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Russia was left without a future...
Material posted: Publication date: 24-07-2017

Ordinary people look at your life a bit more cheerful than a year or two ago. But the merit of the state machine in this.

"The Kremlin is not yet possible to come up with a way of the future, with which Vladimir Putin could go to the polls-2018". Rarely in any political article, you will not find that phrase or anything similar to it.

When viewed from above, the case is, of course, is exactly what is happening. As it is now with a "type" of the so-called common man? In fact, according to reports, the country returns to prosperity. With each new quarter GDP adds half a percentage point. The index of consumer sentiment collapsed in previous years, are on the mend. I think it's time for optimism. What say the experts of the people's soul?

VTSIOM, which is close to the governing circles of polling the service publishes at intervals of one day two report.

First — on the "map of fear" of the Russians. Looking at this "map", I see that universal concern when prices increase, the unavailability of familiar products, the tension of the international situation and the reduction of personal income in recent months has increased. "The earlier trend to exacerbate social fears in June were fixed... the Optimism of a society in terms of overcoming the crisis and maintaining political stability becoming unstable," — grieved zimowski analyst. You may think that the patient is more dead than alive.

But just one day later, the second report on indices of social evaluations and expectations, by contrast, explains that the patient more alive than dead. Commenting on the results, the other zimowski analyst reports that "the first half of 2017 can be characterized as a period of fairly steady output of "spin" that our society is "fallen" a year ago..."

However, a careful reading it turns out that citizens have recently become more optimistic to assess his own situation but not the situation in the country: 45% of respondents believe that the worst is yet to come, 21% — that we right now experience, and only 27% believe that they are already behind. That's roughly the same alignment, which was recorded in 2015 and in 2016. Only at the beginning of this year, the share of the worst waiting times seems to be reduced, but this summer again went up to previous values.

But let's not get hung up on surveys, aimed at finding the Golden mean between customer's expectations and reality, and even suffering from imperfect methods. He sees, and what sees around him the average Russian, is clear without them.

For example, to see the rise of the economy he can't, even if her rise really began. This boom is too humble and quiet.

Polutoratonny GDP growth expected this year forecasting Department of the Central Bank, most of the solid breech analytical services, close to the statistical error of measurement. And even this growth is not yet fully guaranteed. For example, if we exclude seasonal factors, the manufacturing index in June, according to recent data of Rosstat, declined by half a percentage point after the beginning, it was growth in February—may.

You will not notice the average Russian and the rising level of his life. The volume of retail purchases, like went into growth in the first months of 2017, has stopped increasing and is now (with the exception of seasonal factors) about the same as in April.

Consumer inflation, which proudly reported as a record low last month again gaining momentum. In the first half of July the daily price increase was twice higher than a year ago.

Financial authorities vow to drive inflation back in the box, but this has not happened yet. People begin to doubt even in this economic achievement of recent times — one of the few truly working in their favor. "The decline in inflation expectations of the population in June slowed the expected annual inflation rate still considerably exceeds the level of 4%," admits the Central Bank.

So if we talk about the crisis in the narrow, purely economic sense, the common man special reasons for optimism emerged. The decline may have stopped (or at least close to the ending), but signs of a return to former prosperity is not noticeable.

No doubt, tens of millions of people somehow adapted to the new conditions: someone found an income in the informal sector, someone fed up with a garden plot, someone has learned to do without quality food and goods — but not in that of any other, nor the third no merit.

From the state, the average person gets only bad news and bad promises. He raise utility and transportation tariffs, paid doing what used to be free, bomb plans all the more humiliating prohibitions and encumbrances from the punishment for Smoking near the entrances to the special tax on the implementation of the law Spring.

Today's a hard day and tomorrow pre-spoiled the plans and threats coming from the state machine. It brings only problems and troubles. This is her only products.

Does it have left at least something positive, joyful, some bright panorama it could deploy in front of people? Every commoner — "far Eastern acres," every billionaire another billion? Or that it was for someone to be happy, each day for a wedding in the judicial-investigative family?

It is quite normal that at the disposal of Vladimir Putin's "vision of the future". Its not meant to be. Because "vision of the future" have no of his subjects.

Sergei Selin


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