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Pensions and football: own goal own goal
Material posted: Publication date: 02-07-2018

Despite another brilliant victory of the Russian national team over Spain on penalties in the world Cup, the murmurings of discontent pension reform is growing and threatens to turn into the most unpredictable consequences for the Kremlin. Current and future retirees a fan of the team and Russia, we wait for new victories and the reaction of the President on the retirement of the innovations of the government, - said Fyodor Pashin, expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy.

The last word for the President

It is likely that with the growth of discontent, the President will react and somehow soften pension reform. For example, limit the retirement benefits for a period of 63 years both for men and for women. The best half of Russia is patient and flexible, sorry men, loyal to the President, the majority voted for him. One word can bear it. People have some is not a protest, not counting the handful of liberals dependent on the Western handouts.

However, it is likely he will once again act as a lightning rod from destructive and provocative actions of the government, will take a hit, which will inevitably lead to a significant drop of trust from the population. Therefore, citizens need to be prepared to live in the new reality, when to the promised handouts can not survive. On the immorality and cynicism of the present authorities ' actions are not much different from Stalin's policy of all wear to death. Then pensions, respectively 55 and 60 years for women and men, was inaccessible to most Soviet people, because their life expectancy was in the range of 44.

Not coincidentally, perhaps in a press there were messages that the President of Russia to the end of the year once again will address to the parliamentarians. Where it will just go on the pension reform, increase social subsidies. Apparently comes to him understanding that "pension reform" is another "conspiracy" of Pro-Western elites against the "Pope". Meanwhile, the current and future retirees a fan of the team and Russia, we wait for new victories and the reaction of the President at pension innovations slightly turned to the government.

Immoral reform

Pension reform is not able to radically change the economic situation in the country. The richest country in the world can solve its economic problems at the expense of its impoverished population. In Russia, oil, gas, gold, precious stones, rare metals, vast forests, fertile fields, seas, rivers and lakes, pensioners are unable to live poorer than the leading countries of the world deprived of resources. "Fools" and bad "road" is still running the show in Russia. And if, in connection with the Olympics 2014 and world Cup 2018 the situation with the roads still somehow changing for the better, despite the "fools" in power with the Pro - Western rulers in trouble.

Liberal monetarist policy of the authorities, initially aimed at the enrichment of the elites and the impoverishment of the masses, not even able to skillfully dispose of considerable financial means. The increase in tax basis only law-abiding citizens, at a time when whole regions of the country, in particular, the Caucasus do not pay for utilities, a significant number of businesses and citizens regularly evade taxes, "by cash" are many customs goods, etc., speaks of the primitive and self-serving authorities.

Testing the patience of law-abiding and most deprived people decided once again due to its save. Not at the expense of fabulous wealth and money of oligarchs and officials, zealous spending and collect taxes from all, including the illegitimacy of the Russians and migrants. Steaming sleaze of authorities lies not only in that they increase the timing of retirement, but, declaring everywhere the growth of benefits, offering only one thousand of the increase. The oligarch or the official, resting in warm areas, give tips more times. The authorities did not seem to understand that people tend to get a pension, that, having cherished a benefit for the poverty to continue. And now it is proposed to work longer for the most part men without a guarantee to live to receive it, without relying on employment in old age.

The current pension reform leads to a further deterioration in the demographic situation, reboot, first of all, the Russian-Slavic population of migrants. This inevitably leads to the weakening of Russian statehood, the growth of socio-economic and ethno-religious contradictions in the society, undermine national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Pension reform in the interests of the majority

Pension policy when the pension most people can only barely eke out a miserable existence, cynical, flawed, hostile to the people. When old people on their pitiful pensions contain young, deplorable and immoral. In pursuit of this miserable pittance the state, people have forgotten that the biggest contribution for old age should be a large healthy family and children that would ensure a decent life for their elderly parents.

Today, the pension reform cannot be conducted outside the demographic challenges of the country. The current number of people, around 150 million, in principle, impossible to maintain control over Russia, one-seventh of the land. Further migratsiia of the country, designed to increase the working population, on the contrary only speeds up disintegration processes and leads to the inevitable disintegration of the country. As international experience shows, migrants only in the first generation trying to work to catch on in the country, and later require benefits, live by criminal means. Either the authorities do not understand this, or it is about deliberately undermining national security.

Pensions should not be tied to the age of the person, and be appointed on the basis of seniority, which may be in the range of 35-40 years. This is the period of life in which we have active business life. And if the young person is 18 years of age or even earlier began to learn the profession College, College or University, given time, he can retire at the age of 50-60 years. And then it to decide to work or relax, but the pension he deserved and will get it in full, even if you continue to work. 5 years earlier you can retire preferential category, including parents who have 3 or more children in the family. Work experience includes study in vocational educational institutions, military service and, of course, time leave to care for children. Retirement, a citizen should be entitled to 40% of the average of their earnings over all the years, adjusted for inflation. There should be no state pensions. For special merits before the state, including raising three or more children, the pensioner can receive up to sixty percent. A citizen is not paying taxes regularly, is not entitled to receive social, medical and other services.

Employers do not have the right to dismiss an employee who has worked for more than 25 years. After five years employee with two or more children should be entitled with the full support of the state to purchase the apartment which goes into his property after 25-30 years of work. This approach does not limit the rights of citizens to free housing and other property at his own expense.

These and other measures are more equitable entitlement to a pension is able to significantly increase productivity in the economy, people's interest in constant operation, to ensure the continuity of generations, to create preconditions for population growth. However, major investments in life, and old age are still children and children are ready to continue the race and not to forget their parents. And it should go on the resettlement of the town, the landing of people to mother Nature.

The implementation of this project of the pension reform could go the parallel way with the option that the government offers. However, the citizens of Russia should have the right to choose one of two acceptable options. This will be true, so no reason for mass discontent.

Football and retirement

Apparently some ingenious political strategist, has advised the government to push through unpopular law during the championship. Threw a good topic for speculation in Western and Russian media to cast "shadow on the fence". But the people and he loves football, but about retirement don't forget, otherwise you won't get sick.

The championship is a necessary and important event in the life of Russia. According to various estimates, the football spent about 700 billion rubles. This is an unprecedented amount. However, we must understand that, firstly, a considerable part of total costs will be repaid by the visit and spending more than 2.5 million tourists, development services. Second, a unique infrastructure (stadiums, roads, hotels, includes the streets and neighborhoods, shopping centers, etc.), which will serve the people. If it were not for championship, Russia would hardly have managed such a Grand building. A significant impetus for the development was the domestic business, increased employment. The business now counts the surplus, and thus will increase tax deductions.

The country has a developed base of children and youth sports, and that means new sports victories in the offing, and most importantly – the physical health of citizens, creation of conditions for growth of population. New stadiums and a street as the tanks of gathering human energy recovery, consolidation and mobilization of society, will inevitably lead to the strengthening of the morale of the entire nation.

In addition, Moscow managed to break through the information and political blockade, millions of foreign fans brought currency, and will take the most good memories of hospitality, sport, business and the rising Russia. Each new victory of the national team is a contribution to the political and economic capitalization of the country, strengthening the reputation and credibility in the international arena. And if after a successful winter Olympics in 2014, it happened, "Russian spring" in Crimea and Donbas, tomorrow the Russian spirit can smell not only in Ukraine.

The dog barks, the caravan goes on

Russia has already won the victory, virtually ensuring his exit in the playoffs for the first time in 32 years. Finally, there was a decent dukhovity a team able to fight to the end, live the aspirations and expectations of their fans. Millions of boys dream of becoming a Film, by Cheryshev, Golovin, playing to the glory of Russia.

Of course, to expect more success. But we must not forget that football is not only sport, but also Commerce, and politics. There are many dirty stories around world football betting, maybe not fabulous money and income of businessmen from football. The results, as players are bought and sold. Need trainers are in teams, are assigned to the right judges, bribed some players to provide some visible place in the tournament, previously a football team. And if Russia, with its ties around the world of football enough to remember Abramovich, persecuted in England, could at the time to buy in the case of a single payout. How, in particular, wrote in the media about a bronze medal football team at the European championship 2008. Today the situation has changed dramatically, and the world tote in political terms, is not free.

By the way, the current doping hysteria around the football team at the world Cup in Russia, a strange refereeing in the match with Uruguay, when we lost 3:0, only confirm suspicions. Although, of course, we must admit that Russia Uruguay unlucky as lucky in the game with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. But the category of "luck"/"bad luck" is also from the area of the tote. In the game against Spain Russia are "lucky", but the national team is "lucky" the entire match. The road by walking, the saying goes.

How to give to Russian national team to win the world Cup in Russia or at least to take third place? It means to sign yourself a "world government", "a death sentence. In a time when abandoned all efforts to contain rising Russia, its apparent success in organization of the championship, the vast army of fans from different countries that other will come back, and even sporting achievements that could shake the very foundations of Western civilization.

So apparently not without major new provocations against Russia. As history shows with the winter Olympics 2014, subversive action could begin at the end of the world Cup. A lot of provocations will be during the world Cup. The global media only temporarily tempered his vicious anti-Russian roar, tomorrow will be a new command "FAS" and they burst into furious barking.

However, "the dog barks, the caravan moves on."

Fyodor Pashin

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