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Vladislav Surkov: Putin's Long state
Material posted: Publication date: 11-02-2019
"It just seems that the choice we have." Amazing depth and audacity of the word. Said half a decade ago, today they are forgotten and not cited. But according to the laws of psychology that we are forgotten, affects us far greater than what we remember. And these words, going far beyond the context in which it was made, eventually become the first axiom of the new Russian state, on which is built all the theories and practices of actual policy.

The illusion of choice is the most important of the illusions, corona trick of the Western lifestyle in General and Western democracy in particular, has long been committed to Barnum rather than Cleisthenes. The rejection of this illusion in favor of realism determinism has led our society first, thinking about his special version of the sovereign democratic development, and then to a complete loss of interest in discussions on what should be a democracy, and should it, in principle, be.

Opened the way of free state-building directed not imported chimeras, but by the logic of historical processes, the "art of the possible". Impossible, unnatural and contestazioni the collapse of Russia was, albeit belatedly, but firmly stopped. Having fallen from the level of the USSR to the level of the Russian Federation, Russia tumbling stopped, began to recover and returned to its natural and only possible state of great, growing and gathering of the earth community of Nations. Immodest role of our country in the history of the world, does not allow to leave the scene or remain silent in the crowd, promises of peace and predetermines the difficult nature of the local state.

And now – the Russian government continues, and now it's a new type of state, what we have not been. Issued in General to the mid-noughties, it is little studied, but its uniqueness and vitality is obvious. Stress tests which it passed and passed, show that it is organically developed model of political system would be an effective means of survival and elevation of the Russian nation for the next not only years, but decades, and most likely in the coming century.

Russian history is known, therefore, four main models of the state, which conditionally can be named after their founders: the government of Ivan III (Grand Duchy/Kingdom of Moscow and all Rus, XV–XVII century); the government of Peter the Great (Russian Empire, XVIII–XIX century); the government of Lenin (the Soviet Union, the twentieth century); the state of Putin (the Russian Federation of the XXI century). Created by people speaking in Gumilevsky, "long will," these great political machine, one after another, remoteareas and adapting on the go, century after century, provided the Russian world thrust upward movement.

A big political machine Putin is gaining momentum and is set in a long, difficult and interesting work. Its full capacity is far ahead, so many years later Russia is still Putin's government, just as modern France still calls itself the Fifth Republic of de Gaulle, Turkey (despite the fact that the authorities there now anticelulite) still relies on the ideology of the "Six arrows" of Ataturk, and the United States still turn to the images and values of the semi-legendary "founding fathers".

Need awareness, understanding and description of Putin's system of ruling, and in General the whole complex of ideas and measurements of Putinism as an ideology of the future. That is the future, because this Putin is hardly Putinists, as well as, for example, Marx was not a Marxist and not the fact that would agree them to be, if he knew what it was. But it should be done for anyone who is not Putin, and would like to be like him. To be able to broadcast it methods and approaches in the coming times.

The description should be done not in the style of two propaganda, ours and not ours, and in the language and Russian officialdom, and anti-Russian officialdom would be perceived as mildly heretical. Such language may be acceptable to a wide enough audience, which was required, as was done in Russia's political system is suitable not only for home of the future, it clearly has considerable export potential, the demand for it or some of its components already exists, its experience is studied and partially adopt, imitate her as the ruling and opposition groups in many countries.

Foreign policy is credited with Russia's interference in elections and referendums across the globe. In fact, the case is even worse – Russia intervenes in their brain and they don't know what to do with my own altered consciousness. Since after a failure the 90s, our country refused from ideological loans started to make sense and went to the information counter-offensive in the West, European and American experts were more often wrong in their forecasts. Their surprise and enrage paranormal preferences of the electorate. Loss, they announced the invasion of populism. You could say that, if there are no words.

Meanwhile, the interest of foreigners to Russian political algorithm is clear – there is no prophet in their homelands, and all of today, what is happening to them, Russia has long been prophesied.

When everyone was crazy about globalization, and carrying a flat world without borders, Moscow clearly reminded that the sovereignty and national interests matter. Then many of us caught in the "naive" attachment to these old things, supposedly long out of fashion. Taught us that there is nothing to hold on to the values of the NINETEENTH century, and we should be bold enough to step into the XXI century, where there will be no sovereign Nations and nation-States. In the twenty-first century was published, however, in our opinion. English brickset, the American "#grajagan", anti-immigrant fencing in Europe – only the first paragraphs of the lengthy list of widespread manifestations of the deglobalization, desuverenezatsia and nationalism.

When every corner praised the Internet as a sacred space of unlimited freedom, where everything is supposedly everything and where everything is supposedly equal, because of Russia sounded a sobering question for duped mankind: "And who we are in the world web, spiders or flies?" And today, all rushed to untangle the Network, including the most freedom-loving bureaucracy, and to catch Facebook in connivance of foreign interventions. Once free virtual space, advertised as a type of the coming of Paradise, captured and delineated by the cyber-police and cyber-crime, cybervictim and kibershpionov, cyberterrorists and cybermarine.

When hegemony "hegemony" was not disputed and the great American dream of world domination has almost come true, and many imagined the end of history with the final remark, "people silent", the ensuing silence was suddenly sounded Munich speech. Then she thought of the dissident, but today all it made seems self-evident – America is unhappy with everything including the Americans themselves.

Not long ago, a little-known term derin devlet Turkish political vocabulary was publicized in the American media, translated in English sounded like 'deep state', and from there went our media. In Russian was "deep" or "deep state". The term means hidden behind the outer, exposed democratic institutions hard, absolutely non-democratic network organization of the real power of the security forces. The mechanism, in practice acting through violence, bribery and manipulation and hidden deep beneath the surface of civil society, in the words of (hypocritically or naively) the manipulation, bribery and condemning the violence.

Having had unpleasant inside the "deep state", the Americans, however, is not particularly surprised, because long ago its presence suspected. If there is a deep net or dark net, why not be a deep dark state or even state? From the depths and darkness of this non-public and discreet power pop made there for the masses the bright Mirage of democracy – the illusion of choice, a sense of freedom, a sense of superiority, etc.

Distrust and envy used democracy as a priority of sources of social energy necessary lead to absolute criticism and higher levels of anxiety. Haters, trolls and joined them evil bots formed the most shrill, pushing the once dominant position to set a very different tone to the honourable the middle class.

In the good intentions of politicians now, no one believes they jealous and because I think people are vicious, cunning, and sometimes even villains. Poltoratskii the famous series from "Boss" to "house of cards" accordingly draw a naturalistic picture of the troubled everyday life of the establishment.

The bastard must not be allowed to go too far for the simple reason that he is a scoundrel. And when the terms of (presumably) some scoundrels, to deter the bastards have to use scoundrels. Wedge a wedge a rascal the rascal knock... a wide selection of villains and convoluted rules designed to keep them fighting among themselves more or less a draw result. So there is a beneficent system of checks and balances – a dynamic equilibrium of meanness, greed, balance, harmony trickery. If someone still gets excited and behaves disharmonious, alert deep state depending on the invisible hand drags renegade to the bottom.

Nothing wrong with the proposed image of Western democracy in fact, there is quite a bit to change the angle of view, and become scary again. But the sediment remains, and a resident of West is starting to turn my head in search of other samples and ways of being. And see Russia.

Our system, as it does everything, looks, of course, not elegant, but honest. And although not for everyone the word "honest" is synonymous with "better", it still has its appeal.

The government we have is not divided into deep and foreign, it is built as a whole, with all its parts and manifestations outside. The most brutal structure of the power frame are directly on the facade, not covered by any architectural excesses. Bureaucracy, even when cunning, makes it not too carefully, as if assuming that the "still everything is understood".

The high internal stress associated with the retention of a huge heterogeneous spaces, and permanent residence in the midst of geopolitical struggle doing military-police functions of the state the most important and decisive. They are traditionally not hiding, but rather show, because Russia never ruled by the merchants (almost never, exceptions – a few months in 1917 and a few years in the 1990s), who believes the military is below retail, and related merchants liberals, the doctrine of which is based upon rejection of anything like a "police officer". There was no one to drape the truth with illusions, shyly pushing into the background and hiding deeper immanent property of any state to be an instrument of defense and attack.

The deep state in Russia, it is all in the mind, but there are deep people.

On a glossy surface Shine elite, century after century, active (to give it its due) involving the people in some of their activities – party meetings, wars, elections, economic experiments. The people involved, but somewhat aloof on the surface, not shown, living in your own depth, a different life. Two of the national life, superficial and deep, sometimes living in opposite directions, sometimes matching but never merge into one.

Deep people is always on your mind, inaccessible to sociological polls, propaganda, threats and other methods of direct study and impact. Understanding who he is, what he thinks and what he wants, often comes suddenly and too late, and not to those who might have something to do.

Rare social scientists will undertake to determine exactly equal if the underlying population or people it part, and if part, which is it? At different times, for it took the peasants, the proletarians, the non-party, then hipsters, then state employees. His "looking for", it "went". Called Antioch, and Vice versa. Sometimes decided that he is fictional and does not exist in reality, started some galloping reform without looking at him, but quickly lay himself on his forehead, coming to the conclusion that "something still there". He retreated under the pressure of its own or alien invaders, but always returned.

His giant supermascot deep people creates an irresistible force of cultural gravity that connects the nation and pulls (presses) to the ground (his native land) elite, from time to time trying cosmopolitan soar.

Nation, whatever it meant, precedes statehood, and determines its form, limits the imagination of theorists, forcing practitioners to certain actions. It is a powerful attractor, which inevitably lead without exception political trajectory. To begin in Russia can be anything – from conservatism, with socialism, with liberalism, but to finish will have approximately one and the same. That is what, in fact, is.

The ability to hear and understand people, to see through him, to the depth of choices is a unique and superior dignity of the state Putin. It adequately to the people, passing him, and therefore not subject to the destructive forces from counter-currents of history. Therefore, it is effective and durable.

In the new system, all institutions are subordinate to the main task of trusting communication and interaction of the ruler with the citizens. The different branches of government converge to the personality of the leader, regardless of value, not in themselves, but only to the extent that provide a connection with him. In addition to them, bypassing formal structures and elite groups are informal ways of communication. And when the stupidity, backwardness, corruption or create a disturbance in the lines of communication with the people taken energetic measures to restore hearing.

Adopted from West's multi-level political institutions, we have sometimes considered in part a ritual, a routine more in order to be "like everyone else" that the differences of our political culture is not so much jumped the neighbors in the eye, not annoying and not frighten them. They are output as the clothes going to someone else, and we at home, everyone knows why.

Essentially the same society only trusts the first person. In pride if no one ever conquered people, here it is, the desire to straighten the path of truth or something, hard to say, but it is a fact, and a fact is not new. What is new is state this fact does not ignore, take into account and it comes in your endeavors.

It would be simplistic to bring the topic to the notorious "faith in the good king". Deep people are not naive and hardly considers the kindness of the Royal dignity. Rather, he could think about right ruler what Einstein said about God: "Sophisticated, but not malevolent".

The modern model of the Russian state begins with trust and trust is kept. This is its fundamental difference from Western models, cultivating distrust and criticism. And this is its strength.

Our new state in the new century will be a long and glorious history. It will not break. Will come in its own way, to take and to hold prizes in the top League of geopolitical struggle. It sooner or later will have to accept all those demands that Russia "changed behavior". Because it just seems that they have a choice.


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