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Russia was surrounded
Material posted: Publication date: 16-07-2019
"After some time the enemy again caught up with us. And beat even stronger, that's going to beat", the song of Igor Rasteryaeva "Russian roads". Undeclared hybrid war waged against Russia has reached its peak. Russia was surrounded by hostile forces which operate from outside from the inside. The world was on the brink of war. For Russia and its President has come time "CH" to break out and win, it is urgent to neutralize the "fifth column", which has long been stuck in our rear and ready, opening the gates to the enemy, to surrender the fortress, said Fyodor Pashin, expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy.

Putin is a prisoner of supporters and opponents

Before the next presidential election, scheduled for March 2024 is still a lot of water will flow away. However, every day brings Russian society by that time, the issue of a new candidate for the presidency of the Russian state becomes paramount. Today, the country is divided into those who advocate for the continuity of government, political lines to strengthen the state's acting President, Vladimir Putin, and his opponents, and actively advocating the new "master of the Kremlin" and the change in policy. Among supporters of the succession of power is not only supporters, associates and cronies of the President, and many ordinary citizens, who instinctively feels and fear any revolutionary upheaval, remember the tragedy of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, to personally monitor the Ukrainian natural changes, troubles and hardships. Opponents of the authorities – this is a motley crowd. Among them, a growing number of dissatisfied with the internal policy of the Kremlin, ranging from corruption, pension reforms and rising prices, and to those who do not accept total injustice in society, the lack of social mobility, the dominance of migrants, ethnic crime and mayhem from the "title" of the elites. However, the anti-Putin opposition sets the tone of "agents of influence" so-called "deep state", as the number of people in government and even in the nearest environment of the President, and "grant street".

Despite the fact that over the last almost 20 years of Putin's presidency, Russian structures "external influences" in comparison with the Gorbachev-Yeltsin period of the Board has somewhat weakened, however, they retained their positions at all levels of Russian Federal and regional authorities and, in particular, among the "titular" elite "big" business and, above all, banking, media space (media, Internet), education, law, popular culture (showbiz, cinema, theatre, literature, art, book publishing, etc.). Importantly, almost unchanged, remains anti-people, anti-Russian and, above all, anti-Russian nature of power in Russia. Therefore, the attempts of the master of the Kremlin, virtually alone, to radically change the situation in the state and society for the better constantly stumble upon the hidden and the apparent sabotage, and even direct opposition.

Thus, the Russian people, the Constitution is the source of power in the country, is actually deprived of the right of vesting the head of state's powers of direct rule. Hence the disappointment with the current President who is failing a growing number of citizens, many of whom made no hostile "invisible state" in Russia, they just can't see it and don't want to believe the conspiracy. They, not without reason, believe that their made – chose the President and then let the rules as necessary. Though of course President Putin has done a lot in spite of the global plans of the world government and its agents in Russia. And they do not forgive the strengthening of the Russian statehood. So naive to believe that the President himself is part of the anti-people forces", as mischievously claimed by his detractors and just enemies. International public opinion is no other person who would have so demonized and bullied the world's media, speakers the main instrument of global control States and peoples.

"International conspiracy" does not sleep

Currently, the power of external influence is not only noticeable in Russia, but also in other regions of the world. According to various estimates, is about 90% of the States. Even in the leading countries and, in particular, USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy, not to mention Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Montenegro, Brazil, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, etc., an extensive network of "deep state" is strictly controlled by state and public institutions. Controlled by power machines in the USA strongly constrain and oppose Donald Trump in his quest to realize his campaign promises and to govern. Branch of the deep state in Ukraine does not allow to the power control levers, Vladimir Zelensky, popularly elected by the people (over 70 %) in the hope that it will be the antithesis of puppets trump. The current leaders of the puppet States, and under external control, in fact, are the newsmakers of the events and decisions that they accepted the so-called "world behind the scenes."

The global system of "deep state", including gunboat diplomacy, trade war, subversive activities of secret services, media and Internet, international non-governmental organizations, terrorist attacks, drug trafficking, etc., conducts total hybrid war against all countries, more or less claiming to hold sovereign course and, in particular, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, North Korea, etc. Only in recent years against official Moscow and Beijing seeking strategic partnerships in the world, was staged mass demonstrations and protests, coordinated accompanied by a powerful information support in Hong Kong, Tbilisi, Kiev, under false pretenses. China accused of trade and economic expansion, the intention to punish for the crimes of the Hong Kong people on the mainland. Against Russia played the "Georgian scenario" rabid Russophobia in the non-stop anti-Russian provocations coming from Ukraine. At a public debate with the President of Russia, who made the obstruction ideals of liberalism, has decided the head of the Central Bank of the country, is a stronghold of the Russian "deep state".

As you know, unprecedented filibuster exposed the American tramp, including for attempts at normalizing relations with Moscow and Beijing. The Royal family of great Britain and other representatives of the liberal forces in Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, aims to prevent the re-election of the current President of the United States, which is trying to defend the national interests of the country. The world situation is compounded by the fact that the forces of "world backstage" behind the trump, use it as a battering RAM against global liberalism as an ideological and economic practices to implement under its control the reformatting of the geopolitical picture of the world in their interests.

Paradoxically, but it is the "world backstage" in the quest, at any cost, to retain world power goes to the eradication of liberalism that will allow them to get rid of an unprecedented debt inheritance. Therefore, the flow supplied provocations around the world, primarily Russia, to provoke the "great war", which resets the global economy. Unfortunately, experts say, Russia could increasingly difficult to avoid being drawn into a provocative scenario of war. For example, it would seem that today the Russian President managed to avoid long-term consequences of the Georgian provocation, inspired by the forces of the deep state. However, we cannot exclude that the Georgian journalist Gabunia can be eliminated by hostile forces, which would give added impetus to liberal protests not only in Georgia, Ukraine and Russia, where the lives of some 1 million persons of Georgian nationality. And from there, a new Russian-Georgian conflict is not far away, as, for example, proud Ossetians, Abkhazians and Chechens can simply avenge his "Kremlin" pet and protector.

Meanwhile, the destabilization occurs near the volatile regions of the Middle East. Israel has long been waiting for the moment, including the distraction of Russia in other conflict situations and, in particular, with Georgia and Ukraine to settle a score with Iran. The attacks on this country will lead to retaliatory action, which will lead to the "big" war. It will be a good opportunity to implement the predictions of Henry Kissinger (2012) that Israel will be forced to leave the promised land and build their New Jerusalem on the territory of Ukraine. In the press write about Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Kiev, Odessa and Kherson regions, with the prospect of the annexation of Crimea to a new state entities.

Russia on the eve

In Russia the aim of the "world backstage" is that by eliminating the "Putin regime" to regain control of one-seventh part of the land and its resources (about 40 %). If this is not possible in the foreseeable future and, in particular, up to 2016, we cannot exclude the fact that the hostile forces will go to undermining the territorial integrity of the country. Russian agents of influence of their anti-national activities are closely coordinated with the forces of the world's "deep state" in the Ukraine, the Baltic States, Georgia, the leading European countries and the USA, who are behind the governments of these States, and often represent them.

Today it is obvious that the closer the presidential and other elections in Russia, the flywheel anti-Russian provocations and sting operations will unwind with even greater force. The objective is to avoid the continuity of the current course of the President, especially the coming to power of representatives of the national-Patriotic forces, able to destroy the anti-people nature of power in the country, formed in the Gorbachev-Yeltsin period. Enhance the actions of destructive forces can be expected in the upcoming closest elections in the main cities of the country Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

In this regard, the greatest danger for the future of the multinational and multiconfessional state, can you imagine trying to play Russian-Slavic card to play off each other representatives of different nationalities and creeds. And similar actions have already taken place in the liberal media. In particular, in a recent issue of the newspaper MK (9.07.19) was discussed focused on the process of transformation of the Russian people in the population with the current Board. By the way, it is impossible not to recognize the validity of these maxims, as Russia, as well as 100 and 30 years ago, develops to the detriment and at the expense of the web-forming population, which leads to its alienation from the regime. From the Russian left in Russia only Russian language, perhaps the only public brace and the factor of safety, sovereignty and territorial integrity. It can justifiably be called the Russian language security (LINK) of the Russian Federation.

In this context, to radically change the situation in the Russian society, insufficient meetings of the President with the people in the center and in the field. Today more and more around a shrinking ring of associates and followers no less than among the supporters of the masses. Putin almost single-handedly keeps hitting within the country and in the international arena, assumes responsibility for the anti-people actions of officials at all levels. But this is the path to loneliness and isolation. Today noticeable, as head of state, one fighting off internal and external attacks. And the government was left without popular support, will be lying on the road, then pick up the eternal enemies of Russia, as it was in 1917 and 1991 in Order to prevent negative developments in Russia that may repeat the fate of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, it is necessary to take immediate action.

The people are tired of waiting

First of all, in order to successfully implement political and economic strategy of the state, it is important to radically improve the information environment, to change the destructive anti-people orientation vector media for uplifting and creative content, designed to consolidate and mobilize the society on a global transformation of society in the interests of Russia, for the benefit of the people. The dismantling of the branches of the deep state in Russia, society expected immediately after the presidential election in 2018, but this has not happened, which was disappointing, even among "enlightened" supporters of Putin among those who supported him not for handouts, positions and awards, and at the behest of the heart and conscience. Nevertheless, the present personnel revolution overdue and is possible only in the same context of the fight against corruption and the wide media coverage of these processes. The current harmful practices of promotion in government and public institutions of government of children and other relatives of the current political-economic and national elites unnecessarily. It does not solve the pressing problem of recovery of power, increasing the credibility of the people, stable and sustainable development of the state have no further to solve it.

Important public priority of the generally recognized failure of the liberal model of development is necessary to transition to self-sufficient and mobilization phase of development of the country. Should radically change the economic and financial policy to promote and support the real sector of the economy. It is necessary to create a favorable business climate for entrepreneurship development of the country, advance its interests in the foreign arena. Favourable credit and fiscal policies designed to stimulate development of economy and entrepreneurship, increase of solvent demand in the country. It is necessary to search an optimal model of fair taxation.

Special discontent of the indigenous peoples of the country is uncontrolled migration, which threatens to increase conflict in society, the growth of ethnic crime, undermining the foundations of national security and territorial integrity. The large number of national religious institutions of influence, which stand for the migration, hindered the economic revival of the country and business activity of domestic entrepreneurship, promote growth of corruption, often limit the ability of Russian diplomacy with the countries where many immigrants live in Russia. Let's see how behaves the Georgian Diaspora in Russia in the current Russian-Georgian conflict. She, deriving considerable benefit from his stay in Russia, including the Russian citizenship, business activities here actually sided with the actions of Russophobic forces in Georgia.

In the long term, it is important not only to ensure the continuity of the current presidential course after 2024, and possibly, depending on the severity of the situation around Russia, much earlier, but to create conditions of coming to power of new faces, a new team of like-minded people who are concerned about the fate of the people and the state, competent and experienced people, who have life and work experience of creation and development, nothing is compromised in the past. In order to change governance structures, overcoming the consequences of the policy of "divide and conquer" external influence, it is expedient to amend the country's Constitution. It should be determined the place and role of the Russian people, the issue of the equality of all nationalities and subjects of the state, the consistent transformation of the country into a unitary state.

Reconfiguration of power structures

A branch of the "deep state" in Russia will cease to function not only in connection with the carrying out of human revolution, but under the condition of scrapping the old model of management, built on Western principles of band management "divide and conquer". Ideally, it is advisable to even from the previous borrowed names of authorities. Thus, in particular, there is no need for the Executive to have a President and Prime Minister, which provokes conflicts and weakens the power. In this case, the head of state can become the head of the RF Federal Assembly, elected by the two chambers – the State Duma, elected on a party basis, and the Federation Council, which is formed on a majority basis. The heads of the chambers at the same time, along with chief of staff, will become the Vice head of state (Chairman of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation).

The Prime Minister is elected by the Federal Assembly from among the members by the head of state (the President of the Russian Federation), head of the Parliament. The heads of ministries and departments are appointed by the head of the RF Federal Assembly from among its members at the proposal of the Prime Minister. Of the Russian Federation is accountable to the Central Bank and the court of auditors, the heads of which are elected from among the deputies of the state Duma and Federation Council members.

The Security Council of the Russian Federation as Institute of strategic planning of domestic and foreign policy, geodemographic and linguistic and cultural development, national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity, coordinating international activity, the use of "hard" and "soft" power, is elected from among former presidents of the country, head of state (Chairman of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation), President of the government, the head of the Ministry of culture and media communications, heads of security agencies, Ministers and the Central Bank, audit chamber, the Secretary of the security Council. To lead the Security Council can the last ex-President, which increases the level of continuity of power in Russia, or a new head of state is the President of the Russian Federation.

In the interest of enhancing national security requires a consolidation of power structures within three ministries: the Ministry of defence, Ministry of security, Ministry of internal Affairs. In the context of global information warfare is extremely important to the consolidation of public media and institutions of culture within a single Department, as well as preparation of data frames on the basis of one of the leading universities in the country.

Unicameral regional parliaments are formed on a mixed (party-majority), but a proportional basis taking into account the demographic situation in the region. The head of the Parliament is elected from among the local deputies on representation of the head of state (head of the RF Federal Assembly). The head of region on representation of the Chairman of the government from among the local deputies also appointed by the President (head of the RF Federal Assembly).

In General, Executive and other organs of the state, it is advisable to form, in accordance with universally recognized key institutions, mechanisms and instruments of governance of the state in increasing order of significance and influence: linguistic and cultural (linguistic culture of a homogeneous majority), organizational, conceptual, advocacy (Institute of "soft power"), financial-economic, military, political, diplomatic. In this case the subject of special attention of Russian authorities should be taking care of the Russian language, its revival and use in strategic planning and management of the state and society.

Network Russia

The Russian state will be steady, stable and sustainable in the long term, if we can build an effective system of public safety not only on the basis of non-governmental associations of citizens in various areas of interest. The centuries-old socio-cultural experience of survival and self-preservation, adherence to traditional ideals and cultural values dictates the creation and development of a network of Patriotic solidarity, mutual support on the basis of the neighboring communities generated by the community. This approach will allow representatives of the Russian-Slavic population to compete more effectively in providing a safe life, politics, economy, culture with other citizens of the country who rely on their ethnic Diaspora, the support of the Russian national public entities and independent States (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc.).

Despite the fact that the party principle in the formation of power is directly related to the politics of external influence – "divide and rule", party-building can be saved but solely in the interests of strengthening the state and consolidation of society. In Russia, it may be limited to two-party system. Thus, in particular, the all-Russian party under the conditional name "the Russian way" ("the popular front") can unite supporters geodemographic revival of the country, the authoritarian nation-building and Imperial development of the country ("neither the West nor the East" (the third way), the revival of Russian Slavic Trinity, strengthening the international authority of the country. The second batch called "Rodnaya Priroda" ("Fair Russia") could declare on the Chinese model of socialism with Russian characteristics, a special role of Russian language in government and society, environmental, cultural and traditional values, the ideals of justice, harmonization of the interests of the territories and the centre, the priorities of public safety.

The similar algorithm of party building and development could be justified already in the upcoming elections at all levels, including presidential. In elections around the leading parties could be blocked by other parties and public organizations. A broader nomination of the power will allow to significantly reduce the degree of discontent with the authorities and socio-economic tensions in society.

The Achilles heel of Russia is deep demographic crisis. Even with the current population of about 150 million people, in the long run it is impossible to effectively control one-seventh of the land and natural resources, which is currently occupied by Russia. Therefore, it is impossible to live from election to election. As evidenced by international experience, in countries where a particularly strong "agents of influence" deep state" at its discretion, imposed by one of candidates- "the lesser evil", but it's not the fact that will allow to independently control the state, as was the case with trump, Poroshenko and Zelensky, Igor Dodon, etc. But most of all they fear the consolidation of society, creation of a network for public safety. In this case, the government is doomed continuity in the interests of the majority, and thus would be secured the growth of a healthy population, the revival of the Russian language and its speakers, sustainable, stable and sustained development, security and sovereignty, territorial integrity, and credibility in the international arena.

Successfully neutralize hostile forces in his rear is not possible if that does not solve the problem of Moscow that not only in the eyes of Ukrainians, Georgians, Balts and other Nations, and provincial Russian has long turned to the source of all ills and evils of the country. Today it is actually the capital of the Russian branch of the "deep state", where "entrenched, supposedly our friends." Meanwhile, as international experience shows, the nature of power is changing only with the change of the capital. Experts believe that in the information age, government and society, nothing terrible will happen if of the RF, Central Bank, audit chamber, Ministry of foreign Affairs, security forces, Federal channels will move to another city, for example, in Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Tula, Yaroslavl, etc. it is the Federal government, freed from the rigid arms and the cunning web of the Moscow octopus, only healthier. Will become closer to the Russian hinterland. About the big financial expenses can not speak, today the capital of Russia more expensive. The tears of the people of Moscow don't believe anymore. It will remain a business and cultural centre of the country, where can function of the Executive power under the supervision of Moscow and the Federal security forces, under the strict control of the Russian Federal Assembly and the security Council of the country.

The situation in the country and the world today is that if in the foreseeable future will not be able properly to equip the Russian government, to break out and win, then we will not help nor "Russian cold", or "Russian road", what a talented singing Igor Rasteryaev. For the Russian multinational people of Russia and its President has come time "CH". Will not find anyone neither poor nor super-rich, neither small nor great Nations, not God's favourites, and the titular elites. The President now has nothing to lose, except their chains, which are trying to attract to the "deep state." Much more important, "not to cry" in the eyes of the deep and other peoples of the country.

Fyodor Pashin

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