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Today the power is focused on the problems that worry the society
Material posted: Publication date: 22-08-2012

Monitoring of expert judgments, sociological researches and public television political talk shows have shown that in respect of measures undertaken by the authorities in all spheres of social life previously used the word "unsystematic", "incompetence", "stupidity" be replaced with the characteristics defined by the words "nonsense", "nonsense", "idiocy". This point of view, for example, adhere to: Gennady Zyuganov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, I. M. Weller, S. E. Kurginyan, Mikhail G. Delyagin, etc. the General conclusion — evaluation of officials from the experts: "the government is focused on the problems that worry the society."

"This is a multi-ethnic state was formed around the Russian people it was and remains the core of the Russian state-forming nation; new times, new technologies and ideology not only has not weakened, but strengthened tenfold the significance of this rod".

(Vladimir Putin).







Introducing new standards of living necessary to consider the influence on them of internal and external factors. External factors are determined by the social crisis of the world-international paradigm, which is manifested as a global socio-political default of the idea of "social state" of the Western type, the idea of "solo partnership" and the idea of the "melting pot" — the creation of multicultural States have accumulated too many social obligations and people who need social support.

Internal factors determining the situation as is presented in the format of statements of representatives of authorities, politicians and experts, which ensures the objectivity of assessments "of the effectiveness of public administration in Russia": "Mechanisms of realization of all good intentions (improvements) hard-locked" (Grinberg). Blocked by whom? The answer gives a report of the Center for the study of the future: "today Russia is a raw materials appendage of the global economy with external control. It as a cash cow, not kill, but do not allow to come out of the bullpen. External governance will allow Russia to be a sovereign country".

This assessment confirms the Deputy from "United Russia" A. E. Fedorov, "Russia lost the cold war, and the loser pays. And we pay". To whom and how to pay can be found in the report: instead of creating new jobs and introducing new technologies, the Ministry of Finance invests in foreign securities under 1-2%, and the business takes loans at 10-12%. This is a global tax on rents Russia. The development program until 2020 prepared by the Ministry of economic development was rejected by the Finance Ministry due to lack of funds for its implementation. Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that in the next 10-15 years we better live will not — the state has no money. Thus during the years of crisis of millionaires in Russia became twice more, and the profit of banks and state corporations has increased significantly ("Sberbank", "Gazprom"). Alexei Miller at the annual meeting of shareholders announced a new strategy of JSC "Gazprom" — to bring domestic prices up to world, maintaining the principle of equal returns in all markets.

Thus, citizens will have to solve their social problems on their own, focusing not on the standards of growth of standard of living, and on the biological principles of animal survival. All of this is happening against the background of the growth of the police, the number of which exceeds the size of the army that gives rise to a number of experts assert that in Russia, built a police state where "financial fraud, executed the laws" (O. G. Dmitrieva — report in the state Duma):

The first Scam is envisaged in the budget law. If earlier budgets were loans for which their money was kept in Reserve Fund and not spent, then the budget is being adjusted for 2011 the loan began to take right, to put the money in a Reserve Fund. For example, a 1 341 billion at 5-7%, in order to increase the Reserve Fund at 677 billion rubles, and this money is invested under 1-1,5%, artificially creating the budget deficit.

The second con — conducted under the guise of the Federal law about innovative partnerships, where neupravliaemie companions enter into a partnership only with money, and managing money and innovation. Through an amendment to the Federal law "On science and state scientific and technical policy" introduced a definition of "innovation". It's not something that was invented by Edison, Alferov or Zworykin, and what invents A. Chubais. Now innovation is "superior... sales method or a new organizational method in business practices... or in external relations". First, there was adopted the law on privatization of "RUSNANO", then will decide on the sale of shares of state RUSNANO and state-owned banks. After this, you create an investment partnership, where individuals — homenajea includes your financial know-how, and corporatized government agencies, inflated budgetary funds, includes money, and give them as much as you require managing partners. The transfer of funds took place. The authors of the three laws is the same.

The third Scam is in violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation from individual patronage to commercial structures. Now, in order not to break the law, specially focusing on the distribution of individual tax and customs exemptions through free economic zones, which breed in recent times, the law, technical innovation, tourist clusters, industrial derivatives. This assumes that all work is impossible, and only people in the zones, and the tolerance zone is defined arbitrarily by a group of officials.

New Scam — with pension savings. FZ "About order of financing of payments at the expense of pension savings and On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with adoption of the Federal law "On the procedure for financing of payments at the expense of pension accumulations". Their essence is that contributions in the amount of 34% to pay be sure, to transfer the money in NPF and management companies is necessary, and to pay pensions to the citizens — if possible, with all the risks of financial institutions covered by the government, i.e. the taxpayer.

The head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation A. I. Bastrykin, participating in the discussion at the round table in the State Duma, admitted that if one is serious about fighting corruption in the system of public administration the work of none — state machine is eaten by corruption. Thus, all the accumulated public resources for the implementation of new standards, and quality of life, privatized by a narrow group of individuals and taken abroad in foreign banks. Interelite not associate their future with Russia, and sees it as "a free territory for hunting and settlement by other peoples." (A. R. Koch). The dismantling of the power vertical are intended to throw social responsibility to the local authorities, leaving the right concentration of Finance and distribution functions in the center. Thus, the true intentions of the authorities are to create a legal police state, free of social burden, where their commercial and political freedom, and for the rest of the law, prohibition and punishment.

Intrinsic factor, which puts pressure on all the other problems, this "Russian question" — without motivation activate 80% of the Russian population are no resources for introduction of new quality standards of living in the country does not appear. Therefore there is a need for modernisation and reform of all existing systems of governance of the country through finding new solutions. Instead, officials are its legislative activity in a different direction — they invent new features that augment their powers, to increase the funding of its activities and to increase the number of staff. Among these functions is the leader tightening control over the lives of citizens by the authorities. This means that officials intercepted the citizens initiative is civilian control over the officials implemented the control of officials over citizens.

In addition, instead of the strategy of saving the indigenous peoples of Russia, government and public-hired experts are increasingly talking about the possibility of ethnic reproduction of the population. For example, I. E. Diskin argues that no reduction of the population in Russia will not happen, because the excess of deaths over births has declined in recent years from 750 to 200 thousand people per year. This difference is compensated by migrants from CIS countries, therefore, the number of 142 million people will remain stable. He was echoed by I. D. Kobzon, who called the collapse of the Soviet Union, the presence of "big brother" — in his opinion, the division into senior and Junior, where the Russians want to be older, in Russia it is unacceptable. Agree with him, Dmitry Medvedev, on the proposal of the LDPR and the Communist party to save from the genocide of the Russian people, twice replied that support should be "Russian culture". With this position, according to a majority of the representatives of national minorities. Moreover, there are provocateurs who believe that Russian is not a nation; that the Russians can be considered anyone who is interested in Russian culture, etc.

You can not leave without attention the statement of K. N. Borovoy called "fathers of the nation", able to lead the peoples of Russia in the bright future of their "fellow countrymen" — Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Berezovsky. Borovoi believes that without them the country is degraded, because instead of "national leaders" came "kid" who abolished democracy, and corruption made the instrument of power. Borovoy concludes that Russia does not need a national idea, and the freedom and democracy that will make everyone happy... All of this seems to fit the project "Russia without Russians" (Margaret Thatcher, Madeleine Albright).

Apparently, the internationalists know that in any system there are systemic (underlying) element and anti-systemic elements (parasites). They don't know international law, which determines that a country where more than 75% of the population of one nation is mono-ethnic country. It is better to talk about freedom of cosmopolitanism and global market competition that, in their opinion, explains the changing composition of national elites due to the total reduction of Russian beyond this idea does not work.

In contrast to the Russophobes, RAS academician M. L. Titarenko believes that the core of Russian statehood remains the Russian people that hold geographically stretched Russia, while ideas of liberalism and internationalism weakened, and the thesis of the cultural backwardness of Russia and the need for its entry into the world civilization threatens the sovereignty and integrity of Russia. Interquarterly do everything to ensure that the Russians have ceased to be a pillar of statehood, while the small peoples in Russia are guided by their own survival, and not on the implementation of the principle "to live by one destiny".

Instead of all the small Nations unite around a strong Russian core, is the Association of ethnic elites around "the Federal budget trough". The Kremlin encourages the expansion of foreigners in the Russian lands, creating artificial competitive advantages, feeding ethnic Diaspora by giving them control of the most effective oil and gas industries, banking, trade, transport. But weak the Russians could not combine and hold off Russia. Therefore, academician concludes that the responsibility for the effective development, or, conversely, the degradation of the state has the power-elite. In some countries this responsibility is realized through the revolution that overthrew and executed intergarrison, in others through a return to the national idea and access to a political platform of nationalists as "centrists" didn't make it. In Russia it is a national conflict in Kondopoga, Moscow, Sagra...

New development, describing the reality and true intentions of the authorities, can be considered a conflict of fcpd with RSPP and the Federal migration service about the changes of the Labour code of the Russian Federation. Under such conditions, to talk about new standards of quality of life has no one the power this question is not even asked, so the probability of their implementation is very low. The only path to survival lies in self-organization and self-government of citizens, mostly Russians (A. A. Zinoviev). The first step in this direction could become a "Social contract between indigenous peoples of Russia on mutual guarantees for joint development", which will be discussed as a socio-political initiative without the participation of the authorities, who need to declare the "presumption of guilt" for the results of their operations and discourage any desire to build their intercarrier due to the well-being of Russian citizens.

In this regard, I would like to remind Mr. Diskin, Borovoe, Kobzon and their associates in the statements of famous scientists and thinkers and public figures of the world about Russians and Russia, as the price issue is determined by the historical reputation of generic the ruling elites to the nation:

"The greatness and the power and wealth of the entire state is the preservation and reproduction of the Russian people".

(M. V. Lomonosov)

"The owner of Russia there is only one Russian, is and always should be."

(F. M. Dostoevsky)

"Anyone who has ever seriously studied Russian history knows that Russian nationalism has always provided the integrity of the country and its ability to cope with many enemies and troubles".

(Henry Kissinger)

"Russians do not save, not save Russia, save Russia, save the world".

(B. Lazare)

In conclusion I would like to remind you that Russia is not America, so the attempt at the ethnic replacement of the indigenous peoples of Russia contradicts not only common sense but also is a direct threat to state sovereignty of Russia, Russian is classified as treason.

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