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Nation-building and materially
Material posted: Publication date: 03-12-2014

The events happening almost outside the window, can confound. The common man, they will perplex, and specialist events can just drive them into a stupor, incapable to do a specialist. And if the boiler doesn't always suddenly begins to broadcast radio transmissions in areas of knowledge based on striking the mind of abstraction, things are more sad way.

For example, in ethnopolitical conflict the question of language sometimes shoots in mobilizing the target audience, but the conflict is ridiculous. Art Nouveau, in fact, ended, and where the interested parties decided to build a building nation, there is no need to pour the Foundation for school and send townsfolk on the agenda. The subpoena comes from the TV.

Despite the fact that often the classical tools of analysis are not adequate to the analyzed situation, its constant renewal in the modern mainstream - following the principle of "to add Matan" will help the analyst not more than the researcher Apostolic rules. So a good way to understanding what happened often becomes a "to reread the classics".

Classics are not always popular, and to read it is not always easy. An attempt to directly apply the classic recipes to the situation can end with the results, return to the purpose of the example, in fact, outside the window. I will try to adapt to modernity, namely the ethno-political processes, so clearly manifesting itself in the post-Soviet space, a classic, though not a very common concept.

Let us begin with the description of the situation the birth of new political Paradou in the post-Soviet space.

The Genesis of sovereignty often does not have the full power of the Toolkit and is always a factor of new conflicts. The process of the birth of sovereignty in some cases and the planes of political reality becomes not simply a factor, albeit important, of the conflict, and its determinant, making third-party political actors to influence these processes by starting a conflict mechanism in order to protect their often substantial interests.

The conflicts of the sort that today dominates the world, it is often difficult to put into the framework of a hybrid war, primarily because the concept of "hybrid war," which is quite a narrow sphere of action, specifically a special form of warfare, which does not assume any of a limited range of purposes or General social and cultural context for all cases of this type of conflict. Using the term "hybrid war", we need to build the context of the studied phenomenon or process that reduces the applicability of the concept of "hybrid war".

In the case of common symbiosis of two processes: the Genesis of sovereignty and conduct typical of our era of confrontation in the burning region the presence of "shared context" is important for the formation of the concept of research and the success of possible comparative studies of cases. So it makes sense to consider and apply in the analysis of the process of nacientes not the concept of hybrid warfare, and the concept of materialy E. Messner.

This concept is outlined quite lively and imaginative of languages, making in a particular case it is used to make adaptation work in relation to it, greatly expands the scope in which it is possible to apply this theory.

Messner puts materialno as a mainstream way of struggle in the context of global processes of entropy and syntropy, called by the author "Revolution" and "Re-revolution" (obviously, the term "Re-revolution" is extremely close to the popular expression "conservative revolution", although not together).

The concept of materialy invested absolutely all types of warfare, but unlike the "hybrid war" materially uniquely specifies the context of endless honing of political orders in the context of the domination of the idea of maximal stability of the state as such, for the state, according to the findings of Messner about the outcome of the Second World war, can survive, even temporarily without the territory.

Speaking of ethno-political processes of modernity, we can say that materially exists where the process of the qualitative rebirth of sovereignty or the birth of a new sovereignty. Frame materialy wide as the scope of the struggle for sovereignty and the struggle for sovereignty in the region relates to interests external to the region actors that affect the situation methods of materiali.

Messner saw the severe conditionality of the link between political processes, contributes in no small measure in the strategy of conflict, with mental processes taking place in society, and, in fact, psychological state of society. The increased dependence of the military strategy from the mood of the masses requires the right influence on these attitudes. If necessary to maintain a high degree of psychological social mobilization that is necessary for the legitimation of, for example, illegal use of regular military units in the conflict abroad, remains a refrain of the sound to the thesis old Kornilova that winning materiale belongs to the polity more stable in a nervous plan.

The quality of the information depends on the mobilization of the military course of the conflict. With subtle and far-sighted work to fight will be the rebellious masses in a hostile state, with brutal and far-sighted work of the revolutionary masses will give rise to the guerrilla movement, and with violent and unintelligent work dependent materialno leading the militia will be faced with the performances of the rebellious masses against themselves.

The degree of influence on the mobilization of ideology as a relatively closed intellectual construct of today is lower than in the formative years of mass secondary education, and more adequate to reality is seen, the application of technology materiali in the context of identity politics — in the process of influence on the patterns of community life, doom chemical process pushing the community into action, favorable external interested parties.

Speaking of ethno-political processes, methods materiali can influence the forms of development of the new political community. Revolution and war give rise to myth and from myth already dancing political ideologies. Ask true features of the myth means to determine the forms of political mobilization, and therefore to program the degree of stability of the nascent political community building. And if the young sovereign himself has no mind and will to implement an independent strategy of psychological warfare (Messner — determining any other conflict strategies), it is up to the end of his days will serve as a conduit of the will of external interested parties.

Speaking about the applicability of strategies, we are standing and facing the need to consider the variety of actors that can follow the same strategy. In the context of ethno-political processes that give birth to the new Sovereign, materiala can act as both a strategy awarenessideas community and a strategy for external actors interested in specific direction of ethno-political processes, changing political forms in a given region.

The purpose of external actors, thus, consists in giving the desired forms to the sovereignty born. In the case of "edge States" when the sacrificial blood on the altar of sovereignty is shed in the neighboring country, the actor beneficial influence on the dynamics of the discursive formations of a community and its content, as well as on institutional design and human resources policy in the new polity, to ensure identichnosti intimacy and the greatest possible loyalty to the new frontier polity, as well as opportunities within it to work on saving his Borderlands from alien and hostile actions. In an extreme case like this actor and am interested in the weakness of the new order that will allow you to have a great scope of action in this field.

"Far" an actor can be interested in the Genesis of a strong sovereign with working institutions capable of and doomed (because, for example, the content of the discursive formations of a community) to resist the enemy or actor to be a reliable springboard for possible activities interested party. "Far" actor "Revolutionary" bearing the weakness of institutions and the power of the crowd the formation of a new political order will not face problems at the border, but can help in controlling the region, or dip it in the chaos that may be advantageous for achieving certain specific goals.

The community itself, awarenessideas the conduct of materialy, is interested to ask themselves a solid Foundation of sovereignty and the scope for its legitimacy, particularly in its Borderlands and relatively strong global actors. Here, if necessary, on the basis of the theory of Messner and you can build criteria fortress born of sovereignty, for example, the quality of new political institutions of the community.

The application of the concept of materialy in the study of ethno-political processes, thus, possible through the development problems of sovereignty and identity. Reading the classics correctly and properly adapting the language of the Russian Diaspora of the sixties to the modern political lexicon, we can understand more fully the nature of the processes taking place in our window.

However, exploring the legacy of the Messner, we can not do only quality built cultural and intellectual filters. Evgeny Eduardovich was not just a scientist: he was one of the last hard-core, loyal guardian black-and-red banner of Kornilov. And the main filter through which we should ignore their work, based on a conceptual field, inherited from Evgeny Eduardovich, the filter white Russian ethics is not obsolete by the death of the last Kornilov: the filter of love to Russia and loyalty to her.

Davydov A. G.

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