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Kerch tragedy brings the "H"
Material posted: Publication date: 19-10-2018

Kerch tragedy is not the first and unfortunately not the last resonant event in modern Russia. "Crimea is once again reminding yourself of Russia, signaled that not everything is in order in our "Kingdom of crooked mirrors". Not for the Crimean people voted for joining to Russia, so she once again rolled to the abyss, from which with great difficulty recently dragged its current President," said Fyodor Pashin.

Totalitarianism and democracy

As you know, in the unforgettable days of the liberal-democratic masses with the support from the outside under the slogans of freedom at the turn of the 90s crushed the hated Soviet totalitarianism. Their goal, they achieved almost the same illegal means as their revolutionary ancestors, overthrowing the tsarist regime in 1917.

Meanwhile, historical experience and the current social upheavals, technological, natural and other origin, like "Kuzbass", "Kerch", etc. tragedies clearly show that in the largest country in the world where strong ethnic, religious, socio-economic and socio-cultural contradictions, the so-called democratic form of government in the long term, in principle, can not provide the necessary state and public security, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Therefore, the majority of Russians, his skin feeling of threat and danger to the very existence, advocate for restoring proper order, the support of those rulers who are able to hold fast to the hands of the levers of state power. Here the people live good memories about Stalin and the terrible, and he cursed Gorbachev, Yeltsin and the like.

Urgent need of strength and power is not only the Russian national specifics. Thus, obstrelivaya their States more than half of humanity. Even in so called "developed democracies" (USA, England and other leading European countries) for external democratic institutions and their signs of life are the ears and the tentacles of the dictatorship of the so-called "deep States" that are branches of the "world government". National "deep state" totalitarian methods strictly regulates all key areas of the state and public administration.

On a global scale dictatorship and totalitarianism is also more than one century imposed on the world as an exceptional and effective means of establishing the domination of a powerful minority over the majority of the population. We know from history a lot of projects promoting global dominance and, in particular, the creation and development of global unions (the Roman Empire, Khazar Khanate, "gold", "blue", "white" hordes, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, Rzeczpospolita, Russian Empire, Austria-Hungary, USA, etc.). The plans for the establishment of the world order continue to stand in the agenda of the "world government". The current "right at the head of the petrodollar" backed by the U.S. and its closest NATO allies, gradually crumbles and the "powers that be" are busy as it once again turned into their interests and keep their world domination.

Total war against Russia

To successfully implement their evil plans, the architects of "world order" unwanted countries and regimes impose a monopoly of democracy and liberalism, making them manageable from the outside, a delicate and vulnerable state. Against those countries that are trying to go its own sovereign way, to strengthen the statehood, to build a life in accordance with their own traditions and laws in the national interest, is a total war for the destruction of government and people, establishment of their rule in the occupied territories.

China and Russia today is not happened to be in the midst of a global confrontation. But before it comes to Beijing, the collective West is going to deal with Moscow. As the main external RAM against the elected Ukraine Russia, where the 2014 Ukrainian forces of the "deep state" out of the shadows and knocked wicked West "two-faced Yanukovych's regime". Over the years, according to the President of "independence", Ukraine in its remoteness from Russia, the alienation from the "Russian world" ideas of Russian Slavic Trinity, was much bigger way than over the past century, since the times of Ukrainian national Republic, proclaimed in 1917

Currently, Kiev is not without outside interference started the destruction of the General of the Orthodox world in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. As he wrote at the time, Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the main ideologists of Russophobia in the book "the Grand chessboard: American primacy and its geostrategic imperatives" 1998): "after the victory over communism we need a split of Orthodoxy and the collapse of Russia. And help us in the Ukraine, where betrayal is the norm of public morality".

The collapse of Orthodox unity of the people of three brotherly Slavic countries, first of all, we need to destabilize the situation in Russia. According to the views of Western masters of Kiev, the conflict on a religious basis will create conditions for Catholic and other Orthodox believers, the transfer of the Ukrainian social chaos and civil war on the territory of the Russian Federation, the outbreak of internecine armed conflict and, as a consequence, a new world war. Meanwhile, Kiev today is actively anti-Russian subversive activities in the framework of a hybrid war of the West against Russia. Propaganda, diplomatic blackmail and pressure, the complicity of representatives of Ukraine in anti-government protests and even acts of terrorism, and other criminal persecution of citizens of Russia – this is not a complete list of hostile actions on the part of Kiev.

Today it is time to "H". Different kinds of calamities and disasters, high-profile attacks and assassinations, ethnic conflicts, armed clashes in the Caucasus, Ecumenical scandals have become constant companions of life of the state and society. If we add to this the devastating scandalous online hubbub of the Russian media and the rabid frenzy of the world wide web, an ordinary Russian citizen can not be sick and dangerous to live and work in a country, scared for their loved ones. Most of all for us "rejoice" in Ukraine, where dreaming, when I finally collapse and die country "klyatyh Muscovites".

To prevent destabilization of the situation in the country and, as a consequence, create the conditions for illegal change of the government, as it was not just in recent history in Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, countries of the Middle East, the Russian government should be sturdy and strong, just and legitimate. Otherwise different kind of turmoil inevitably lead to the disintegration of the country by analogy with the Soviet Union, with unpredictable consequences for the entire continent of Eurasia and the world. "Crimea, again reminding yourself of Russia, signaled to us all that not everything is in order in our "Kingdom of crooked mirrors". And not for the Crimean people voted for joining to Russia, so she once again rolled to the abyss, from which with great difficulty recently dragged its current President.

On the way of salvation and revival

In Russia the majority of the population absolutely agree with the President that "two evils" - to surrender to the winners or to go to the end of the path of sovereign development, the last option remained in the country's history and remains uncontested. However, to ensure national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, the revival and prosperity of the society need to return to the time tested forms and methods of government. Therefore, you need to immediately eliminate all the major obstacles on the way.

First, it is time to radically change the Constitution, which at the dawn of liberalism has been copied from Western models. In particular, it is important to move away from national-territorial structure of the country, determined by the ideology of justice and healing, salvation and self-preservation in an era of global challenges and threats, to eliminate the principle of separation of powers, to recreate the unicameral Federal Assembly (state Duma) of the Russian Federation, to decide on the capital, the law to subordinate the Executive authority of the Central Bank, prescribe the control of the state and society over the Russian media.

In a society already there are disputes about the content of the future Constitution, which began the President of the constitutional court of Russia. Who not only criticizes anti-Russian policy of the Central Bank and its head. Russian money should work in the interests of the state, business and society, the population of the country, not the oligarchs and international speculators. The ruble can not remain hostage to the petrodollar. He is able to fully stimulate business. Reform of the Central Bank will create conditions for the revival of the economy, production growth and saturation of the market with domestic goods.

Tough debate revolved around the future of media that have undergone drastic changes since the adoption of the law on mass media. The Union of journalists of Russia and Trading-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation, which is working with business, like anyone else, is interested in the professional industry of journalism require a fair audit of information legislation. You need to ensure that change is destructive of the vector orientation of the Russian media came for spiritual Wellness and the creative, unifying and mobilizing role of the media, successfully resisted attacks from the outside.

To avoid "Kerch" and other tragedies, should change radically the socio-cultural politics. Traditional ideals of morality, ethics, justice, solidarity, honor and conscience are designed to consolidate and strengthen the ties of the Russian people. The state cannot continue to Fund the destruction of the state and society in Newspapers, in art and literature, painting, cinema, etc. To replace the deadly mass culture must come to the spiritual improvement of the nation. Particular importance should be given to the Russian language essentially the main consolidating factor in Russian society.

Special concern of the state and society should be the family and children. Kerch precedent clearly demonstrates the deep dissatisfaction of youth with the state of Affairs in society, the lack of any prospects and social mobility. A significant part of young people, drawn into the world wide web of temptations and opportunities, seeks and finds its own way, a protest against lawlessness, injustice, corruption, lawlessness of the authorities, etc., who swept the modern Russian society.

We can not say that against the audit and the elimination of the pernicious liberal-democratic legislative heritage of the 90s it is no coincidence that together is the so-called "fifth column" and "agents of influence", which are supported from the outside. The position of the representatives of the Russian deep state is still strong in all state and public institutions, including in the immediate environment of the President. The head of audit chamber of the country Alexey Kudrin pointed directly to the foreign Ministry and defense Ministry, that their main task today is to improve relations with the West, overcoming sanctions, etc. due To the fact that the foreign Ministry and Ministry of defense work under the leadership of the President, a known liberal and a reformer, the best Minister of Finance in the opinion of the West at the end of several years, in fact, gives instructions to the first person of the state. And it's not the only example of public activities overt and covert recruits "deep state".

As evidenced by the entire history, most internal opponents of the Russian fear of strengthening the army and Navy and other security agencies of the state. A strong government has always been revived with victories at the fronts and wars. It is therefore time to consolidate secret services in the framework of the FSB, the MOE is divided between the ministries of interior and defense, reinforce the moral-psychological support activity of the armed forces.

Given the special role of information to revive the ideological a University, by analogy of the Military Institute of foreign languages of the red Army. He could train professionals in the field of information confrontation with the knowledge of foreign languages not only for all law enforcement agencies, but civilians – state corporations. Coordination of outreach across the country, it is advisable to entrust the Security Council.

However, the main thing is frames. Without the elimination of the structures of the "deep state" and the elimination of government agents of influence, the country is doomed to further the domination of liberal democratic values, which means new shocks and disasters, "Kerch tragedy." Without coming to office the best representatives from the provinces, it is difficult to count on the revival of the country. Without a change of the capital is impossible to change the corrupt nature of power.

Fyodor Pashin

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