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How to bury patriotism
Material posted: Publication date: 29-11-2017
Legalized coercion to love the Motherland breaks on foreign offshore companies close to the government.

Patriotism is a strange feeling. Other such passions in human nature are not available. Appeal to the patriotism of some people, and show him to others. The closer to power, the more people talk about patriotism, demanding ordinary citizens a rigorous and vivid demonstration of this feeling. This paradox has drawn attention not the most recent thinkers who have interpreted patriotism as a tool of power to control society. In "Christianity and patriotism" Leo Tolstoy wrote: "Patriotism in its simplest, clearest and undoubted value their is nothing for the rulers as a weapon to achieve power-hungry and selfish purposes, and for managed — renunciation of human dignity, reason, conscience, and slavish submission to those in power".

With the classic you may disagree and prove that he is a passionate narrows the area of patriotism. But the reality is that the government, regardless of the era constantly throws up the arguments of the supporters of radical Tolstoyan ideas. A recent example: in the state Duma decided until the New year to urgently adopt the law "On education". That is, our people do not lack patriotism. The deputies who will teach patriotism enough, and people — is not enough. Very soon deputies will learn us, and we will show. Yay!

Why suddenly the MPs have assumed a difficult mission? I always thought that the deputies choose to ensure that they have established a life in which patriotism is absorbed by itself, without prodding and teachings. But the economic crisis is not just delayed, but has become a way of life. A fifth of the population Ekes out a precarious existence below the poverty line, while real incomes decline for three years. Obviously, members can't build a decent life and knowingly eat their own bread. And when not working, I want to teach others. The Deputy of the incompetent does not reproach ever.

The style of the bill betrays its bureaucratic nature. Finally, this definition of patriotism — "social feeling, which is love for Russia, its people, the awareness of continuity with them, desire and commitment through their actions to serve their interests." If these words admirer told his lover about love, even tight in the ear of the young lady went to the edge of the world. Inevitably comes the idea that teachers of patriotism should first learn the Russian language, and then to talk about love for Russia.

But why suddenly? On the nose presidential elections. This time to achieve the cherished self-serving (by definition, Tolstoy) goals that are easy to cover up the spells on a Patriotic theme. Without any doubt, members, that promote the theme of patriotism, do it out of love to his chair. In other words, confuse his chair and Fatherland. For this reason another classic — Saltykov-Shchedrin, who have seen it up close yet more bureaucrats than Tolstoy, wrote: "patriotism began to emphasize. Apparently, caught stealing". By the way, if on a principle to go, maybe in the deep offshore of the heads look? Or patriotism in offshore buried?

Not long ago, Russia celebrated the national holiday on 4 November. You can argue about a controversial interpretation of distant events, but there's no doubt that in the period of Patriotic impulse and without any teachings from above — showed that is a self-organized people under the leadership of Minin and Pozharsky. But the Council of Seven (the Duma), on the contrary, swore those whom from the height of ages we call the enemies of Russia. But all sorts of Mstislav could have come up with a precept to the people and to threaten him in case of negligence by whip and whip. Turned the story differently. However, according to the mores of the people could be to the Red porch and to raise the boyars and clerks on the fork. The current deputies even opinion for the complete cynicism of the laws is not threatened.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with patriotism. Without it, no state is. Perhaps, in the world there is only one place where patriotism is not popular. This is the Vatican, but there is another Owner, the demand in a different plane. Patriotic education in one form or another is engaged in any mode. Of course, the subject does not leave the American school with the cult of the national flag and anthem. You can love or not love America, but the formula of patriotism is extremely simple and easy to understand: America is the Bastion of democracy and freedom, it must be protected. Patriotism is loyalty to country, state flag, as well as the family, the Almighty and the President. Citizen must respect the armed forces and military service is considered an honorable duty. Agree, this approach is very different from the "system realization", "social and cultural values," and bureaucratic Patriotic clubs that conscious citizens should voluntarily unite.

By the way, every five years, with the regularity of Soviet five-year plans in our country adopted a program on Patriotic education of youth. The existence of these programs, young people do not know about this, but well aware of those who divide the budget pie. Now in Russia more than 2 thousand Patriotic clubs, where there are 100 thousand boys and girls. See, they are uncomfortable without the new law. According to my observations, in no other region is not booming as lush color of the bureaucracy and fraud that goes with the era of colorful design of the Lenin corners.

A state may live without a national currency, and even without an army, but without patriotism does not stand. In Russia, the concept of patriotism was first clearly formulated by Peter the great, and in that great age the government had started to grow. If before the battle the army called to fight for the king, that Peter on the eve of the battle of Poltava, appealed to the Russian army: "Now the hour has come, when the fate of the Fatherland. You shouldn't think that you fight for Peter, but for the state". In fairness I must say that the tradition to die for the king — and then for Stalin, again triumphed in the Russian military tradition.

Lately the topic of patriotism has a new melody, which is not thought pathetic the cadets and the social revolutionaries. Has now become the rule in political debates to divide patriotism to accuse the opponent in his absence. Patriotism becomes a blanket that opponents dragged each for himself. The opposite picture. Before homeland started with pictures in the primer, true friends, budenovka. And now homeland begins with cutting the budget, with political bickering, insulting teachings of his people.

The writer-front-line soldier Victor Astafev remarkable words: "If a person has no mother, no father, but has a homeland — he is not an orphan. Everything goes: love, the grief of loss, even the pain from his wounds is, but never — never passes and off homesickness". Why gone generations can speak about the Motherland simply and sincerely, and the present — the language of the accountant and the nomenklatura?

Sergei Leskov


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