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Maria Zakharova has remembered millions shot by Stalin
Material posted: Publication date: 16-03-2016
On March 5th there was a Day of memory of the Supreme Commander Joseph Stalin. That day by already developed tradition to the Kremlin wall there were people and assigned carnations to his grave.

This very day, on 5th of March, one blogger has started a picture drawn in a photoshop to check up Internet community.

The Internet community is enough willingly in it has believed. And both Stalin's supporters, and opponents.

Though the blogger has given the help under the picture in the form of a tag «a humour joke».

Actually flowers were to Yeltsin, and there was it in Yeltsin-centre.

Why many have believed - clearly. The relation in a society to Yeltsin and Stalin, in general, is known.

And in Internet poll some years ago Stalin was in the lead time most part.

On 3rd of March on transfer of Solovyova "Duel" the point of view "for Stalin" has won with the big account.

On this background the big indignation records in Fejsbuke have caused the director of Department of the information and the press of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maria Zaharovoj. In them she hints that Stalin was worse than Hitler because has planted and has shot millions fellow citizens.

Leader Vladimir Solovev in one of the aethers has not less interesting expressed also.

It turns out, logically, in the Stalin USSR there were only executioners and their victim. The third was not. That is all who has survived are descendants of executioners? Means, and mister Solovyov too? No, I do not confirm it, I ask.

But we will return to Maria Zaharovoj's question on the countries where have planted and have shot millions.

Let's already not remember millions the Indians destroyed by civilised Europeans. We will consider closer to us on event time. So, how many prisoners were in the Stalin USSR?

Let's address to most rukopozhatnomu to a source - to Alexander Jakovleva's Fund which to us and told about tens millions shot. There there is an Inquiry on a railroad train of prisoners for January, 1st, 1939, just when Berija, i.e. the heat of terror as to us speak was the people's commissar of internal affairs already. And so, for January, 1st, 1939 of prisoners was 1 289 491 persons.

The population of the USSR in January, 1939 was 168 524 000 persons.

Means, prisoners constituted approximately 0,76 percent from the population of the USSR.

And in freedom and democracy stronghold - the USA - in 2008, in the civilised XXI-st century, there were 2 310 300 prisoners. These are the data from an official site of the American Bureau of judicial statistics. Over the schedule there is a reference to the exact data.

The population of the USA in 2008 was 304 375 000 persons. That is prisoners constituted about the same of 0,76 percent from the population of the USA.

Wait, i.e. percent of prisoners in the totalitarian USSR in severe 30 and in the modern democratic USA the identical? Here one or the other - or in America the totalitarian bloody mode, or the USSR in 30th years was freedom and democracy stronghold.

About quantity of prisoners in the USA Maria Zaharova, I think, could know, all the same studied in MGIMO and works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. About quantity of prisoners in the USSR, well, not to know pardonably, tea not the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ah yes, shot. You ask - well them were hundred millions, Solzhenitsyn will not say lies? We will check up. Here the inquiry prepared for the fighter with a cult of personality, for Khruschev. In it the quantity of death sentences since 1921 on 1954 is specified. Those was 642 980.

Yes, it too is a lot of. But, first, it is not necessary to forget, what not all sentences have been carried out. The part of the sentenced has been justified, amnestied, pardoned and so on.

Secondly, it is necessary to mean that into number of the shot enter vlasovtsy, banderovtsy, politsai, spies, traitors, deserters, marauders and to that similar which during war, understand, was enough.

And thirdly, and what for to say lies about millions, the purpose what? Or will tell, what it you have deceived? Eh, thought second Njasha, and as though there was no second Psaki …

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