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"You can't choke a single command": "KAMAZ" squeeze rally "Dakar"
Material posted: Publication date: 12-01-2017
General Director of the Russian rally team "KAMAZ-Master" Sergey Kogogin said that the domestic staff at the time could stop participating in racing the marathon "Dakar". He also accused the organizers of deliberately pressure on "KAMAZ" with the aim to change the race leader. According to the new technical requirements, producers will have to be in the shortest possible time to introduce a new motor.

"They're driving us change technical requirements"

General Director of "KAMAZ-Master" harshly criticized the organizers of the rally-marathon "Dakar", accusing them of putting pressure on the Russian team. In his words, "stable" may need to suspend the part in the prestigious race, to bring all equipment into compliance with the new requirements.

"For years we've won the race, what about mere participation, without a win, is difficult. It is obvious that the organizers are doing everything to create the conditions for the replacement of the leader in the "Dakar". They're driving us to a change of technical requirements in additional costs, after all we are a commercial company and can't afford to just spend money, we have to count them. Sport — is not only prestige, but also business", — quotes the words Kogogin TASS.

The head explained his position that only the development of new meets all the parameters of the engine is a year and a half.

"Our team can't participate in the rally with a technique that makes it impossible to fight for the leading position. That is why some time ago I said that "KAMAZ-Master" can suspend its participation for a year or two. This is due to the time factor. The development of a new 13-liter engine will take half a year, and make it sports — it's hard to predict how it may take time," he added.


For the first time Kogoghin talked about the possible suspension of the participation of the "KAMAZ-Master" in Dakar in December. Then the Director of the team said virtually the same thing. He noted that recently "KAMAZ" together with the company Liebherr has created a sports engine capacity 16 liters, but the organizers of the rally issued a new rule that by January 2018, the team will be forced to put two trucks with the other two 13-litre motors. The Kogogin estimated costs for necessary transformation, "not in one million euros."

"Do you remember a period when I just shut down the football team (FC KAMAZ played in the national football League and PFL. — RT). $10 million is the cost of maintenance of the racing team. This is the amount that is necessary to the team is well raced and had the means to development. In General, we have that money to use", — Kogogin summed up.

And the winner of "Dakar-2015" and the pilot of "KAMAZ-Master" Airat Mardeev, having been in the editorial RT, said that the organizers of the rally do not hide: they don't like the win over the same team.

"You can't just take and change the rules to stifle just one team. We are not against moving to another displacement, but even then this applies to all, not just one team. But no matter what, we will make this engine and show who is who" — said the driver.

"Indeed, the entire regulation will be remade just to bite our team. The same thing happened when we went on an 18-liter engines, was introduced the same limit," added Mardeev.

Also, in summer the head of "KAMAZ-Master" and the sevenfold winner "Dakar" Vladimir Chagin has admitted that the team was experiencing serious financial difficulties after the team refused to sponsor "Vnesheconombank".

"With great difficulty we find the means to prepare for the competition. At the moment, find the means to participate in the "Silk road", but on "Dakar" and to prepare for him no money. This difficult period in financial terms, the team was never" quoting Chagin "R-Sport".

Invincible "KamAZ"

Despite all the difficulties, "KAMAZ" has found money for participation in "Dakar" but now the organizers of the rally put a spoke in the wheels of Russian trucks. The Russian team is really consistently claims victory in this class.

Since in 2009 the rally moved from Africa to South America because of security reasons, the pilots of "KAMAZ-Master" has won six of eight marathons. Twice excelled Chagin and once Firdaus Kabirov, Andrey karginov, Eduard Nikolaev and Ayrat Mardeev.

However, last year the victory went to Dutchman Gerard de Rooy of "Iveco" — the main rival of Russians in the Dakar. For this, Victoria became the second after 2012. Until recently, the representative of the Netherlands was in the lead in the overall standings and the current race. After seven stages of the de Rooy's crew, which also includes Spaniard My Torrelaguna and pole Darek Rodewald showed a total time of 15 hours, 52 minutes and 7 seconds. Then one after another followed just three of the crew of "KAMAZ": Sotnikov (+2.11), Nikolaev (+5.57) and Mardeev (+20.12). Another representative of the Russian team Anton Shibalov, located on the eighth row.

However, the eighth stage de Rooy, to put it mildly, failed. He finished only ninth and dropped to third place in the overall standings. At the same exhausted crew Sotnikova, which at 1.46 behind Nikolaev. The length of the stage due to bad weather conditions was reduced almost three times — from 490 to 174 km. On the route from Uyuni to Salta, the organizers had to exclude the Argentine area.

The storm has managed to seriously annoy the participants of "Dakar-2017". On 6 and 7 January, the racers were forced to relax, as bad weather was not allowed to continue to rally. The length of the seventh stage on the roads of Bolivia had to reduce by half.

Borislav Golovin


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