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S. M. nebrenchin "Language of security: the mythology of government and society"
Material posted: Publication date: 12-07-2019
The publication researched metaphysical and geohistorical origins of the Russian language, its interactions with the mind, thinking and psychology, mythology and culture. The author analyzes the metaphysical nature of Russian paganism, the evolution of Russian literature and linguistic-cultural competition. The paper presents the nature of Russian meanings, sacred signs and symbols, the music of Russian words, a set of folk laws. A special place is the study of the Russophobia of the information war against Russia. The study shows the place and role of Russian language in the strengthening of the state, the consolidation of society, defending the sovereignty and national security in an era of global challenges and threats. In conclusion, the author proposed a model of the use of mythology in government and society.

The publication does not purport to be a full and comprehensive historical, filosofskogo, cultural studies of the origin and evolution of the Russian-Slavic mythology and culture. It is limited to the analysis of key events and phenomena of history and modernity in the context of the evolution of Russian-Slavic mythological system and Russian linguistic culture. The author believes that the amendment to the so-called historical technological change and climatic shifts, a study of current events, phenomena, and representations allows a considerable degree of correctness to assess distant and near past of their ancestors. This is because the regularities of formation and development of public relations AK in peacetime and in crisis periods of history largely repeated.

In the form of a short course of philosophy of history Suite (of the origin and formation) and development (deformation and erosion) Russian-Slavic culture and mythology, the publication can be used as a textbook for students of high schools trained on specialities "political science", "international relations", "Russian Philology", "philosophy", "pedagogy", "culture", "information security", "psychology", "pedagogy", "sociology", "journalism" etc.

All illustrations drawn by the author from open sources on the Internet, their authorship, he does not claim.

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