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I'm not lived in the Soviet Union...
Material posted: Publication date: 13-07-2016
For twenty years in independent Ukraine, I tell you how we, it turns out, sucks to live in the Soviet Union. Everything was bad. As there was nothing in the shops. As the regime did not give to live a normal life. How wicked were the leaders. And the like. It all sounds from the TV screens and on radio, creeps into the brain with newspaper pages and the pages of magazines, generally hovers in the air. But something inside me resists this myth is simple everyday logic leads to quite different conclusions. Let's try to break it down.

I was born in the 60s. Even a year managed to live under Khrushchev. The famous "Khrushchev thaw" did not feel, and the parents were told about the corn flour, Hominy, "Kuz'kinu mother" for America and other delights "datastorage" time. Nothing about it can not say. Didn't realize then because.


When the time came, gave me in kindergarten. A good factory kindergarten. And the food was delicious – fruits-fresh vegetables in the diet, and the summer sea were taken, and toys in bulk was. Most importantly, all FREE of charge for parents.

But this part of childhood that lasts as long, too, ends.


The school was spacious and bright. Post-war building was later built a new building, as well as a gym and Assembly hall. All conditions in General. I remember free milk for elementary school students at the first recess and Breakfast for 15 cents in the second recess. Children from large families, incomplete families and whose parents have a low salary, ate for FREE. Whether due to the different trade unions, or something. Breakfast and lunch were provided to them.

The school was just a bunch of circles, where literally drove comers. As you know, of course it's all FREE.

Remember that sometimes the parents collected money to the parent Committee for the new curtains in the class. And all repairs were carried out at the EXPENSE of the STATE.

Summer vacation

In high school in the summer we were taken to a kolkhoz, the camp of work and rest (LTO). Now I can say: the exploitation of child labor. And we really like it. Removed when cherries when beets or tomatoes. Or weeded anything. Lunch at the field camp romance! And in the afternoon sports and games, trips to the country club, guitar and other fun. For us and our parents, everything was FREE, and the school farm, even some penny pay extra. We were allowed to take from the field of "personal use" to poluveka cherries every day, or a bucket of tomato. Also kind of like an improvised salary.

A couple of times I was lucky enough to go to summer camp. The camp was a factory, and the factory was in the Soviet Union. Therefore, the children in it were from all over the Soviet Union. So many new friends! Which then over the years we corresponded.

The best students were awarded with vouchers to Artek (Gurzuf), or "Young guard" (Odessa).

Sport and leisure

This was the Department and public schools, cultural centers and, of course, the Palace of pioneers. Any sports sections, clubs, cultural and musical sorts. Not to mention that everything is FREE. Periodically came to the school for "recruitment" - to lure in these sections coaches and heads of clubs.

Played sports and I. Different species do not choose what you like. All sportsoccer gave shape to practice. In a mug, too, no one is required to come with their chess, brushes with paints and other things needed for classroom equipment.

For athletes, summer sports camp. Like summer, only up to 3 workouts a day on the beach. On competitions went monthly, sometimes even 2-3 times in a month. Travel, accommodation, food - at the EXPENSE of the STATE.

This passion for music led me to the creation of the school vocal-instrumental ensemble (VIA). Some muzinstrument in the school had, and missing SCHOOL we BOUGHT. Rehearsed, as it should be, "in the closet, behind the Assembly hall. Sometimes acted at competitions. Though singing competitions had something like that, or Komsomol and Patriotic songs.


I will not repeat, but teaching in all universities was free. After all University graduates waited for work. Moreover, it should be obligatory to work for 3 years. Honors-krasnolimanskiy called "free diploma", that is the right choice of the place of work. In universities, as the school is also fully provided and sports and cultural activities. Plus the dormitory for non-residents.


Since I have arrived in military school, the army I know firsthand. Army was fine. Was in her power, and the power, and the most modern weapons. A READINESS, even now it's hard to believe that after a night of raising the alarm the whole part without a problem decreases in the spare area or the area of exercise, sometimes for hundreds or even thousands of kilometers. It was only later, during the service in the Ukrainian army, began to carry out exercises on maps - they (teachings) are called the command post. Or even on computers. Imagination and draws General with the joystick in his hands. What to do when on a combat training, shooting, flying, fighting campaigns, etc., not give. Salary (in the army call pay) was very decent and the service is very prestigious. To the officer in the society were treated with great respect.


This question stood before the people always, since the population tends to grow, create new family – unit of society, which require new housing. With that in USSR was. Working or serving, standing on the housing register (the waiting list for housing). And sooner or later GET an APARTMENT, square footage, depending on the number of family members. In the queue it was possible to stand three years and ten years. Many plants themselves to build housing for their workers – entire villages or areas. And with all the infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, shops, roads.


That UNEMPLOYMENT IN the USSR WAS NOT all know. On the contrary, workers and specialists with higher education is not enough. Because of the strict planning was. For example, the Ministry of education knew exactly what the industry in 5 years how many and what specialists will be required. And adjust recruitment to universities in these specialties. But even then, not everything worked after the release of the profile. Life is life, just not take into account. It is worth mentioning that the criminal code has an article for "parasitism" - punish those who do not work, a parasite on the body of society.

The standard of living, stores, prices

Often draw the USSR with empty store shelves. This had not seen. Not all products could be bought easily. This was called "deficit". Were highly valued imports. And, no matter what country, capitalist or socialist. The main thing is not like us.

For food, clothing, household items my parents – simple working, always had a paycheck. Major purchases – a TV, fridge, furniture – were made on credit. To buy a car – that was the problem! And the price is unattainable, and special queues, quotas, etc.

The quality of the goods

Here it is worth mentioning separately. Many made in the Soviet Union of goods we still use today. Made soundly, firmly, thoughtfully, conscientiously. Was, and rejected things, but not much. But the fashion of our light industry is constantly lagging behind. Primarily because that was the fashion trendsetter. Here and worked late. And we are chasing the imported clothes, buying "branded" stuff at exorbitant prices from dealers.


The quality of Soviet medicine is still debated. In many industries, our specialists were the best in the world. This applies to ophthalmology, cardiac surgery. And therapy we were on the level. Something behind, not without. In any case, in Ukraine the medicine has not become better, but have to pay for everything. But preventive medicine, examination for different categories of citizens and especially for children – so does the USSR was ahead of the rest.


The Soviet doctrine of separateness from the rest of the world demanded full self-sufficiency in all industries. Created and displayed to the world leaders of heavy industry, secondary mechanical engineering (rocket science), and, of course, the skate of the entire system – the "defense industry". Hundreds of research institutes under the name of "mailbox number so-and-so worked for the defense industry. Wages were higher, and benefits more.

Light industry producing consumer goods, in this scenario was always in the tail. And the quality and quantity of the necessary public goods.


Ideology had permeated the whole life of the Soviet man. Kindergarten – poems about Lenin. In school – TNS, then the pioneers and the Komsomol. First, all earnest and with youthful fervor, then, in the 80s, with the formalism of the Komsomol and party meetings. Permitted and non-permitted topics of conversation. The discussion in the kitchen only with close relatives "political subjects" and the fear of the KGB, which never had to face. Banned films, to record rock bands and "self-published" books.

To understand that all this weighed, suffocated freedom of speech, was difficult. There was no other point of reference, example for comparison. Therefore, such aspects of the Soviet reality is perceived as certain rules of the game. We knew the rules and played by them. Sometimes for fun, sometimes seriously.

The collapse

After Gorbachev's restructuring, acceleration and the rest of the political and economic mess, came the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1991 in a national referendum, I, like millions of others living on the territory of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic citizens voted for independence of Ukraine. In those years, thanks to the well-running rumor we all believed that Ukraine feeds half of the Union. And after separation will, like cheese in oil ride. Separated and lived their lives.

Ukraine is an independent

If you omit the period in the dashing 90's, when raging wild capitalism, thrived on the plunder of the state, public property, raged inflation and social depression, but now everybody kind of calmed down. Everything looted, divided, ustranena and given to the capitalist unfair denominator.

What have we got?

We give children a few of the survivors from conversion, built at the Union kindergartens. And pay, pay, pay... For all time the independence built ten kindergartens.

Then the school levies, levies, levies. Poor quality of teaching and paid tutoring. Educational clubs for money, playing sports for money, if you can afford it. And if not, then children brought up by the street, drug abuse and juvenile crime. Schools, by the way, since independence is also constructed so that the fingers of one hand will be a lot.

If you're lucky, your child will go to College on a budget, if not, then go ahead in private school. Specialty-that, somehow, receive, but work is unlikely. And go young specialist to trade on the market or some office bug work, or a promoter, merchandiser and others engaged in the sale of the goods by the riffraff.

And earn on an apartment for a young family will be in 90 percent of cases, is unrealistic, will have to wait until "grandma will free jjprodigy".

Factories in Ukraine or looted-destroyed or passed into private hands and work for "the uncle" and not on the public pocket. Accordingly, social programs, housing construction and sanatoriums for the workers and employees are not engaged.

Impartial statistics broadcasts that for 20 years Ukraine built less than fifty kilometers of Railways. Against several thousand kilometers of railway in the USSR during the Soviet Union.

The ideology but we are now the most that neither is free. And you can say anything you want. Because all deep "in the drum", and as you say. Freedom of expression in full glory. And parties we have now, like dogs nerezanyh, to suit every taste. But the interests of the common man none will protect.

And as we have great in stores. All in bulk: branded clothes, electronic appliances from Europe and Asia, GM foods, and other chemicals from around the world!


So it turns out that we have gained as a result of independence. Freedom of speech and the abundance of belongings. First, of course, a valuable acquisition. Today we will not be able to live without freedom of speech. Get used to it quickly, and to forget is impossible.

Opponents might say that Ukraine will rise from his knees, develop your economy, etc. To me it sounds like a fairy tale, because age is not the same that to believe in fairy tales.

The main thing we have lost is the social protection, protection of the state, the care of the state about its citizens. The social model of the state, when the state provides its citizens with decent education, health care, pensions, social programs, replaced by a liberal. Liberal comes from the word liber ("free"). Citizens have the freedom to do what you want, within the law, of course. But the government cares about the citizens with themselves flushes. Released. Live the way you want. How do you want to learn, get well, live where you want or do not live at all.

So worthless, I lived in the Soviet Union??? Convince me, please. I'm not troubled now, I don't have depression and I don't complain. But to believe in these lies don't want. The Soviet Union did not return, but why did it fault? As if this someone becomes easier.

We continue to use all that is created, constructed and produced in the USSR. Donativum like old clothes, factories, roads, schools and hospitals, produces nothing in return. How long you going to last?

Roman Chernenko



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