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Why not flies, or what "Federation"
Material posted: Publication date: 05-04-2019
The spacecraft, however, as the state as a whole, with the same name will never take off ...
To consider the deplorable state of the space sector in Russia in this article will not. We only note that the leading (first) position of Russia (Soviet Union) continue to melt at the sight. Somehow, due to Soviet developments (for some reason Russia they share with other countries) in the lunar program is making progress, in particular, China. USA, of course, is not in place, with ambitious plans for exploration of the moon and Mars, recently achieved success in the segment of low-earth orbit, which for a long time Russia was virtually a monopoly. The recent launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon opens for US a new era of manned space flight. This spacecraft is intended to become an alternative to the Russian "Union". Immediately, immediately, In the US, said about the refusal to use Russian rocket engines RD-180 to 2022, much faster than was planned before. And earlier CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk said about the superiority in some respects, Americans developed a new engine Raptor over the Russian RD-180.
... Russia is...
Here touch on a seemingly private issue. But, if to think deeply, the most important determinant.
"The crew of the flying dragon" - an ambitious and even aggressive name of the American ship. As the name of the Raptor engine – "hishnik". That's around the time coinciding with the flight of the American "Dragon", the head of "Roskosmos" Dmitry Rogozin announcedthat the developers of our domestic vehicle "Federation" had to fire. "The work was not organized properly. However, like many other projects of RSC Energia. The result of the careless fellow had to lay off...", - Rogozin wrote in his Twitter. Is it really "the employees are lazy" or is it a systemic failure in the management of the industry is debatable. As I write, dismissed Rogozin and some of their colleagues on April 2 for a long time remained in a stupor after reading: "who is This negligent?.. Yes, it is, perhaps, on the contrary, the most effective employees."
In the space sector the same problems as in the economy as a whole – the lack of development, "flight of thought" (especially in comparison with Soviet times, and especially with the period of Queen), large-scale plans. If under such (plans), of course, except the squandering of Soviet technology to the Chinese, Americans and Europeans under the slogan "joint space". Man-made or stupidity it happens – soon. Most likely – 50/50. But in General, again – lack of will, basic ambition, sense of responsibility for the greatness of the Motherland and the achievements of the great ancestors. This applies mostly to the Russian space Agency, RSC Energia, the Russian Academy of Sciences or the Government? The entire control system. The Government, therefore, to a greater extent.
Oh, what, Dmitry Rogozin, exactly human, so it is necessary for the name change reusable manned spacecraft "Federation". Only it is not in the masculine or feminine names that purely tactically abuts Rogozin: "the Ship used to be called "Federation", will now be called the more masculine name...". The case in fact. The point, I think, Rogozin understands, while not wanting to be put under critiques of the liberal ratification, including from among its former colleagues in the Government. And Rogozin, as you know, the liberals can not be attributed.
The name "Federation" was awarded a future vehicle in the "national competition" in 2015, which is conducted jointly by RSC Energia, Korolev rocket and space Corporation and Roskosmos. Leaders voting steel options then "Gagarin", "Vector" and "Federation", the final choice in favor of a third popular option did the jury, chaired by the former head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov. Why chose the third most popular name? Where is the logic? What and how guided the Commission and Mosquitoes? Liberal views or no views? Now, by the way, the "effective Manager" Igor Komarov has once again changed the profile of its activities and is now the presidential envoy in the Volga Federal district.
About the "Federation" on the same occasion spoke almost two years ago: "Not the Federation - and Russia!". What it is "noun" the "Federation", to which is attached as an adjective state - "Russian"? There are, incidentally, not without reason stichometry harmonies, with the replacement of the first letter in the word "Federation", associated with "gay rights" that the liberals are so eager under cover of General talk about "human rights".
Here, of course, the speculation is liberal to the public. Indeed, the current Constitution in its first article specifies that "the names Russian Federation and Russia are equivalent." This gives rise to some to say that, say, encroaching on the word "Federation", and you criticize Russia. So if not for the text of the Constitution was drafted under the dictation of American advisers to lay the foundations for a welter of confusion and speculation?! "The Russian Federation" - is the quintessence. In addition to that "no ideology may be established as the state" (article 13 of the Constitution), the priority of international law over internal law (article 15). As the highest values determine "the rights and freedoms of the individual", while the Constitution is not the place nor the role of Orthodoxy and other traditional religions or to the Russian nation. It contains many other harmful for the country's development of predestination.
And now constantly we hear from official sources, politicians, "academics", and already the ordinary people, "Russian Federation", "Federation". To pronounce, like a mantra. Often, it seems that carefully avoid to speak "Russia", replacing with or without reason, as "Federation". Really hard to call the state a right name of its own spiritual and historical point of view?! "Russia".
It is encouraging though, that in our army a year ago has returned to the statutory response of the soldier to the congratulations or thanks of the commander: "I Serve Russia". About it wrote in the material "Decree to serve Russia". Prior to that, the military were instructed to respond with the phrase: "Serve/Serve the Russian Federation". How can you serve as a "Federation"?
Information and legislative spheres, and the scope names have long been fields of "war". Unfortunately, the attempts to substitute values and symbols, manipulation of images, replace the clear and sonorous for the national perception is murky and ambiguous. All this is to resist clear definition, formulation, bright and clear images than always distinguished Russian thought. Because repeated words affect the way of thinking, the will, the human Spirit and people. No wonder they say: as called ship, so it will float (fly). It's one thing to call "Victory", another "naïve" to forget about the first letter? Then "trouble".
If the "Soviet Union" sounded in every sense on the entire world, and space ships "Unions" flew, still flying and in many ways is now unique and have no analogues. A "Federation"? Well, what is it? Chickens to laugh. What is the space?! On earth-that this "Federation" is nothing but trouble.
Call It – "Winning"! Or – "A New Alliance". Or Yuri Gagarin. Reduction or abbreviated names of the brilliant Russian cosmic thinkers S. P. Korolev or K. E. Tsiolkovsky, there is a wonderful experience indicate brands of domestic aircraft according to the initial letters of their great designers. Or any Russian euphonious and clear title. You look, and everything else will follow. Will fly, will fly, Yes a fly! Not "Federation"... However, the latter applies not only to the spacecraft.

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