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New Russian know — why is she so miserable
Material posted: Publication date: 15-11-2017
The task of education is distinctive of the ruling class in Russia is not only not compromised, but not even comprehended.

What unites the English aristocrat, a German knight and a Japanese samurai? Fearlessness, the ability to self-restraint, sense of duty, the Ministry of higher education, intangible idea (king, Emperor, nation).

New Russian know — why is she so miserable photo: Alex geldings
The existence of an original, responsible ruling class — a great blessing. This is the only remedy for the ravages of revolution with severe consequences. In contrast, "know" infected by greed and cowardice, — a sure sign of future shocks. It showed 1917, the events of 1991-1993 in the Soviet Union–Russia, the Ukrainian Maidan...

Conversion, sometimes urgent, inevitable: no of countries and peoples to be developed uniformly, according to the schedule. But they hired (for taxes) "management company" to monitor the "weather in the house" (state). And also in time to repair the roof, upgrade of communication, to decorate the front yard, getting along with neighbors, to take action in the event of natural or other disasters.

Inevitable "reconstruction with the demolition"? With the government in ruins, civil war, terror, "a bright future", which, Yes, will eventually be erected "on the ruins of tyranny," but the price for him is hoo?!..

In countries where there is a ruling class, self-aware, and identity ("responsible class"), the typhoons of history is rare. The English bourgeois revolution of the XVII century was turbulent and violent, has led to the scaffold of the king, sparked the civil war and religious conflicts. But it ended with the restoration, and now the entire "civilized world" with ohami and sighs watching the life of the Royal family, which allegedly plays no role in politics.

The Anglo-Saxons, passing through the turmoil of the basics, perfectly mastered the technology of exporting revolutions and controlled chaos. They have used manuals planting magic triad — greed, cowardice, stupidity — in the environment of the ruling class is scheduled for disposal States. What can I say: well done! Far-sighted people with strategic thinking.

The second example is the Germans. 1918 revolution in Germany — playing in the sandbox compared to our shocks. The Germans chose to solve their problems through democracy. This path, however, brought them to Hitler with all its consequences. And yet the presence of a responsible bar allowed the Germans to quickly recover from the effects of the brown plague. Today Germany is not just a single state, but the heart of the Empire on behalf of the European Union. Crushed by the Germans of the former Warsaw Pact countries, the Baltic States, now came to Ukraine...

History tells us that the ruling class of Germany has its own, independent from the British "training manual" of self-preservation and development of the country. The Germans know how to work, of discipline, they do not occupy. Honor and praise them for these qualities!

And finally, Japanese. In the second half of the nineteenth century they held a revolution (restoration) Meiji. The essence of reform from above, the transition from the samurai system to direct Imperial rule. "Repair work" done on time and a little blood allowed before a backward country to defeat the Russian Empire in the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905

The ruling class of Japan had and has a responsible attitude to the state: we see this in his actions. The country is well-maintained, technologically developed, with a small mineral shows excellent economic performance (by nominal GDP, Japan is at the 3rd place in the world, Russia — 12th). And — according to the magazine "Forbes" for the year 2016 — they have 27 billionaires, us — 77.

UK, Germany, Japan are among the top five world leaders in the nominal value of GDP. It is a historical state, on which depended (and depend on) the fate of the world. They gave mankind the geniuses of culture and science. But most importantly — relying on tradition (in each country — its), it has managed to create a system of education, control and responsibility of the ruling class.

And what have we? In the USSR, a lot of that has managed to build: factories and power plants, cities and roads, effective system of health and education, defense industry and space. Failed main — educate the ruling class so that it was capable of conversion without demolition of the state "to the ground".

Soviet nomenklatura took stringent methods in a brutal time. In the Khrushchev "thaw" of the ruling class was handed a training manual — the Moral code of the Builder of communism. Party, "the mind, honor and conscience of our epoch", ruled the country with great fanfare and noise.

But Gorbachev's perestroika showed that Soviet "state people", alas, not the samurai, not the aristocracy and the knights. The top Communist party first betrayed the ideals of the "bright future", the name of which was borne huge sacrifices. This Soviet nomenklatura did not differ from the representatives of "rotten tsarist regime." Senior party members betrayed the Soviet Union even faster and easier than the Royal Ministers and the Duma — the Russian Empire.

New Russia, soon thirty years, and the task of education is distinctive of the ruling class not only not compromised, but not even comprehended. Can't we, in fact, considered "aristocrats of the spirit" thieves governors, or the Nouveau riche, jumped from rags to riches, or ideologues on the payroll, changing beliefs at the behest of his superiors. And, of course, the distribution of high posts in banks and state-owned companies to the sons and daughters of the current rulers does not solve the problem of the "responsible class". The state — not the hardware store and no potbelly of gold. Following the tradition, the sacredness of power, its metaphysical beginning — a delicate matter. They do not suffer from the RAID on the ruble, or at Western University.

Boast purchased dissertations, millions of salary, palaces, clock, castles, yachts, debauchery, vulgarity, luxury, jesters, athletes have attempted to substitute, especially in his own eyes, the obvious lack of gentility. This tinsel is possible, perhaps, to fool their own kind. But outwitting history — it is impossible. She will repay everyone according to merit.

Science does not require to destroy a great mind. Science to skillfully build or repair state, to build quality — for centuries and millennia — a task quite different properties. Need special training, the scale of the individual. These qualities cannot be replaced by wealth or property, terror or indulgence.

The request is noble, pure and fearless life in the society is very high. Yes, you can bring down the degree of these expectations, the demonstrative turning presidential elections into a farce or a farce, humiliating the people and the government. But playing "three thimble" can't hide the spiritual poverty and nakedness shameful ruling class. The more that this failure is visible not only within the country but also outside it.

Top favorite justification is that in the office they got the bad people. He is lazy, corrupt, incapable of repentance (the option for innovation). But trusting our people only mimics the behavior of the ruling class, their tastes, habits and values — up to "House-2". (Can you imagine that Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, spent his youth like "project"?!)

And live. Instead of family tales — the dirty show, instead of the heroic Saga — chronicle of crime, instead of honor code — lying PR. The poet is right? "Grandfathers lied, Yes lied and grandchildren, But composing a song for brave,/still dead not collected/In the trenches, prisons and palaces"...

Lydia Sycheva


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