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The contest on "Russian civilization and the West: whether to overcome ideological abyss?"
Material posted: Publication date: 30-12-2010

Fund of unity of Orthodox Christian Nations named for Saint Mark of Ephesus declared the contest historiosophic and politological works on the theme of "Russian civilization and the West: whether to overcome ideological abyss?" Information support of the contest provides informational and analytical service of "Russian folk line".

To summarize the results of the competition were created by the Expert Council, which included prominent Russian scientists and writers. One of the members of the Expert Council is doctor of technical Sciences, independent expert in information security , Sergey Grinyaev. We asked Sergey Nikolaevich to say a few words about the importance of the competition.

Today, not only the Russian civilization, but the whole of humanity is facing challenges that it has not known since the beginning of time. The main reason for the emergence of such dangerous challenges was that at the turn of XXI century the mankind has been deprived of a fundamental spiritual orientation of its development. Over the last fifty years in the cultural and scientific-technological development of mankind has there been discoveries that can initiate a new round of revolutionary development.

The only truly significant event was the invention and promotion to the masses of network information exchange technology, which was the source of transformations resulting in the change of social formations and the emergence of post-industrial society. Moreover, these transformation are implemented in society is not evenly distributed. In the first years of the XXI century there appeared even the term "digital divide" and "digital divide", describing the appearance of new fault lines in modern civilization, is able (and in some cases have already lead) to the emergence of new conflicts, post-industrial era. In these conditions, it becomes extremely important question of searching for new ideological orientations, is able not only to give motivated goals of the development of mankind, but also to ease the pressure caused by the emergence of the "digital divide".

It is obvious that both the Russian civilization and Western civilization will have to develop norms and rules of coexistence in a new environment, because the only alternative is confrontation in new conflicts. That's actually why contests like yours, and allow to define the field of possible acceptable development options, which are so lacking today.

Practice of information-analytical activity in the field of politics and geopolitics, which I have to do, shows that the current expert and analytical community is often in a specific search field that is called "tesorino" hackneyed variants of possible development of events, to rise above the situation and offer a truly ingenious solution.

Give an example. In particular, the nature of my work I had the opportunity to communicate with representatives of the expert community in Germany. As you know, today Germany is trying once again to play a leading role in the formation of a new world order, however, a significant obstacle to German recovery plans the European geopolitical center (which, by the way can be interesting and Russia) are alternative views of analysts of the Anglo-Saxon civilization, focused on the preservation of the status quo in the world economy and politics. The main question that was asked by German experts, was this: "Help us to get out of the system. Help to look at what is happening from the outside." This is a key issue - many people realize that to go on as things are moving today. The global financial crisis has shown the inconsistency of the proposed guidelines for the building of the civilization, but to rise above the situation can a few. Many fear the upheaval, losses and do not see how to escape from the web of reality. Here it is possible to at least get closer to understanding the ways out of the system, or at least understand the limits (including ideological) of the existing system, which is freedom, and is the work of the participants.

I will repeat, but the competition is of interest primarily to specialists, analysts engaged in the study of the current state of development of society and finding ways for its further development. On the other hand the competition may be of interest to young scientists who have their own view on what is happening and want to convey their own point of view to a mass audience. This contest is multifaceted and its results really can, if not offer ready-made options for further development of Russian civilization and the overcoming of cultural and historical rupture with the civilization of the West, then at least add a fresh view of the professional expert community, which will give a new impetus in the search for development options in the future.

In conclusion, I want to congratulate all with coming New Year and Christmas and wish you creative success and peaceful sky over his head. Good luck!



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