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The mass resettlement of Ukrainians in Russia would be premature
Material posted: Publication date: 30-08-2016
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia always was and will be the second Home for refugees from Ukraine. Willingness to accept compatriots from being in deep crisis of a neighboring country is understandable, but the question arises, do we need to rely on the relocation of as many residents of "independence" in the Russian Federation.

Thanks to the state programme to assist voluntary resettlement of compatriots to Russia from abroad, our country has adopted in recent years half a million people – this was announced by Prime Minister Medvedev at the forum "unity with Russia". He added that most have returned to Russia – this fellow from the Ukraine:

"Do we need to take a course on reception of an increasing number of migrants from Ukraine?"

"It is clear that more than half of them are people who are fleeing from Ukraine. They're scared, they were in a combat zone, experienced a severe shock, many have lost loved ones. They hope to Russia, her support, her help, her protection. For them, of course, Russia has always been, and is now a second Home. Many of them forever hope to stay here."

Medvedev stressed that Russia is helping refugees from the Ukraine and provides them with the most important: shelter, work, education for children.

Indeed, after the war in the Donbass, Russia has taken several hundred thousand inhabitants of Ukraine. The part left temporarily and then returned to LC and the DNI, but the majority of them received Russian citizenship and stayed in Russia. In addition, until 2014 in Russia was always working millions of Ukrainian citizens, and now the number coming to work also in the tens or hundreds of thousands.

It is clear that, while the government in Kiev is a Russophobic and Atlanticist elite, relations between the two countries will be more than difficult. Not to mention the fact that the frozen civil war in the East of Ukraine can be resumed at any time. And all this means that we must clearly formulate its policy in relation to the reception of immigrants from Ukraine, taking into account the current situation in relations between the two countries, and our strategy towards Ukraine as such.

Simply put: do we need to take a course on reception of an increasing number of migrants from Ukraine? We are one nation, one civilization, but temporarily two States. And if we want to reunite and work for the long term, you need to understand that to divide the people of Ukraine and its territory is strategically wrong.

Now, if Russia considers Ukraine ever lost territory, cut off a chunk, its Western edge, taken by the West in their camp – then Yes, the policy output of a greater number of people from the Ukraine would make sense. So the Germans fled from Poland after the Second world war, when the former Slavic, then German land ceded from Germany to Poland. But the Russian didn't lose the war, we occupied a nation, we did not accept the exclusion of Ukraine, so that's not the case.

The coming to power in Kiev Russophobic elite hostility to Russia a large part of the population of Ukraine – all this bad, scary, painful. But this is a temporary phenomenon on the clock of Russian history, and it is not a reason to do a long-term bet on the move residents of Ukraine to Russia.

Yes, Russia needs workers and the Russian population, especially in the Central regions, the far East and Siberia, and millions of potential immigrants from the Ukraine would be very useful. Yes, the Ukrainian economy, state and society in the coming years will increasingly deteriorate, and, if desired, Russia could establish a special program of resettlement of citizens of Ukraine. Yes, initially I would go the inhabitants of the East and South, but then, as the deterioration of the economic situation and the weakening of anti-Russian sentiment, reached out to representatives of other regions of Ukraine.

With proper organization we could have a few years to make several million of Ukrainian immigrants. As it was, by the way, in the XX century, when the inhabitants of the Western margin of the Russian world multiple threads moved to the East of the vast country. From the point of view of interests of the Russian Federation it would be justified and beneficial to us politics, but not from the point of view of interests of the Russian world and the revival of great Russia.

It is clear that first Ukraine will go with the most Pro-Russian people – like those who consider themselves Russians and those who call themselves Ukrainians. Their departure will reduce in Ukraine the share of those who favor reunification of the two countries, that is complicate and lengthen the process of return of Ukraine to the natural path of development. To solve the current demographic problems of the Russian Federation at the expense of the population of Ukraine is strategically wrong.

Russian should resist attempts to oust him from the Ukraine, to replace the artificial Ukrainians (as alleged other than Russian civilization), not to migrate, to flee to Russia. Kiev and Chernigov, Pochayiv and Kharkov, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk. This is a Russian land, which it is impossible to leave, to quit, to surrender, to forget.

So it is impossible to leave the local population to the mercy of the current "elite", or encourage to leave those who now consider themselves our. To do so, to those who have not forgotten that we are one people, became more and more to them gradually again became the majority in Ukraine.

To support them Russia is now difficult. But as frustration in the "European way" their number will grow without our participation. When after five or ten years Ukraine will come to, will be a part of the Eurasian Union, the current fears about the fact that "Ukrainians opposed Russian" and "we will never be brothers", will be forgotten like a bad dream.

Of course, those political emigrants who were forced to leave Ukraine so as not to end up in jail or without a livelihood, Russia is taking and will take. But it's not immigration, it's people who are forced to leave their with temporarily captured enemy territories. In this case the enemy is the very Russophobic atmosphere engendered the Kiev authorities, hoping under its cover to take the country to the West.

But a call to the people of Ukraine to go to the far East, in Siberia or in the Tver region it is better to postpone until the time when we will be one state. Then the process would be natural and proper for the entire Russian world.

Peter Akopov


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