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The loss of face of the first person in the country...
Material posted: Publication date: 27-09-2018

The President of Russia appointed Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor of the Sakhalin region, at his request, the acting Governor of Primorsky Krai. In Primorsky Krai, and in three regions of Russia (Republic of Khakassia, Vladimir region and Khabarovsk region), the election of heads of region had been strong protests, the voters did not support the incumbent governors. In Primorsky Krai, the elections were declared null and void, appointed a re-election, which obviously will participate Oleg Kozhemyako. "The election performance, played in his Kremlin office with the participation of the President and the Governor of Sakhalin eyes multimillion the body of the audience is unlikely to help successfully carry out the election campaign of newly performing the duties of Primorsky Krai in the conditions of growing dissent in the regions. But the loss of face of the head of state – there! The consequences of such actions may come back to haunt the entire country, commented on the appointment of Oleg Kozhemyako, the expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy Fyodor Pashin.

The drama is unlikely to help

When viewing extremely long story by the standards of modern television on a meeting of the President and the Governor, it was impossible not to pay attention to what he was intended to support the presidential candidacy in the province in the upcoming elections in the province. Oleg Kozhemyako and although a decent man and surely will bring many benefits to native Primorye, but it is not needed in this election performance. Despite protests in the region, he was able by his words and deeds quite quickly to reverse the situation in the region in their favor and win, even if it's only in the second round. But the election performance, played in his Kremlin office with the participation of the President and the Governor of Sakhalin eyes multimillion the body of the audience is unlikely to help successfully carry out the election campaign of newly performing the duties of Primorsky Krai in the conditions of growing dissent in the regions. And such situation is extremely dangerous for the whole country.

However, even more did not need the performance of the Russian President, who was forced to communicate in such an uncharacteristic manner. From the fact he was obviously nervous, worried more than usual, changed in the face. It is difficult to imagine whom it was that the head of state once again put its credibility on the altar of the Fatherland, are a part of such a bad drama, instantly replicated media across the country and the world. The result is another account of a loss of face to the head of state – there! The consequences of such actions may come back to haunt the whole country. The fact that the current political stability is largely guaranteed by one person, in fact, the country weighs on the single nail.

The Gorbachev-Yeltsin history

Meanwhile, the pendulum of confidence and hopes to the head of state after the presidential election has swung in the opposite direction. To understand what it is, suffice it to recall the story of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. The first, which declared a "new political thinking" and started rebuilding immediately took off with a Bang and have long believed that it would be better. And then began to hate and even curse. From love to hate in Russia – one step.

Boris Yeltsin at the beginning of his political career in Moscow, when he led the fight against the Communist party, the people, too long strongly supported. He said goodbye not only to all sorts of everyday pranks, but political failures. If he was drunk, lying in a puddle, was killed by a man in the machine, took hasty populist decisions, etc. – people blindly believe and Yeltsin only further supported. Love for the first President of Russia long remained, even when he plunged the country into a disastrous reform, initiated the sale of national wealth, drunkenly cuddled with foreign leaders and conducted the orchestra, defecate near the plane, for months, "working with documents" in the country, etc.

However, the moment came and the pendulum swung back. Now in vain was a populist promises and exhortations, the high-profile resignation, etc. People began to turn away from Yeltsin, not believing and not hoping for it. So he tired of that in the upcoming presidential elections, an absolute majority was ready to vote for "Telegraph pole", just "drunk" is gone from the Kremlin. Fortunately, Yeltsin understood or he suggested in a family environment. He offered a worthy successor – Vladimir Putin. And people believe again that in times good and the good of the king.

The pendulum again swung in the opposite direction

The second President of Russia has done and is doing a lot for the revival of the country, strengthening national security, promoting national interests in the world. He was just a lot of unpopular measures, trusted, loved, hoped and even prayed for it, were willing to continue to maintain to the end, not seeing anyone close to his place. But there came the point of no return – the presidential election in 2018, in which Putin triumphantly won.

People were waiting for the realization of their long-standing aspirations and hopes and, above all, the resignation of the hated government, elimination of corruption, liberals and other agents of influence from government bodies, the restoration of social and national justice in the fight against illegal migration, improvement of information-cultural space, enhance living standards, support domestic producers, resolve the conflict in the Donbass, the end of the war in Syria, etc. And in response – on-site remain hateful Prime Minister and the head of the Central Bank, other unpopular and dubious characters back into power ideologists of liberal reforms, Kudrin, Yumashev, the oligarchs get richer even more. What the common people - pension reform, the increase in VAT, higher taxes and increasing prices, the dominance of migrants and the lack of jobs, etc. And all this against the backdrop of endless shows and entertainment elites, steeped in luxury, on TV, etc. in the midst of the football world Cup in Russia. How unfair all this is, to put it mildly!

As a result, the pendulum could not swing back in the opposite direction. Began to fall and confidence rating, despite its artificial restraint sociological services. The result is the words and deeds of the President began to be perceived not as straightforward as before. A protest vote in the four regions is just the beginning of the alienation of the population from the first persons of the state. The people voted not so much against their regional rulers, as expressed disagreement with the actions of a man who was respected, loved and cherished. And this is the most dangerous – possible repetition of the "Yeltsin of history," and before that "Gorbachev, who is also the perestroika at the beginning of his career gained considerable sympathy from ordinary people.

A key role in the state

The emerging political situation poses a great threat to the fate of the Fatherland, and can have unpredictable consequences comparable to the events of 1917, 1991 and the "revolution of dignity" Ukrainian Maidan 2014 So today, apparently, it is necessary to accelerate the operation of the "receiver" to the worthy and dear person in Russia, legally elected, came to power. It is no longer ordered before the formation of the regiment to the military "the troops" together with their wives and children voted for the right candidate, as it was in the protest and other regions in the elections of governors and deputies of the legislative bodies in the regions in 2018 evidenced by the numerous videos on the Internet.

Early legitimate change of power does not mean that the current President should be without the key role of the state. Russia has no right to waste such a national heritage, as experienced, fair enough, just a sober and sincere in all relations policies. Yes, and the new ruler in Russia without the support of Vladimir will not be able to keep the country. It is only by "dad".

However, the current President must finally leave the line of fire from the chessboard, where he remains a major figure, but only a figure of the game "powers that be". How much can you alone stand on the seven winds and to resist the world of evil and political Fronde, including his inner circle, secret and overt opposition. The head of state, with a vast experience of the Board, we can no longer recklessly to squander the people's trust and credibility on the cover of ugly words and deeds of incompetent rulers of all stripes. It has long been it's time to radically reformat the power on the tip of popular protest, and to sit down at the chess Board, for example, China's Deng Xiaoping, to adequately and successfully play the Russian party in the country and in the international arena.

Meanwhile, time for Russia to rise and not fall, does not remain. Alien crows, a sure sign of the onset of the great evils, already circling over one-seventh of the land. Dark forces are at the borders. Internal enemies ready to open the gates of the multinational Russian fortress.

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