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True Russian world
Material posted: Trifkovič DraganaPublication date: 19-10-2015

On October, 18th in Moscow there has passed the International conference "Truth of Russian world", organizers of conference - Geopolitical research centre "Evro-Rus" and National-patriotic movement "Russian world". Representatives of the patriotic organisations of Europe have taken part In conference from Serbia and Belgium, and also representatives of the patriotic organisation from Syria, representatives of the various national-patriotic organisations, movements and parties of Russia. On October, 18th in Moscow there will pass the International conference «Truth of Russian world».

Dragan Trifkovich, the director of "the Center of geostrategic researches" from Serbia told about war in the former Yugoslavia and bombings of Serbia, from the moment of the beginning aggressive the West course on the world scene, having noticed that the West against Serbs tried all methods hybrid wars which have been used subsequently and against other people and the countries which do not approach Washington.

Dragana Trifkovich: All has begun in Yugoslavia

Today the world is in very dangerous situation and the deep crisis caused by an irresponsible policy of the West. To understand a today's situation, we should address to important historical events of the end of the last century which have led to that we see today. One of them is falling Berlin walls and association of Germany which Europe with triumph celebrated as triumph of freedom. The second event - destruction of the Warsaw contract and tragical disintegration of the USSR.


Dragan Trifkovich, the director of "the Center of geostrategic researches" from Serbia spoke about war in the former Yugoslavia and bombings of Serbia

Then the USA have incurred a role of unique world force and have started to alter light according to own requirements. Contrary to promises which have been given orally to Gorbachev, troops of the NATO since that moment actively assaulted the East to take possession of the post-Soviet territory. My country Serbia, or the former Yugoslavia became the first victim of an aggressive policy of the USA.

The American military art consists in military operations at the expense of forces of foreign army and bombings of the opponent in 10 times is weaker, than they, and methods which the West throughout many years uses for destabilization and a beginning of war in other countries, have been tested on Serbs.

The main features of these methods consist in an attack on national values of the people, calling of disorders by means of various special operations, in creation of oppositional movement, the critic of improper politicians, misinformation distribution through mass-media. Last method are NATO bombings under a pretext, neither it is more, nor it is less, struggle for human rights and democracy distributions.

War in Yugoslavia actually was the beginning of an environment of Russia and possibility for perfection of methods of aggression. This war has begun not because of religious and ethnic distinctions, but is imposed from the outside for the sake of interests of the West. It is clear that the USA have improved skill of artificial creation of contradictions in a society as a unit of strategy for conflict calling. In the Yugoslavian war of the USA and the NATO through formation of the Croatian troops, then the block from the Bosnian Moslems and the Albanian terrorists waged war against Serbs.

In the same way further they trained and armed extremists in Libya, Syria and in Ukraine. Special operations "Markale" and "Rachak" foreign special services have created to themselves an alibi to start bombings of the Serbian positions and Serbia.

These operations have been exposed subsequently, there are proofs of their illegality and live witnesses, but it has changed nothing. Thanking ocherneniju Serbia from mass-media the majority of the western public see in Serbs of gangsters and initiators of war.

The political courts created for giving of legitimacy agressorskoj the politician of the West till now condemn Serbs for imperfect crimes, and the Serbian people which has incurred the greatest of a victim in the war, it is considered the main thing and the unique originator of this war. The Yugoslavian conflict was completed by wild bombings of Serbia in 1999 illegally, without the UN Security Council decision when for 78 days of the NATO has dumped 15 tons of the impoverished uranium on one European country.

Bombings of Serbia have left the hardest economic, ecological and medical consequences, numerous a victim among civilians and have caused a considerable damage which is estimated in hundred billions dollars.

Here I want to add only that death rate from a cancer in Serbia has sharply increased after bombings, and consequences will affect the future generations. At the same time West aggression to Serbia was not completed yet, it still proceeds in other form.

Now we have come to colour revolutions, change of consciousness of people and constant blackmail as to a unique kind of the cooperation, which West imposes to other countries. With a change of government in 2000, leaning against control of organisation "Resistance" the West controls all political processes in the country and forms a political scene of Serbia.

Then destruction of all institutes of the state from within begins, and they for today are compelled to represent another's interests.

Today the West by means of the bribed political elite in Serbia, IMF, the World bank, the NATO and the European integration processes makes the decision on all aspects of life in Serbia, from level of salaries and pensions before dismissal and defenᥠand economic policy.

It also is methods of destruction of other countries, which USA apply for many years. Henry Kissindzher has said important true: «the enemy of America To be dangerous, but its friend to be deadly».

EU as the supranational organisation which propagandises the Antieuropean values bears responsibility for consequences of blind following to interests of Washington on harm of the European people. Consequences which we see today in the form of large historical migrations from the Near East to Europe, dolgosrochno to destabilise the European continent.

On the other hand, the European countries bear direct responsibility for destruction of the countries of the Near East because financed, destroyed and trained so-called rebels, adventurers and terrorists there where NATO troops directly did not interfere.


Participants of the international conference with Moscow

Instead of taking responsibility for own actions, and to find the correct approach to a solution of a problem, the European politicians continue to conduct the irresponsible policy.

The French officer Jacque Ogar who was in Kosovo and Metohii in 1999 within the limits of NATO mission, has written the book „Europe has died in Prishtina“. In this book it describes that the NATO co-operates with the Albanian terrorists, helping them with violence concerning the Serbian population and the Serbian churches. The same has occurred in Libya both in Syria, and in Ukraine.

The aggressive foreign policy of the USA has led to increase in problems, nepriryvnosti the conflict, to destruction of many states which before West intervention were stable, as, for example, Libya or Syria, and now these actions have led to serious crisis in the world. The international law has been brought to nothing in 1999 bomardirovkami Serbia, and it was replaced by the force right.

Because of it existing western political, economic, legal systems and a security system any more do not work.

Encourages that fact that despite exclusive a difficult situation in which all of us are, possibility of the termination of the long-term period of violence in which we are after disintegration of the USSR and acceptance on ourselves from the USA roles of the world judge ahead is seen. The point is put in Syria.

The unipolar world does not exist any more, and we endure now the period of transformation from unipolar to the world to the multipolar. It is irreversible process, but the USA aspire to stop it. Russia in this process is the leader, and it together with other countries BRIKS supports restoration of a world order which has been broken by foreign policy strategy of the USA during the specified period.

To Russia the big responsibility again lays down. All freedom-loving people in Europe and the world trust to Russia, it unique who can create new system of values and the international relations. Europe has last possibility to escape from deadly embraces of America and to construct the relations irrespective of the USA.

The saved up political and economic problems which are in addition aggravated against migratory crisis, Europe can solve only if addresses to Russia and again created institutes of the countries BRIKS and the Euroasian union. Migratory crisis can be decided only by the termination of war, stabilisation of Near-Eastern region and restoration of everything that has suffered from the destructive policy of the West.

I am convinced that after problem settlement in the Near East the turn of the Balkans, and Serbia as central country of the Balkan region with problems which two decades last will come.

After long process of degradation and disintegration, positive influence and support to neutralise a consequence of actions of the USA, especially in Kosovo and Metohii is necessary for us.

Russia historically was for Serbia a unique support and the loyal friend, and I can tell that we in some historical moments have survived only thanks to Russia. Therefore Serbs with special attention follow events in the Near East and Ukraine, and believe that after the long period of instability all the same will wait the best times.

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