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Medina accused Poklonskaya in discrediting Russian culture and the Church
Material posted: Publication date: 13-09-2017
In his opinion, in "Matilda" there is nothing offensive to the Russian monarchy.

In the movie "Matilda" there is nothing offensive to the memory of Nicholas II and the Russian monarchy, said the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. His words published on the Ministry's website.

The Ministry of culture legally gave the film a rental license, the Minister reminded, therefore, any attempts of pressure on municipal and private cinemas, any initiative on the ground that refusal to hire is pure lawlessness and censorship. "Activists", supported by the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya, blatantly discrediting state cultural politics and the Church, I'm sure Medina.

"I am often reproached for excessive conservatism. And that's how conservative I want to say that the self-styled "activists" diskreditiert and state cultural policy, and the Church. Orthodoxy — it's about love, not hatred," the statement said Medina.

Yesterday, the largest chain of cinemas in the country, United under the brand "cinema Park" and "Formula Kino", announced that he refuses to hire "Matilda" due to concerns for the safety of spectators.

"Matilda" goes to rent in late October and has already become the most controversial Russian film. This is the story of the novel of the future Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and Polish ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. Against the release of the film are the defenders of Nicholas II, the most active of which is State Duma Deputy and former Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya. She believes that the film will break the law because it offends the feelings of believers: Nicholas II and his family were recognized as saints of the Russian Orthodox Church. The teacher argues: the movie is based on real events, which preserved a lot of evidence. Vs. "Matilda" in favor of the ROC. In the beginning of the year "carbonite" on behalf of the organization "the Christian state of Holy Russia" was sent out to the cinemas letters threatening to set fire to cinemas if they show "Matilda". Poklonskaya regularly appealed to the Prosecutor General, demanding test Teacher, his Studio, the scheme of financing of the picture. In September, former psychiatric registered resident of Irbit Denis Murashov drove "UAZ" in the door of the concert hall "Kosmos" in Ekaterinburg's city centre, then burned the car.

Other cinema chains are in no hurry to follow the example of "Formula Kino" and "Sinema Park" (owned by Alexander Mamut). Polled by network executives announced that it would either show "Matilda", or decide to hire her later.

In his statement, Medina wrote that his office tried to the last to refrain from interfering in the scandal around the "Matilda". In his view, any controversy about the film before its release on the screens is pointless. "Doubly absurd position of people who "have not seen the movie, but angrily condemn" — and even flaunt it. Personally, I saw the film. I will not discuss its contents are simply incorrect, while it will not be seen by the audience. But testify that there is nothing offensive nor to the memory of Nicholas II, or the history of the Russian monarchy," said Medina.

The rental license of the Federal sample is the sole document that allows rentals throughout the country, the Minister recalled that the film was rated "16+". "This is the only statutory limit on terms of office. Any intentions of "initiativesto" on the ground "to ban" any attempts to exert pressure on private or municipal cinemas — this is pure lawlessness and censorship, which is directly prohibited by the Constitution of the Russian Federation," warns Medina.

"We have a healthy civil society, we have enough legitimate and effective mechanisms of social dialogue. Going on about denying the law of the "activists", we set a dangerous precedent of pandering to the irresponsible hysterics. Dear workers of the film industry, you are professionals, business people. Your performance is evaluated by the viewer, and zapoloshny sectarian arsonists are customers of other institutions", - said in a statement.

The Minister has asked law enforcement "to crack down on the pressure from the "pretentious activists" that "arrogantly call themselves Orthodox".

Ksenia Balicka


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