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Moscow – The Third Rome
Material posted: Publication date: 30-07-2020
It's me (and a group of friends) a letter from A. P. Devyatov, which I publish below with some exceptions that do not affect the essence of the matter:

"...On the brink of WWII sushi geopolitics (Haushofer) argued a bunch of Berlin (black) – Moscow (red), which obviously broke the "rotten Western democracies" (blue).

Rate victory of geopolitics of the land in 1939 Germany and the Soviet Union signed the "Treaty of friendship and border" (the official name in the media, replaced by "a non-aggression Pact"). However, the incipient ligament was torn blue. In 1941 Germany attacked the Soviet Union.

On the threshold of the Armory phase of WWIII, a new hybrid type neopolitical in the draw on maps "is a Great Game. Con 2017-2020" justified the deliberate and complete victory ligaments Moscow – Beijing (bribes 8 of 9). Where Moscow plays the project of "greater Eurasia"

However, in reality the Kremlin plays a different project: "Moscow – the Third Rome" and not with Beijing (the project "Community of common destiny of mankind Datong"), and with the Vatican (the black international – a Great Europe).

I mean, obviously winning a bunch of Moscow – Beijing backstage (blue) is NOT permitted as in WWII did not allow a bunch of Moscow – Berlin...

I hope that the contractions of the weapon "black" with "red" will not. But the drawing of the maps of the "Great Game-2020" shows that the project "Moscow – Third Rome" is losing. And in order not to lose outright Moscow should "don't want" to become a strategic hinterland of Beijing. Otherwise a complete collapse!

This is the bitter truth on tips technology Command-staff political playing cards "bridge to the future" (bridge)".

The theme is obviously extremely important, but we need to discuss some details. The group, which supports the project "Moscow – the Third Rome" in our elite, of course, available. She has a very strong support in parts of the Russian Orthodox Church, but the leadership of the ROC, the plan does not support.

Important note. "Today" does not mean "never."

It is well visible, because the ROC does not develop it design their institutions (demonstrating the advantage of Orthodoxy), that is, we are not talking about system actions, which were in Russia with the Orthodox Church in the middle ages. Nestyazhatelstvo, collectivism, alternative economic mechanisms, criticism lending rate of the Russian Orthodox Church does not support even within the country, not to mention the outside. The Council on economy and ethics under the Patriarch does not work. This suggests that the ROC does not want to become the cornerstone of a new global project, without which the "third Rome," to speak is somehow not necessary!

Note that when the system of relations with the Russian Orthodox Church tried to build si, it's got a hard (in the Chinese worldview) failure. That is, ROC voluntarily refused to build in China, the implementation of Orthodox values. Someone can say that the Orthodox Church has misunderstood the intentions of China, I will say that, most importantly, here is the result. Also, let us not throw off from accounts of enemies (citing, including on Devyatova) that very want of civilization between Russia and China.

Note that in the ROC very strong "promotiona" group that is not interested in the concept of "Moscow – the Third Rome" because it is a competitive concept of the Vatican. With all the consequences. And here the need to make an important addition.

We are not always able to separate from each other those or other forces and phenomena. For example, in Germany between the first and second World wars were two very strong factions of German Imperial (focused on the global Capitalist project that never went into full force), and a group of the same European aristocracy ("black Internationale"), which writes the ninth, and that meant Haushofer. Now, Union with Russia wanted it Imperial elite group, but "black" did not want it ever. For the banal reason: the German Empire is a regional project, which is in good condition could go into a global project, an Orthodox or "Red". Well, try still to build a project Capitalist. But global Catholic project needs Russia just as the youngest regional partner, alternative media global project in the Vatican is not needed.

The situation here is symmetric: or Germany as a state (Empire) part of our global project, or we as a state (or several States) a part of another global project (relatively Catholic in its current state). Other options there. So, you need to understand that a significant part of the Russian supporters of the project "Moscow – Third Rome" is used its individual elements in order to implement the second option (i.e. to turn the area into an alternative global project)! That is, they are not even always realizing it, the enemy agents! But the actual execution of the project "Moscow – the Third Rome", i.e. the reincarnation of the Orthodox global project, yet, because the ROC, de facto, against!

What would si? And C understands that economically, China went beyond its borders, but ideologically he is world nothing is. Theoretically, it can carry values of "red" project, but the fact is that in China they have acquired a strong Chinese tinge. And for this reason it is crucial that in China were the bearers of the global values, without that China will not practically be able to win "soft power".

Today there is no ideological and design institutes for the "red" project, but, thank God, its axiological principles coincide with the principles of the Orthodox! That is, si wanted in reality to realize what I wrote at the very beginning of 2000-ies is to create a system of Orthodox socialism, media proper values. In the world outside China would be left with a clear all Abrahamic values (generally speaking, the Chinese are not peculiar) that would be reflected in the Chinese government used economic mechanisms!

It is clear that if the Chinese elite there would be a large elite stratum, positively related to Orthodox values, and plays a key role in the emergence of China beyond its borders, the issue of strategic cooperation between Russia and China would be solved automatically. As it was resolved in the 40th-50th years of the last century on the basis of the "red" project. Note, by the way, that Stalin was actively engaged in the creation of Orthodox socialism (as a tool of "soft power"), but Khrushchev came along and ruined everything. But the real carriers of the ideology of the "red" project Mao destroyed during the "cultural revolution". And now with Orthodoxy and our fault.

There is one important reason why today we need everything. Russia – the only media alternative economic schools. Without us more or less quickly out of the crisis, no one will. But how to build the policy here is to not say, because the tactics are simply inaccessible to me, I'm not accepted in the relevant structures. I can only say, as just will not work. For example, the project "Moscow – the Third Rome" will not work exactly for the reasons described above.

Devyatov in his letter, did not realize that Hitler represented "black", Imperial Germany's elites did not like him and not respected. But he managed to push the situation (including by means of the "Western" global project) and for this reason Stalin, who, of course, all the above circumstances understand the long-term Alliance with Germany did not expect. Note that Haushofer project analysis did not own, he relied on the analysis of the territories and not of meanings. In the language of A. P. Devyatov, he was geopolitical (in fact, it is this same science and came up with), and really works neopolitana (in my terminology – project analysis), as the analysis of the interaction between civilizational value systems. Which States do not have to match, look at today's USA or the UK.

Actually, now is a wonderful moment in history when all the forces came to the surface. As a formal dollar-denominated bonds "Western" global project collapsed, everything being "ambushed" global projects have been forced to raise his head and to show themselves. And here Russia needs to make the right decision based on the fact that in the West there is a mass media alternative to our (Orthodox and "Red") global projects and be friends with them seriously, we can only for the position of Jr. At best partners, and at worst a nutrient medium.

But China has its global project never happened, but he desperately needed! And if we do it China will present (and he is willing, as evidenced by the history of si and the ROC), we can show the world the serious arguments. Because China has the financial resources, and we will be ideological. With all the consequences. But the move for us, but not for them. They have once got a hand and hold a grudge. It will still have to overcome.

Mikhail Khazin


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