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`Cause hatred of the British to the Slavic peoples`
Material posted: Publication date: 31-01-2014

As a modern reader would perceive the phrase: "Everyone knows that the current bloodshed and the massacre of children, women and the elderly in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, and especially Bulgaria, have never experienced in our time, far exceeding the massacre of the innocents by King Herod, bezvetrenno committed by the Turks to this day, has happened and is happening from support so angry savages mainly English policy, which is a consequence of hatred of the British towards Russia and the Russians"?

Meanwhile, the composition of Platon Lukashevich "the Reason of hatred of the British to the Slavic peoples" published in 1877. The proposed point of view of the scientist posed in the title question.

Platon Lukashevich is a close friend of Gogol, the Great Russian Scientist, an outstanding linguist, philologist, historian, poet, writer, mathematician, physicist, chemist, astronomer, meteorologist.

After examining more than 40 languages, comparing them and realizing the world's history, customs, songs, legends, myths most people in the World, he came to the irrefutable conclusions:

1. The creation of the World mankind had one universal language — ISTOTNY.
2. For various reasons it was formed from other languages — CHROMATE.
3. Chromate all languages were formed on the same and immutable laws.

Istochnoe the Word CHARA means SPEECH, to TROUBLE — to disturb, to confuse. So literally, CHROMATE — racemachine. ESTATE is the original source, spring. How pure Istotny language achromatise? And where went all the languages of the Peoples of the World?


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