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Spring begins with the shocks...
Material posted: Grinyaev SergeyPublication date: 11-03-2017
The beginning of spring of this year was marked in Russia by mass psychosis: the clouds of intimidation of parents preparing for several months, at last have burst in a thunder and lightnings – on March 10 across all country there has passed mailing of messages from certain "well-wishers" about preparing mass (it was specified in the message - to 5000 people) a suicide of teenagers from "groups of death".

This was reported by several regional sites[1],[2].

The evening of 10 March and the morning of March 11 commissioners for the rights of the child and the structure of the Ministry of different areas began to refute the message data[3], [4], [5].

Characteristically, the organizers of "shares" timed message about the upcoming mass deaths of teenagers to the Jewish holiday of Purim, which is alarming in itself.

General excitement on the subject, before even augmented through the Kremlin: in particular, the President said that he supported tougher penalties for organizers of "groups of death"[6], came to an end.

The fact that the situation had to go on something like that, was predictable clear since last summer when the information about suicidal communities began to win the first strip of the Central media, TV channels and Internet sites. First appeared information about the fact that this group "crossed the border" and distributed in Europe[7].

The apotheosis was a series of talk shows on the dangerous topic. So, came the transmission: "the Group of death. Time will tell" (15.06.2016 g)[8], "Games with death. Time will tell" (20.02.2017 g)[9], "the Group of death. Time will tell" (01.03.2017)[10], "Caution! The blue whale! Male and female" (02.03.2017)[11], "news. The first channel" (05.03.2017 g)[12]. Only one week was prepared and aired FOUR shows on the same topic! The question suggests itself: WHY SUCH a DANGEROUS TOPIC to TAKE ON CENTRAL television CHANNELS ALL over the COUNTRY AND SO MASSIVELY?!

The fact that such passions had to get the interchange is also evident, therefore sending the appropriate message of 10 March was not something unexpected for those who analyze the information space.

In this context, given a number of other circumstances, it becomes quite obvious that the election campaign of 2018 got the start...

However, some new questions...

For example, why until the last moment and there was no statements from the authorized on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova? Why no statements from official representatives of the interior Ministry? After all, the panic among parents covered most of the regions of the Russian Federation.

And a separate question - why is so "rasieren" this "Blue whale"?

It is no secret that the adolescents were at risk since the early 90-ies of XX century, when parents compelled to earn a livelihood in the "dashing 90-e", just don't have enough time for children. And this is quite objective. After the collapse of the USSR and the entire system of education and training, the youth remained by itself: there was not a Komsomol or pioneers, nor palaces of creativity...

Experience has shown that the situation of young people has not fundamentally changed until today: there is not one positive example of successful implementation of youth policy On youth... time again not... Economic and political crises piled one after the other, beat the parents and children are most susceptible to these troubles.

But in this difficult situation for adults the first and only motive remains "cut the dough" and the last message, in particular, Rosmolodezh[13] only justify this assumption. Recently, the youth focused on the prevention of involvement of youth and students in the "orange" network, but on the way suddenly stood up "the Blue whale"... Why is the fight against extremism outweighed the need to combat suicide? Again I did not finish?

A few years ago it was satanic communities and sects... it is Interesting that now they have not gone away and continue to involve in your network, the immature soul, but they are today not write or produce programmes... That is today no longer Scientologists? Or the government finally put the religious and pseudo-religious sects under its tight control? No. And drug and substance abuse among adolescents? Is there a positive trend here? Again, no...

One time took up the theme "train surfers falling" and loss of adolescents on the railway, but something did not go... not allowed to scrutity the hype... Take the theme of parkour free runners, but this is not Russia... not stuck... But "Blue whale" stuck... as they say... Well, the recruiters of Islamic terrorists (here, by the way, law enforcement officers act professionally – a subject certainly real, but the special reports you will see).

But if it is so serious, where is law enforcement? Why only now, on the eve of new elections, we're talking about this? And the main question: WHY the TOPIC was BROUGHT INTO the PUBLIC SPACE? For what? To know about it all, even those who are not? Why the police do not take decisive measures, quietly, professionally, without unnecessary noise and psychosis, is extremely rigidly? What are you waiting for? Mass protests and protests of parents, who are in a state of extreme excitation?

Noteworthy is the fact that in the midst of the campaign in Moscow, as in the 90s, there were stalls with all sorts of amulets and zaovalennymi items... of the witches and wise women, which protect you and your family... Wizards, but not the power...

The children are very vulnerable... the One who planned the use of children and their health in their own purely pragmatic purposes, makes it extremely dangerous and short-sighted step...


Sergei Grinyaev














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