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Edge of patience. Why "Kuban weddings" have become a real threat to the state
Material posted: Publication date: 23-07-2017
The wedding of the daughter of a member of the Presidium of the Krasnodar regional court with the local investigator for especially important cases turned into a scandal of nationwide proportions. Once again it became clear that over-consumption of the elites is a theme that is able to excite the Russian society. It is not only a promising field for political strategists, but also a real threat to the state.

In Russia the last years is particularly difficult to separate the stuffing information from the sincere indignation. They say that the judge Elena Khakhaleva applied for the post of head of the Krasnodar court and substitute it could ill-wishers, wishing to cause reputational blow to the local Investigative Committee.

Noteworthy how eagerly grabbed the topic, some Federal journalists, usually with admirable calm ignoring of the anti-corruption investigations against senior officials, initiated by the opposition. In the end, the figure itself cost of a wedding — two million dollars is not counted for checks. Referred to mainly in social networks.

The explanations given to Kahalewai and her former spouse, do not look very convincing. Like, Meladze, Baskov Kobzon and are friends from childhood, and the most expensive cost bridesmaid dress.

Anyway, the over-consumption of the elites is a theme that is able to excite the Russian society.

It straddled Alexei Navalny, and now, apparently, tries to use in his own way and Pro-government spin doctors. Search for "vision of the future" for Russia, it seems, has stalled. The next series of crackdown on the Internet suggests that security forces are once again trying to seize the political agenda.

The anti-corruption campaign is exactly what the security forces especially love to use. Only now, these campaigns seem to be trying to bring to the people.

Mayors for ordinary people far away look, generals also, governors — further, Ministers are quite exorbitant height. But the judge at the regional level — this is the state walking distance. From his actions depends on what the citizen sees all the power: with armband impartial Themis or distinct features of the Leviathan.

But it would be a great simplification to see what's happening in just another media campaign. Behind it and the real problem — the power was so closed in on itself, that quietly found its medieval characteristics, where the professional relationship gradually turned into family ties.

The judge in property cases is married to a local land oligarch. The son married the granddaughter of the Chairman of the regional court and in twenty-five years became the Deputy of legislative Assembly of edge. Now the daughter with a chic married investigator for particularly important cases of the local SK. And most importantly, all of your first comments they make it clear: you can't hurt us, the law is on our side. Because we are the law. And, I think, make it clear not only to journalists in Moscow, but Moscow itself.

It is this parallel state "small" and "medium" parochial clans forms the image and perception of the state in the eyes of society.

It is with them a person interacts on a daily basis. And, apparently, wrestling with him can become the main content of all-Russian political agenda in the coming years.

The bad thing is that is responsible for implementing all appropriate measures again can be assigned to the security forces, who had built a vertical hierarchy of power in the early 2000s. the Fundamental problem of this system was that special content in addition to rules the unconditional political loyalty, it has not been.

Last option vertical of power has become obsolete because of the huge number of exceptions, which have received various local "princelings". These exceptions have ceased to serve as a confirmation of the rule, that they rule themselves. While we need a clear set of rules, which are subject to strict execution in all levels of government. Ethical, professional, financial.

But it needs to formulate policy, rather than law enforcement. Because when you do the second, then the society, on the one hand, can dive into the depths of repression, because it's law enforcers — to punish. On the other hand, does not feel any real improvement, hearing about the next unmasked the criminal. And most importantly, society does not get a clear answer as to why some can and others can't? And that can one and not the others? And whom to contact?

Because almost there is no doubt that family wealth Rahalevich is not an exception, but why are they suddenly was the extreme? And most importantly, where is the guarantee that the rest will also reach the hands?

The elaboration of unquestioned norms that permeated the whole apparatus of power, requires either a free discussion, forming the reputation Institute, a rigid political will. While noticeable only increasing citizens ' indignation with universal injustices.


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