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Russia at the crossroads! We are waiting for the 17th year, or 37th?
Material posted: Publication date: 14-08-2016

The second option is the lesser evil, says historian Andrei Fursov.


- Andrei Ilyich, you said earlier that "a storm of swords" in the Western Olympus will be stronger. Followed by a "feast of vultures". Just like in the fashionable novels of George. Martin about "Game of thrones". A sort of prophetic fantasy about the struggle of the Anglo-Saxon and Western European thrones in our days. Only now storm is this more captures Russia. The pressure is on various lines, including sports. I mean the attempt of the IOC not to allow the Russian team to the Olympic games in Rio. Some of our athletes, unfortunately, have been left behind. But "a nightmare" waiting (empty – not empty?) certainly affects the results of those who eventually made up Games. By hook or by crook trying to deprive Russia of medals at the prestigious Olympic games.

- Clearly, this was a political order.

- No wonder the sports Ministers of 18 countries of the European Union and Norway on the eve of the Olympics urged to exclude Russia from all international competitions. At the forefront of the persecutors – the Baltic States, Poland, the UK... is this Not inhumane decision not to let the Russians with disabilities at the Paralympic games in Rio?

- On the grounds that the allegations against Russian athletes, you can blame almost all of the sport. For several decades, this is largely pharmacology. In the last third of the twentieth century a leader in this part wasthe GDR. After the acquisitions of Western Germany GDR pharmacologists fell under the ban of the profession. But not disappeared. Many invited the Chinese – we see the results. Pharmacology is prevalent in the sport. For example, in the 1990s in our Lyubertsy the gym where I trained, about the "mechanics" is well known from the Western bodybuilding magazines.

- Do a try?

- Of course not. First, the liver is killed. Secondly, never pumped muscle with age, becomes fat, and the sharpness of the shock decreases. Better to train power endurance and reaction, particularly neuropsychiatric. Before the hand or foot is burned into the desired object, the brain has to give the command: "urine bitch!". But we digress.

So many athletes in the world use illicit drugs, but pushing for it for some reason only Russian. But here my main claim is not to the Anglo-Saxons and their lackeys – they lead their game, and our sports functionaries. The situation with the accusations against athletesof Russia emerged long ago. Therefore action had to go at the same time – work with lawyers to quickly deploy an information campaign, and not only defensive but also offensive plan. What American athletes do not use the analogues of prohibited drugs? As sung in the Soviet song: "every failure learn to give back, otherwise you will not see success!"

But our partchinovniki didn't do anything. Hiding a few months chewed, sorry, snot, hoping that will carry. Not carried by! For their seats they were afraid, not Home sick. Why do we allow some WADA dictate their conditions to check? The Americans sent this organization far, far away.

Many athletes in the world use illicit drugs, but pushing for it for some reason only Russian.

- Well, it's America!

- However, Russia is also not a prick, and major power. Somehow, small Belarus has found an asymmetrical response to the disqualification home team in rowing and Canoeing. And most of Russia, it turns out, may not, have of officials of other relations with WADA – from the bottom up. For this reason start to slip in all sorts of bad thoughts. This is not only politics, but business as well. Not very clean.

One of the aspects of the current Olympic scandal – incompetence, incompetence, clumsiness and unpatriotic officials of the Russian Federation. However, unless the officials? The national team of Russia at Euro 2016 inFrance aptly called "a bunch of dead millionaires." Here, too, no professionalism, no patriotism, no shame -- just look at incident two of our players in Monte-Carlo.

No professionalism, no shame – this applies to the history of the celebration of the graduates of the Academy of the FSB on the Gelandewagen the end of their studies. But this is the type of the future elite of our special services, which must protect the national interests of Russia. Can, will safeguard the national interests of those whose ideal values a life of luxury àlaЗапад, "composed" of the Gelandewagen, yachts, high-priced whores, "horse racing, events, voyages" (Vysotsky)?

The most vulnerable point of any system is a subsystem of protection, i.e. the security services and the army. It is no accident in the history of Russia major reforms, usually involving a major change in the character of the ruling elite were successful only in the case if it was possible to reform the repressive and military apparatus. Success in this area stretched all the rest, even allowed her to overcome the negativity. And the failure resulted in system failure.

- Examples, please. Of successes and failures.

- Success - the creation of Strelets troops under Ivan the terrible, the army and the guard under Peter the First. Guard, by the way, after his death almost 40 years, kept walking shaking Russian "petticoat government" First Catherine, Anna and Elizabeth. The creation of the red army in 1918 And the military reform of 1874, Alexander II had failed, ultimately, with the whole Russia in the early twentieth century.


Well, today our security forces have a good salary, unlike teachers. Which Prime Minister Medvedev was advised to go into business, if they life is not enough. And who will teach the children, the future of Russia? No wonder the advice of the Prime Minister caused great excitement among the people, immediately collected more than two hundred thousand signatures on a petition for his resignation. But if it was only in the premiere! Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs, Mrs Golodets said that in Russia a lot of people with higher education, many do not. And now there was a "leak" from the government, they say, next year will be reduced by the number of budget places in Russian universities, will be massive layoffs of researchers. Figures were cited. The Ministry of education and science, of course, denied everything. But we are smart people, understand, this "leak" followed by a refutation of the suit is not accidental. Probing public opinion, prepared to think about the inevitable. As it was with the rumors about raising the retirement age. Few years the authorities denied them, now all is clear – will increase soon.Question for you, Andrei Ilyich, as a scientist, a teacher – what happens to education in Russia?

- The process of destruction of education, stupidity or deliberately – in this case, does not matter. I think there is both. Once spy Leonid Shebarshin noticed that it is not necessary to find malice where stupidity reigns. I said to him: stupidity is the best disguise evil intent. Remember how at Svejk Hasek: "humbly report, idiot!"

And idiot what is the demand?!

- The exam and the Bologna system is not just a dumbing down of knowledge, and his barbarization, the results of which objectively deprive Russia of the victorious prospects for the future. So I insist: "the creators and implementers of these schemes in our country should be punished according to the laws of war. I think that if Russia continues, it will happen.

By the way, not a few people working for the defeat of our country – to them this is the only chance to hide the crime, for which there is no Statute of limitations. But demolish not only education – science, health. If the goal of the "reform" of the same health – population decline, getting rid of old and diseased, it was a success. It is a pity that themselves the "reformers" are treated abroad under it will not fall.

FANO (Federal Agency of scientific organizations of Russia –Ed.) in a short time has managed to advance far enough in the destruction of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, they have thoroughly demolish the ramshackle building. And confront them person not the level of M. S. Keldysh and A. P.Alexandrov, it seems, to afraid of death not only great bosses, but also mediocre students, which it put on them. I want to ask: a sense of human and professional dignity have?

In spring 2014, you gave a big interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about the situation in Ukraine. Then lamented the inaction of the Russian Ambassador in Kiev Viktor Chernomyrdin and Zurabov, unlike their active American counterparts. Prohlopali Ukraine! Recently removed finally Zurabov.

- Of course, better late than never. But, the point is already made. Ukrainelost, apparently permanently. But if the Americans manage the project of the new Commonwealth frommozha to mozha" - as Poland, all for a very long time. But I have not heard that Zurabov said for medicine and for Ukraine. Impunity of officials has no system of good arguments.


- What are the pain points that hinder the development of the country, you see, as a historian?

- I think these points sees not only a historian, but any sane person. Social injustice and nervesTVon, erected in principle. It is not just corruption, and fusion of certain segments of the authorities with the crime, i.e. the criminalization of power. The ruling class, a huge part of who do not associate themselves with Russia and the Russian cultural and historical source. It's funny to watch the other official "patriots" allegedly tearing vest on the TV screen for Rus-mother, knowing that their children are either studying in the Westor already live there for a long time, or even have foreign citizenship.

- Not to mention villas in Miami, on the Cote d'azur, apartments in London, estates in Austria...

- But the children of high officials abroad, especially in our geopolitical enemy – a "window of vulnerability". According to assistant to President Nixon, Chuck Colson, if you took someone 's genitals, other body parts will come themselves.

I called three dots. Everything else follows from them: the economy, health, science, education.

The problem is a huge part of the ruling stratum of the Russian Federation lies in the fact that in socio-cultural terms is marginal, worldview – bourgeois, the petty bourgeois, Dorval to a large property or, at least, to order it, and the remaining social change. The gap is filled with contempt for the Nizam and the pig with admiration for the top, which for them was the West. Their feelings for him remind me of the enthusiasm mobster, John Colorado from the movie "Mackenna's Gold". John kept pretty frayed newspaper "Parisian life", which depicts the entertainment of millionaires in Paris, horse racing and cannonrosi girls. Well, in the end, as one of the characters trenevski "love Spring", "let Tweety to Europe!" But only with the prior confiscation of the stolen property here.


- The sacramental question. Why the West does not like Russia? It periodically set and put on a par with Nazi Germany, and now ISIS.

- The West doesn't like us long and hard. As Orthodox as Russian as subjects of an autocratic Empire and as citizens of the Soviet Union – for we are what we are. Russian – the only non-Western people, who not only laid down by the West, but also created the alternative European (very important!), not Western civilization with a great culture and a powerful military equipment. The balance in military clashes with the West in the last hundred years is still in our favor. We do not write with boiling water from what thrilled in the West – private property, individualism, the market. As he sang in exile, Alexander Vertinsky, "for we are strangers forever."

- Because he returned home in heavy 1943.

- Social justice as the primary values will never allow us to recognize the hapki-1990s were legitimate, and crooks razderbanit country is serious business. In the West you know we will always be the way they are, and it is distasteful. Therefore, as noted by the chief of foreign intelligence of the USSR L. V. Shebarshin, the West of Russia needs only one thing – that it was not. Strategically, in the long term was not. Tactically, Russia needs the West as a reserve territory as the theater of war – case – against China. Certain parts of the Western tops of Russia is needed as an additional tool in their "battle of thrones". But for it to work, even in such as should be changes in the Russian ruling group.

But let's pose the question differently. Why Russia's love of the West? You, for example, want to be loved homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles, feminists, obschechelovekov, addicts, lovers-spiders-and-worms-more-than-humans, transhumanists, the globalists, all weaklings, even of their women from outsiders can not protect and want to be Housewives? I personally do not want. Let the love of his perverse love someone else, merging with him in ecstasy and taking ecstasy.

The current "West" is postzapadnoy, post-Christian society, unable to protect his identity and driving with fair history. The Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev is the novel "the Man who lost his face." The West has almost lost its civilizational entity.
The current "West" is postzapadnoy, post-Christian society, unable to protect his identity and driving with fair history.


- Justify!

In addition to predation and plunder the weak, the West has risen in the past century on "the five" grounds. The Christian faith (in this case, it doesn't matter, Protestantism or Catholicism); family; work (work ethic); iron social discipline, European identity – national and civilizational.

What we see today? That the West is post-Christian, I would even say post-religious society, written for many. Something I still Catholics, but they are losing ground.

There is a crisis of family and marriage. The triumph of the LGBT community.

- I agree. One of the main achievements of Obama in two presidential terms - the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. Europe takes a cue from his older brother!

To work, the average European does not want, there are Arabs, blacks, Turks. Remember, in the beginning of XXI century discussed the question of migrants from a scientist from a small country where a referendum on the percentage of quota migrants. The people voted for a high percentage. On my question why, the answer was simple: who is going to work as cleaners, plumbers, repairmen, just workers at the plant, "blue collar"? Instead of work – life debt, unbridled consumption as the meaning of life, solid potreblyatstvo.

But all this has meant the loss of meaning of life, and this is nothing like the will to death – civilization. The social discipline of the Europeans was replaced by laxity, permissiveness and imprecision that fits well on the manner and behavioral skills of non-Europeans. What kind of national or civilizational identity may be involved? As noted by the famous English journalist and writer A. T.Wilson, if in the reign of Elizabeth II , Britain ceased to be British, then in the Prime Ministry of Margaret Thatcher Britain has become a draw home. The Muslim problem in France, the thesis of A. Merkel about the fact that by 2050 Germany will not the Germans, and will obsceevropejskoe – all goes to the same target destruction, the dissolution of European identities.

Now, place identity is a TPM-complex, more precisely the syndrome (Tolerastov, Pederasty, Multiculturale). And this is true European values? Yes true Europeans even 300 years ago for that the fire would have sent! And we are trying to feed these "values" as a European. Although in reality it is at present Russia is still European values thanks to the Soviet system, which they successfully preserved.

Overall, the current situation resembles the situation with the Church reform of Patriarch Nikon in the mid-seventeenth century as conceived and Nikon standing behind him Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, she had to establish a uniform type of worship. Moreover, a sample was taken from a contemporary (i.e., eighteenth century Greek liturgical rite, is considered, in contrast to the Russian, true. In fact, it was exactly the opposite. To correct the Russian service books of the XVII century, had not in contemporary Greek, but in old Russian, where it was recorded the true Greek sample. For five hundred years and more the scribes not only in Russia but also in Greece made errors, inaccuracies, mistakes, so a sample was just the old Russian books. However, the Nikon and the Greeks (and behind the latter the Jesuits) insisted that the true sample – the contemporary Greek books. It is well known that Nikon's reforms, the break with the old – in fact, became the local (Church) dress rehearsal for Peter's total reform.

Similarly today, the values of European civilization retains Russia. The current "pottsepadis a carrier or anti-European values or anti-values. Trying to sell to us through their agents degradantskaya "value" as a true European, with us again want to play in the historic "thimbles".

- Really all so is hopeless the blessings of the West?

- There are healthy forces – in Germany, in the East, where still alive the memory of the GDR and socialism. And in other countries. But these forces are not on a horse, they, not the mainstream. Yes, the ancestors of accumulated fat allows the West to still lighten up and vydryuchivatsya, but not for long. Sooner or later it will start something like "storm of swords". My hopes for the generation of German rock band Ramstein did not materialize.


- What will happen to Russia in this "storm of swords"?

- Two options. Either Russia will finally fall apart with the prospect of the disappearance of Russian history, or revive on a new basis. Revival is impossible with the retention of power by the liberal party, which tired not only our people, but certain segments, the top clans of the world capitalist class, the global ruling elite. Objectively, it is "six" of global financial speculators, usurers, dramatically strengthened its position in the world after the destruction of the USSR. Protégée of speculators. Clinton. So Kasparov and other our liberals so hate trump. Anyway, already in the foreseeable future lenders will go (the alternative is the same – to risk war), and it will bring down the service staff worldwide including the Russian Federation. Of course, if the power in Russia will not do this earlier in the "counter-plan".

Either Russia will finally fall apart with the prospect of the disappearance of Russian history, or revive on a new basis.

That "Chicks nest Yeltsin" has no future, they do not fit into a positive vector of development of Russia (so ready to take the country to the usurers) and say no. They have only the present – the present of cutting the Soviet heritage, which they vilify, use, and water. As you know, eating and shitting in the same place, only pigs. What they do with the pigs?

Russia is pregnant with a serious restructuring of the ruling class, so to speak. Or, to use a favorite word of "reformers", "optimization". Because this process is late, then it can only happen in the "1917" or "1937".

- Just next year – the centenary of the October revolution. For this reason many bitter jokes at the people walking. And here, as luck would have it, the cruiser "Aurora" after a two-year renovation recently returned to the place of eternal Parking. Added jokes and ambiguous comments like, "Aurora" ready for a new volley!.. But seriously, what are the prerequisites for the repetition of the 17th you see?

- The repetition of history does not happen. Are equivalent-niche situations. RF similar to both tsarist Russia of the last twenty years of its existence is severely diminished and the Soviet Union in the last decade. But most of all, at first: social polarisation, economic and financial dependence on the West, Pro-Western elite, the lack of a coherent development strategy in the economy and politics. By themselves, these factors do not lead to revolution. However, a sudden change in the situation, for example, war or a sharp foreign instability could be a fuse. What actually happened in 1917, But the story is, apparently, no one teaches, especially those who don't know.


- 1937 - "black funnel" at night, the extraordinary "Troika", the GULAG...

- This "triad" has become a "cranberry" in relation to Stalin's Soviet Union as the other "cranberry" – caviar, balalaika, three horses is the pre - revolutionary Russia. I have with the Stalinist era other associations:Chkalov, the Dnieper, "Broad is my native land", the film "AlexanderNevsky", the red Victory banner over the Reichstag. Speaking of 1937, I mean not shooting, of course (although not a supporter of the abolition of the death penalty – that depends), and the rotation of personnel and for the punishment of corrupt officials.

In its history, Russia has repeatedly faced with the need for radical change – or collapse, internal and external. Changes can be either from the top or from the bottom. The "top" is when more or less drastic changes initiates the power. Reform, if steep, with the suppression of part of the ruling groups until a physical address them – this is a revolution from above. "Bottom" is a revolution, changing socio-economic structure, class power, etc.

In prerevolutionary Russia, a revolution from above was the introduction of the oprichnina Ivan the Terrible, the reforms of Peter the great and Alexander II. Alexander's reforms were ultimately a failure. They have preserved the social crisis in the interests of the autocracy and the result was revolution, first in 1905 and then 1917. The October revolution (so these events were called the Bolsheviks themselves up to 1927) and the ensuing civil war, ustymivka huge masses of people, was the greatest revolution from below. It happened because oligarchischen autocracy became in the power of the impotent, and the ruling class proved to be incapable of any change. The result is an explosion from below, which was used, so to speak, straddled the Bolsheviks.

1937-1938 – a "revolution from above" inside the Stalinist system, to give the latter a finished appearance. That was recorded in March 1939 XVIII Congress of the CPSU(b). This "revolution from above" was the answer of the command of Stalinto mass terror, which after the February (1937) Plenum of the Central Committeeof the CPSU(b) Stalin imposed on the country and "regional barons". They are mortally afraid of the electoral law on the alternative basis, which wanted to hold Stalin. In response Stalin had caused "a blow to the headquarters", i.e. the top, especially for the initiators of the terror – EICHE, Postysheva. Survived the third initiator Khrushchev.

- He then took revenge on the dead Stalin.

- Thus, from the point of view of the system of government, in 1937, was the rotation of personnel from top, which brought an end to the "Leninist guard." It is significant that personnel, nominated in 1938-1939., especially during the "Beria thaw," large-scale cleansing was not carried out. With the exception of specific "Leningrad affair". Rotation-37 fulfilled its task. Yes, with blood! But you need to judge an era by its laws and remember that it was the final battle of the cold civil war – those who passed the civil hot sometimes on the methods and intensity of the struggle could not imagine.

Therefore, speaking about the option "1937", I mean the brutal suppression of corrupt officials, "sixes" global usurers and just thieves in power. Funds do not have executions. We are not China, however, and there is corruption executions did not win. Enough confiscation of property, terms and Magadan. That is to say, optimize a therapeutic procedure. "Surgery" – only in the case of resistance of the villains. Without option "1937", without something like neoprene, but working for national goals and not the interests of a narrow group of people, this option is not feasible. Otherwise, come "version of the 1917". And then, as wrote M. Y.Lermontov, "are black people and you get to know him and understand why his hand Damascus knife. So the least evil "option 1937".

- But who now carry out a "revolution from above"?

- The Russian authorities are strongly personalized character. "Revolutionaries from above" we have, as a rule, always played first person. Today is the first person – the President! Of course, this requires a corresponding apparatus and ideology, as say the Anglo-Saxons, firstthingsfirst (main first). Without this, no country does not raise nor participate in the struggle for a new world project arising in the struggle of the main factions of the global elite.


- Horrible choice offer, Andrei Ilyich! 17-th year, or 37th. And third, a more humane option is not given, if you look carefully at Russian history?

- First, I do not suggest, and Russian history. Secondly, of abstract humanism does not happen. Humanism – a piece class. Thirdly, the thief must sit in jail! The phrase of Zheglov-Vysotsky as relevant today as ever. Those who are 25 years plundered the country must answer. Moreover, since "grabbing", they had to anticipate one of the options for his future – "but at the end of the road scaffold with axes!" Not literally, of course, sense, but figuratively speaking. Fourth, the evolution of large complex systems is irreversible. Autocracy and communism are in large part the elements of one whole, and it has its own laws, its changes and, very importantly, your tenure. This is very well written by M.Voloshin 's poem "northeast", "What changed? Signs and vozglavila. / Same hurricane in all ways. / Commissioners – nonsense autocracy, / Explosions of revolution in kings."

History cannot be deceived. Attempts to bring in something alien to it, for example, liberalism (as a rule, to justify the robbery of the people), lead to the opposite result. No wonder Dostoevsky said that Russia will destroy the liberals, and Berdyaev feared most is not security officer in a leather jacket, and his grandson. We have seen these grandchildren in the 1990s. Well, since the evolution of large complex systems is irreversible, and leads to salvation when "the terrible fate of the people" (D. Andreev) self-correction, only two: "1917" and "1937".

I prefer the second option. Very much do not want a new civil war, intervention and globalists in power for several years. They already frolic in the 1990s and later, ruined everything. It's time to restore the Empire in the broad sense of the word. But not white and not a monarchist – they are done in 1917 after the revolution the system was restored in 1939, 22 years. 22 years of existence of the Russian Federation – is 2013. Late, but still ahead of us, like the USSR of the sample of 1939 a serious test.

- It turns out, Stalin held a "revolution from above" before the Second world war, the great Patriotic war. Y-Yes...

- There are two options. First: here come the Western Transnational corporations and cease to exist Russia, and the Russian rounded up into reservations like the Indians – a new edition of Hitler's plan "OST". Second: the aliens will land and solve our problems here on the spot, or put all on a giant space ship and take in the vastness of the Universe to the planet Elysium, where eternal summer, eternal life and eternal happiness.

- Good joke about aliens. But seriously, the common man what to do?

- I prefer to live by the principle "do not believe, do not fear, do not ask". Faith, I mean not religious, and social – in the sense that in relation to the powers that be. Afraid embarrassed to ask even more. In terms of overall strategy, my answer is simple and even trivial. Russian and other indigenous peoples (but especially Russian, we derzhavkami the people) to be themselves. To protect traditional values, which has betrayed the "West" to protect cultivated by the ancestors of the territory and to build a socially-just future. Which is impossible without social and geo-political revenge in the best sense of this beautiful word.

Interviewed By Eugene Black


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