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The country developed nationalism
Material posted: Publication date: 09-09-2012

The year 2012 marks the 1150 years since the arrival in 862 G. to power in Russia Varangians of Rurik dynasty. In Russia, the official history carries this date to the beginning of the formation of the Russian statehood. This year a special debate in the media has caused the appointment of Igor Rurikovich Kholmanskikh, the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Urals Federal district. Some experts and journalists are rightly draw analogies between the events of today and the distant past, when Russia successfully resisted foreign invasion. Comments on the situation of Belarusian political scientist Anna Serbian

1. Price solid tolerance

In recent years in the leading countries of the world, especially Europe, is already openly talking about the consequences and dangers of the policy of multiculturalism, trying to take measures to curb migration, but, as recognized by Western experts, "the train has already left". Many indigenous peoples of Europe are doomed to extinction, their state - by ethnic clashes, environmental degradation and decay. The national forces of these countries, realizing their helplessness before organized immigration from outside, and strongly support the structures of the "world backstage", turn their hopes towards Russia.

However, modern Russia itself approached a dangerous point. In resultsamerican invasion of the country of the alien in the last twenty years the state was facing a real threat, if not disintegration, ethno-cultural rebirth, following the example of Byzantium, when the geohistorical location of Orthodox civilization came another geo-culture – Ottoman Empire. Such situation became possible as a result of millennial political and economic practices of the Russian authorities of purposeful discrimination of the Russian-Slavic population, on the one hand, and the promotion mestnikova nationalism and chauvinism, support all kinds of strangers and foreigners in Russia.

Currently the world is suffering from "color revolutions", which is largely inspired from the outside. But until the "powers that be" are playing a geopolitical game in order to ensure its supremacy in the world, they watched the birth and development of the multinational octopus that stretched the tentacle to the main "estates" of the "world backstage" in Europe, successfully competing with them. Many national communities are no longer a blind tool of alien ideas, they clearly know who are his, and who is a stranger, and increasingly act in their national interests, the gradual going out of control "powers that be".

And while global Diaspora directly trying to interfere in the political "revolutionary" showdown between the elites of the leading countries, including in Russia, which aim to restructure the political regimes in the interests of the new world order. However, it is clear that the ethnic network of the Corporation has the maturity to play a role in a new division of world order, without respect of person "world backstage". This is, in particular, warns the latest Patriarch of world politics by Henry Kissinger. Including the threat of this danger quickly combine their resources and capabilities of two well-known international clans, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.


2. The triumph of nationalism in Russia

Currently the international and national Diaspora in Russia. As you know, back in the Soviet of the Union of Islamic forces had been planning to seize power in this country and turn it into the main stronghold of the Muslim world. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, which fell, including under the unbearable weight of preferences and privileges for national entities which had to bear, first of all, the Russian Soviet Federative socialist Republic (RSFSR), began a new phase of struggle for Russia. With external support, and a Pro-Western puppet regime in the Kremlin small Nations, first and foremost, the liberal-cosmopolitans and people from the Caucasus, fueling and pumping Russophobia in the society, proceeded to deliberate discrimination and oppression of the Russian-Slavic population, the expulsion of its representatives from power structures, economy and business.

At the first stage of the minorities acted as henchmen of the liberal agents of external influence. However, neither quickly realize who is who in modern Russia, realizing that it is ruled not by the Russians, and the old Testament people. Separated within their national communities by building a network system of inter-ethnic interaction in the largest cities of Russia, nationalist, first of all, the Caucasians moved to the division of spheres of influence and the implementation of their plans of domination in Russia. Took control of the Russian "street", security forces and government officials, who intimidate, who to bribe, who through the dirt, now they dictate their conditions in the economy and business, and promote people in power preparing their personnel capacity to reign in Russia.

Currently the heaviest situation has developed in the leading cities of the country and, above all, in the Moscow region. Here the Russian-Slavic residents turned out for the rights of disenfranchised minorities. Now Russian slaves can be found not only in the Caucasus but also in Moscow region. Extracts and other indigenous people of Russia, they are not for their own. It comes down to what you can get a knife in the back, if not I may look at the native of the Caucasus. The capital is divided into spheres of influence, a profitable business is divided between influential diasporas, more and more Muscovites remained without work, their places are occupied by newcomers. Every year increases the outflow of the Russian-Slavic population from Moscow. The Moscow region is rapidly arming itself. Growing mood of protest, mass demonstrations of the opposition. The air smells of trouble. Local officials hope to insulate itself from ethnic crime on the territory of "new Moscow". In the eyes of provincial Russia, Moscow has become a source of all ills and evils, and Muscovites – in the object of universal hatred and contempt.

According to the ideologists of the project, the reformatting of Russia, the Russian-Slavic population and other indigenous peoples of Central Russia plays the role of the working masses, along with migrants from Central Asia, even more unenviable fate awaits the Russians cosmopolitan origin, today occupying key positions in Finance, business, culture, art and media. Caucasians and members of other influential people lay their account to the Pro-Western agents of influence, which controls the power in Russia. They are well aware that wars and conflicts, troubles and hardships that they have experienced in their history been with them since the filing of the Russian cosmopolitan.

While there are political "showdown" between liberal cosmopolitans and officials of the national-Patriotic sense of power summit, the so-called small Nations trying to remain neutral, hoping for a mutual weakening of the warring parties. Nevertheless, estimates exist that the leaders of diasporas and to a greater extent grouping support the President than liberals-cosmopolitans, for which the West stands. The fact that there is considerable experience of mutual cooperation of the parties, when the authorities in exchange for preferences received from national minorities for the loyalty and political support.


3. Crisis scenarios

However, in conditions of increase in the country negative phenomena in the economy, destabilizing socio-political situation in Syria and a different scenario "color revolution" in the Diaspora will be guided by exclusively own interests and to act in accordance with the international plans for distribution of spheres of influence in Russia. According to experts, the Russian Diaspora in the necessary time are able to take to the streets 10 thousand people in medium-sized cities of Russia of 150 thousand and 50 thousand, respectively in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This will solve in their favor the fate of any "color" revolution. The days of the Muslim holidays in Russia are convincing evidence on human resources of the Islamic mobilization in an emergency. In addition, the Diaspora to implement their plans have significant financial resources, operational capabilities and staff relations, a large number of weapons. A unique instrument of armed struggle for power in Russia are numerous ethnic criminal group that controls key areas of life in Russian cities. National communities in achieving their plans can count on comprehensive support, as the national subjects of the Russian Federation and foreign States, in particular, Baku, Tbilisi, etc.

However, according to experts in a crisis, nondiaspora is unlikely to be able to seize power in contemporary Russia. Russian liberals, with the support from the outside, having much more experience of playing off Russia's indigenous peoples will likely use multinational mass to deter Russian-Slavic resistance to foreign domination. In this scenario, the country is doomed to permanent strife and disintegration, territorial separation along ethnic and religious lines. Russian-Slavic regions, presumably, will gravitate towards Belarus and Ukraine. Muslim center consolidation will be formed in the Volga region. Siberia and the far East can become easy prey for the US, China and other countries. In the worst situation will be the multinational Moscow, which will become the epicentre of permanent ethnic and religious clashes.


4. To Save Russia

According to many foreign and domestic experts, at the present time the prospects of preserving Russia surprisingly coincide with the fate of the President. And indeed it is. In Russia there is no past political stability, the growing crisis in the economy, do not stop interethnic and social conflicts, growing protests. In General, there are very delicate internal political balance, which is largely preserved and maintained thanks to the presence in power of Putin. Even the opposition, which divert the current Russian President a term of office not more than one year, more wonder, and what will happen to the country without Putin.

Meanwhile, the answer to this question is well know in the West, not without the participation of more than 20 years ago with the hated Gorbachev so-called liberal-democratic opposition "dumped" at the dump history of the USSR. Now comes the turn of Russia. Liberals are once again saddled the mood of protest and with the support of their Western masters are prepared to slaughter Russia. And it's obvious. Most people, knowing that the President and his, first of all, westernized environment on good it was necessary to prosecute, but they sense the impending disaster of the collapse of the country and the civil war, in elections supported Putin. The people in Russia wise – price state, much better than the fate of a senior official, by whose hands the sworn enemies of the country continue to sow evil, to destroy the people, destroy the economy and agriculture. Insidiously using in the purposes of the March election, the liberals, led by his "Napoleon", again saddled the Executive power in the country.

However, in the media, no longer hiding, they write that the head of the country "cast" bullet and he expects unenviable fate. But in Russia lying not only beaten, but also regret, hope that, finding themselves in the same boat with his people, the President can no longer be rowing like a galley slave, and will be the captain of the ship and will commit to freeing the country from dependence, recovery and revival of the unique Russian civilization. Even in the current difficult, almost hopeless situation, you can do a lot, if you act like Svyatoslav Rurik, Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan the terrible, Stalin (Dzhugashvili) and other advocates of independence. Among the primary steps the experts have long been distinguish the following:

1.The transfer of the capital from Moscow, the amalgamation of territories of the Moscow region with other neighboring regions of Central Russia, the transformation of Moscow in the historical and cultural center of Russia, the limit of registration in the Moscow region, the rejection of the construction of "new Moscow".

2. The health information situation in the country, the withdrawal of the population from aggressive-depressive States, elimination of external control of public and other leading mass media, the establishment of strict control of the state and society on information and personnel policy in the media, ensuring the information security of state and society.

3. Consolidation of authorities, the elimination of the post of head of government, subordinate to the government directly to the President, the elimination of the post of Prime Minister and removal of the liberals from power, the Union of the chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation under the leadership of Chairman, conduct of elections, personnel of the revolution in the center and on the ground .

4. Recovery demographic of justice and equality in the country, the reform of state-territorial device: or the abolition of all national-territorial entity and restore the actual equality of Nations, as required by the Constitution, or the revival of Russo-Slavic statehood within the Russian Federation within the territories of compact residence of the Russian-Slavic population.

Termination of migration in the country, the expulsion from Russia of all illegal immigrants, strengthening of border and migration control, the elimination of the infrastructure of ethnic business, the elimination of network structures of influence and support national communities, national-cultural autonomies, etc.

5. Refusal to participate in the WTO, the elimination of financial and economic dependence from the outside, the subordination of the state Central Bank, the transition to settlements in rubles in foreign economic activity, the cessation of detrimental liberal economic reforms in the country, holding neoindustrialization and desurbanization countries, the translation of national economy on the rails and self-sufficient mobilization of the economy, priority development of the defense industry.

6. Stricter legislation and effective in the fight against corruption, the elimination of infrastructure ethnic crime, increased prosecution of anti-state subversive activities, information in the media genocide, promotion of illegal migration, Russophobia and the fomenting of national enmity.

7. Consolidation and strengthening of power structures, in particular, the merger of FSB, FSO and SVR, the priority strengthening of the army and Navy, their increasing status and authority in society, strengthening social guarantees for servicemen.

8.The revival of the Russian-Slavic historical and cultural of the Trinity, the formation of the Union state of Belarus and Russia, strengthening of the Customs Union.


5. The rescue rolling, a handwork...

However, during the deadly new challenges and threats of the Russian-Slavic population, having learned from bitter historical experience that nobody would give deliverance, neither the king, nor hero, is long overdue attend to their own survival and self-preservation, to achieve the liberation of our brains and hands. How to act in this situation dictates human nature. First of all, necessary, despite all the socio-economic and other difficulties, to be fruitful, bear children, educate them in the ethno-religious traditions and fighting spirit. In addition, as nature suggests, not even in dangerous situations to survive easier, "huddling together in flocks", and better in the place of compact residence of people.

So behave the representatives of the peoples of Russia, because it's easier to break into the business, to ensure the safety of tribesmen, defend and lobby the government and law of their ethno-religious interests. The strongest Diaspora show an example of how to have their spheres of influence and feeding, infrastructure, financial, material and even armed support. As you know, the furthest on the way of development of structures of ethno-religious solidarity in Russia and worldwide advanced old Testament people. They demonstrate how to control information, financial, personnel controls, to own revolutionary technology to overthrow the government, incite controversy, conflict and wars between peoples. In Russia the liberals play the title role in the entourage of the President, the government, etc., and the street protest movement, which is coordinated and directed by the mainstream media.

In conditions when the Russian-Slavic population of Russia was deprived of its public and other agencies of mutual aid and support, important role in the formation and development of a network of ethnic solidarity could play a Russian Orthodox Church, which today has also become a victim of Russophobia and is under unprecedented attack. It is therefore imperative that the ROC more I positioned myself, as, firstly, the Russian Church, and secondly, Orthodox, inherited and pre-Christian values and traditions of the people.

Despite the fact that the fraternal peoples of Belarus and Russia is also experiencing hard times, being exposed to attacks and pressures from the outside, they should attend to the fate of their compatriots in Russia. At least, the authors with their long experience of survival in the conditions of unprecedented pressure on him, there is something to "help" his fellow-sufferers in Russia and Ukraine. Otherwise, Slavs brothers I am out of luck, all of them, and not only in the post-Soviet space, waiting for the sad fate of the Stripping and disappearance. Therefore, diasporas in Russia it's time to realize that by helping to finish the "Russian-Slavic bear", they "saw a bough on which you sit" and "digging your own grave", common mass.

World history testifies that the peoples who, during the "lost in the pack", came together and consolidated their efforts and opportunities to maintain and develop their traditional orientations and values, have prospects of survival and salvation in an era of global challenges and threats. Examples of Armenians, Jews, Kurds, other successful in the survival of peoples.

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