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Support to the position of Consul General of the Russian Federation in Simferopol Vladimir Andreyev regarding protection of rights of Russian compatriots
Material posted: Publication date: 10-11-2011

In the first days of November at the remarks of the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Simferopol Vladimir Andreev, a debate on the Internet and in some print media.

Its essence, briefly, is that the activities of the Russian diplomat on the protection of the rights and interests of Russian compatriots, including citizens of Russia, living on the Crimean Peninsula, is causing increasingly violent reactions from all kinds of Russophobes and opponents of the Russian state policy in respect of compatriots. Including, and from some Ukrainian state officials.

In support, said Vladimir Andreev, has already spoken a number of public organizations, prominent journalists and politicians, in particular - people's Deputy of Ukraine from Party of regions, Chairman of the all-Ukrainian coordinating Council of Russian compatriots Vladimir Kolesnichenko; the Crimean District Coordination Council of Russian compatriots (Chairman S. P. Tsekov); Crimean Republican organization "Taurida Union" (supervisor A. S. Filatov); Public organization "United Odessa" (Director - Chairman southern District of XORS Vladimir Chernov) and others.

It is our deep conviction that what one is doing and how it makes the Russian diplomat Vladimir Andreev is a good, vivid example of how we need to protect the interests of Russian compatriots, being burdened with a set of conventions which limited the activities of the diplomats.

Vladimir Andreev speaks the truth and makes it public. He's not hiding behind his position when it comes to the critical need to protect the interests of the Movement of Russian compatriots and Russian compatriots – citizens of the Russian Federation or Ukraine.

Which in our opinion is particularly important, Vladimir Vadimovich very firmly and openly stood in the position of supporting the establishment of a consolidated Movement compatriots on the basis of the Coordination Councils of Russian compatriots ' organizations (XORS). His dedication contributed to the stabilization of the situation in building the Movement that formed during the last four years, overcoming many objective and subjective reasons arising, including due to the Ukrainization of the consciousness of a considerable part of our compatriots. And, what did the Consul General Vladimir Andreyev to the Crimean District XORS, as part of the System of CARS, worthy of praise of the highest standard, even, perhaps, state awards, because the ordering of the situation in Crimea contributes to the same process for the whole System XORS. Sometimes even one bold deed becomes a deed of changing human society.

All-Ukrainian Union of public organizations "Russian Commonwealth" expresses its support for the activities of the V. V. Andreyev on a post of the Consul General of Russia in Simferopol, considering his statements and actions are fair, truthful, appropriate and not violating the legislation of Ukraine and the rights of its citizens and diplomatic ethics.

As Consul General of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Andreev demonstrates the quality, touted in the West as a US diplomat, allegedly always ready to firmly defend the interests of U.S. citizens (at least, this way creating American films). Today, the Russian Consul General Vladimir Andreev we see the image of this Russian diplomat – the defender of interests of citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian compatriots. So not only support it but encourage all constructively-minded Russian public organization of Russian compatriots to speak publicly in support of Vladimir Vadimovich and, equally important, is what he does for compatriots to move.

We understand that the offensive of the Ukrainian Russophobes Russian diplomat is an attack on the Russian language, which it protects, to our constitutional and natural rights, Russian culture, for all values of the Russian World, inseparable part of which, as of the Russian Land, are the territory on which now sits the state of Ukraine. Representatives of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry today should not the Consul General of Russia to teach and not Russian-Ukrainian phrasebooks him to "give", and, figuratively speaking, continually publicly sprinkle their heads with ashes before the eyes of the entire world community for the fact that for many years not undertaken measures to prevent the Ukrainian state growth of neo-Nazi sentiment, to prevent fascist Ukraine that there is no opposition from the Central government to the renaming of streets "in honor of" names of Nazi leaders-thugs and installation of monuments.

As always before, we declare the inadmissibility of public criticism of the Russian diplomatic missions and their officials, Russian public organizations and associations of compatriots. But today will be unacceptable to remain silent when you need to present a United front in defense of our defenders, such as V. V. Andreev and other representatives of the Russian diplomatic corps.

Russian, Russian compatriots, their interests and the Russian state are inseparable not only in their history and culture. We are one, including the General responsibility for the prestige that it has today and will have in the future of the Russian Federation in the eyes of the citizens of Ukraine. That's why, today we must resist those who publicly attacks the official Russian representatives, often forgetting to fight the real enemies of the people of Ukraine – the fascists, the Ukrainian national-radicals, extremists and others like them.

"Russian Commonwealth" encourages all organizations that have expressed a desire to participate in the activities of the System XORS, to make statements and appeals in support of the Russian Consul General Vladimir Andreyev. These statements and appeals should be sent to the address of the MFA of Ukraine, President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President also allowed himself the frivolous arguments about the public statements of the Russian diplomat.

Organizations of compatriots, within this System XORS, it is another case to demonstrate their unity and ability to raise his voice to such a state, when he heard of the Ukrainian state power. Our common words and deeds, drawn to the protection of Russian diplomacy, will be another step towards the unity called for in the feat of the heroes of the Patriotic war of 1612, whose memory we honor today.

The statement of the all-Ukrainian Union of public organizations
"The consolidation of organizations of compatriots "Russian Commonwealth"

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