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Presidential statement on pensions will cover the government
Material posted: Publication date: 28-08-2018
Media and social networks are actively discussing the issue of falling trust rating of the President from the public in connection with the adoption of unpopular measures of the authorities. We are talking about pension reform, increase in VAT etc. Experts believe that the sharp drop in the rating of trust can have negative consequences for the stability of the country especially in the conditions of the further aggravation of the international situation. In particular, the Kremlin cannot afford to lose the support of the population in the face of increasing Western sanctions.

Presidential statement on pensions is an attempt to win back the rating, the maximum return of trust of citizens. However, some admonitions about the inevitability of reform is not enough. The required version of pension reform (, relevant and adequate to the Russian realities, and people are waiting for another government. The sudden disappearance of the heads of the government and the Central Bank cannot fail to inspire hope.

Fyodor Pashin, expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy.

The factor of mass support for the President acquires special importance

In conditions when the Russian President, initially taking a course on strengthening of the statehood and sovereignty of the country, opposed himself so the world's "deep" state and his cronies in Russia, his only reliable resource is a powerful mass support of the population. In a further aggravation of the international situation, escalating sanctions and pressure on Russia factor mass support for the President by the population, acquires special importance. According to experts, the loss of citizens ' trust in the country's presidential government is doomed, and the country can expect severe socio-economic shocks, comparable with the times of the Soviet collapse.

Enemies of the President, including in the government, and most importantly abroad always was looking forward to the fall of the mass support of the population to undertake a mass attack on the Kremlin. It seems that this time comes again. And we see how active the West and its henchmen in Russia, how the totality of leading mass-media not in favor of the President as unhappy squeal social networking, etc. and although the presidential confidence rating remains high enough to draw such conclusions, however, we can say that in the air again for the last 18 years, once again the smell of fried.

It is alarming that the total support of the head of state became noticeably diminish the number of his former supporters and, above all, from among the representatives of the Russian-Slavic people. The fact is, in a multinational state from a state in the quantity and quality of the web-forming population of the country depend on virtually all matters of life of death the States and stability, and security, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. World history the collapse of all empires from the Khazar Khaganate up to the Soviet Union convincing evidence of this. Therefore, opponents of the Kremlin inside the country and abroad, watching carefully the changes in public sentiment and attach special importance to the state of the Russian people to achieve their subversive goals.

As you know in a thousand years Russia traditionally power in the country to strengthen and ensure stability in a pluralist society to the detriment and at the expense of Russian-Slavic majority, continuing up the majority of the population. In this respect, the Russian President is no exception. Despite the fact that people saw in him and felt his, he was forced to continue a policy of socio-political discrimination of the Russian-Slavic majority and the creation of unreasonable preferences to other nationalities. But any credibility if it is not justified, comes back like a boomerang – as you know, in Russia "from love to hate one step." The Kremlin has not learned the lessons of the past – tearing the most, you can remain without trust and tilting the boat.

The reason of public discontent

Not so much the reform itself, how much cheating the expectations of the voters who voted for the President. They were waiting for that will change completely the government out of power will erase all odious figures will change the political course, will breathe a sigh of entrepreneurs will be limited to the permissiveness of bureaucrats and oligarchs, uncontrolled migration, screens, airwaves and the press will go aggression, lack of spirituality, immorality, etc. Finally, justice will prevail, and the Kremlin will go from words to implementation of the pressing urgent matters in the interests of the people and relying on him. Of course, people are strongly strained by the fact that the pension and other reforms began under the guise of the world Cup. Finally, ordinary people tired to enter the position of the President, who almost 20 years of beating the West and the "fifth column", and "things are there". The Kremlin still mostly reward large rewards open and secret enemies of the regime, give them money and honors. People see it all. Most of it is not clear what will happen to the Donbass, how long the army will be in Syria, why sanctions the people's suffering, and the oligarchs only get richer.

"Chemical wedding" in Austria

On the negative internal socio-political background, the President together with the harmonica ensemble and the Cossack flies on the so-called "chemical wedding" in Austria. And this fact, doubtless, caused dissatisfaction, confusion and condemnation in Russia. Today La the Kremlin of the danger lies in the fact that any new unsuccessful action of the Federal authorities, including on the international stage, as his time was with the former rulers and, in particular, M. S. Gorbachev, can only exacerbate the irritation of society, reinforcing the alienation of citizens from the authorities to aggravate relations in society. And even in that case, if the President's steps will be made solely in the interests of the country and the people, the people will not take any arguments, the more miserable. Such is the price of falling ratings, loss of confidence particularly against the backdrop of escalating sanctions and pressure on Russia from the "collective" West.

In particular, this refers to the Russian President on a trip to a wedding in Vienna (Austria). Some believe that the President is haughty state money, others accuse him of some "Masonic deal" with the "powers that be", and others – just displeasure frown, even worse.

Although it would be nice if the President using the conflict in the camp of the "powers that be" tried to work for the national interests of the Russian Federation. If so, not bad at all. The fact that today, more and more are confirmed the conclusions that the structures of global governance is not so smooth, there are growing differences and contradictions that spill out. Certain international forces, apparently closely related to the European masoneria, if to call things the usual terminology, see Russia and its current President, an ally in countering plans for the promotion of mass migration to Europe and the destruction of her. They oppose the destruction of European civilization and, above all, her Aryan white kernel, which threatens unpredictable consequences for the world.

Quite by chance, at the head of Austria was a young man, which acts against migration. In solidarity with them many heads of States of Central and Eastern Europe and, in particular, the countries of Visegrad four - Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic. Significant anti-immigration political forces have developed in Italy, France, Germany, etc. the Current subversive antiemeticescoy policy of London (Rothschilds), new York (Rockefellers) and Brussels unhappy old European elite in the Vatican, Berlin, Geneva, Rome etc.

As you know, at one time Austria was the core of Austria-Hungary, and Vienna was the capital of a world Empire. Modern lands are the States of Austria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, and almost half of the territory of Romania; the individual parts of Italy, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine etc. according to experts, multinational state at the heart of Europe – is the handiwork of European masonerii.

After the Austrian wedding not only Merkel, "kinder", from European capitals are positive signals on Ukraine and energy cooperation, and the anti-Russian sanctions. In today's world it is important for Russia to avoid confrontation with the combined forces of global predictor, to use the opportunities to restore political, economic and trade relations with Europe, building a collective security system on the Eurasia continent.

In addition, the position of "wedding" and the Kremlin objectively brings and the fact that Russia also faces the threat of further migrant invasion from the South, the rise of separatist tendencies, undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity. Meanwhile, in its present state Russia is an attractive subject for the representatives of white population in Europe, and therefore the receipt of investment and technology, the arrival of professional staff. And Vienna also understand that Russia can become "the ark of salvation" for many Europeans if Europe will be covered by the socio-religious turmoil.

Russia is a multinational country

Metaphysical laws while nobody canceled. According to them, the stability and development of the Plurinational state ensures the availability of a homogeneous national majority, numbering not less than 66.6 per cent of the total population. Otherwise the country can expect upheavals and cataclysms. Russia has passed the test of time in its tolerance to the minorities. They are like no other, should be interested today in preserving the Russian-Slavic superethnos other homogeneous majority in Russia is not there. You can of course, one-seventh portion of light to flood the Chinese, the Indians or Africans, but they are unlikely to other smaller Russian people not to live and die according to their traditions, but just to breathe air.

In the history of many examples. Today's divided along ethno-religious lines Ukraine clearly demonstrates what happens when small Nations are denied the right to existence of a homogeneous majority. And, you can think of other great empires collapsed because of the undermining and degradation of the ethnic majority, is the Khazar Khanate, the Roman Empire, Byzantium, Ottoman Empire, great Britain, Austria-Hungary, Russia (USSR). Today, the fate of historical empires may divide US, where the Anglo-Saxons left only the name.

Russia to resist, it is necessary to strengthen the demographic core. Pension reform in the interests of the majority is the key to stability, revitalization, prosperity of the entire multinational Russian community. Presidential statement on pensions is an attempt to win back the rating, the maximum return of trust of citizens. However, some admonitions about the inevitability of reform is not enough. The required version of pension reform demand, and adequate to the Russian realities, and people are waiting for another government. The sudden disappearance of the heads of the government and the Central Bank, the announcement of the largest military exercises in Russia since Soviet times, are always mysterious leave of the President of Tuva the company with the most powerful security forces and other events, including a recent trip to the "chemical wedding" can not fail to inspire hope for long-awaited changes.

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