeting the curator of a round table has asked experts «to give the recipe» fight against corruption. The opinion about it was at everyone the, but offers on fight against corruption have in many respects coincided. All experts insist that for corruption crimes it is necessary to enter property confiscation, thus without waiting, while the inspector will prove that it has been acquired by a criminal way.

Marina Ilyina


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