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The authorities no longer control neither the future nor the past
Material posted: Publication date: 31-03-2017

Mode goes to Putin's re-election without the two usual tools of manipulation: lost control not only of tomorrow, but yesterday.

To say that the authorities today do not have any vision of the future, which they could in 2018 to go to the people to convince him to issue a mandate for the continuation of the current order.

This is true, but not all. Where louder is reminded of the even more glaring fact: the images suitable for the mode of the past, with which he used to control the brains of citizens, cease to apply to them. Even worse, they begin to bore and annoy.

Take some breech of promoter-middle peasants, who in the service is obliged to explain how bad the anti-corruption riots. What he says, if it finds the audience or when they are forcibly brought to him?

In addition to references to the "Arab spring" and the machinations of the West, i.e. on things that the public either unfamiliar or has long been not interested, he appeals to the memories of the horrors of all the Russian revolutions and the revolutions of the ancient and 1991 year, imagining that that is absolutely irresistible intellectual weapons. And is surprised when the audience yawn.

This never happened before — images of the past occupied a Central place in the propaganda of the regime at every turn, which he did. And these images worked. The people on them spoke.

In 1996 Boris Yeltsin was re-elected to the presidency, relying not so much on the love of the citizens, which is almost gone, how much fear of the return of the Soviet regime in case of a victory of Gennady Zyuganov. Moreover, the public propaganda aggressively promoted the idea that restored is not even Brezhnev and Stalin's terrorist past. Judging by the outcome of the election, this image then had power over the minds.

In 2000 and 2004, young Vladimir Putin first elected, and then re-elected under the banner of moderate restauraciones in which the promise of upcoming prosperity (it is supported then reality) and renunciation of the damned 90s, merged with the nostalgia for the late Soviet life, supposedly well-maintained, gracious and calm.

In 2008 the presidency was Dmitry Medvedev, the hero of our days. It's interesting to remember then his message is endorsed by the people, according to the results of the vote (he had collected 3.5 million more votes than Putin received four years earlier). As they say, some voted for the cheese, others in holes in the cheese. Some people liked the continuation of Putin's restauraciones, and who hoped for a return to liberties that were at my grandfather in the 90s. and those And others instead of their desired last got in the end is the past, they wanted less — the return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin seat.

And no wonder 2012 and subsequent years were a time of enormous state-owned mobilization of history to force it to serve the interests of the authorities. In addition to the traditional image of 1945 as a triumph of the current regime and the usual chanting Stalin, put into operation, it seems that many famous historical characters, regardless of their fitness for the public service — from Vladimir the Red Sun to Ivan the terrible. And the nostalgia for the lost Empire was maintained round-the-clock television advertising two real wars with real bloodshed.

And so, after he was pressed all conceivable ideological buttons, it was discovered that the mode is close to 2018, not having in the Toolkit are no images of the past, able to affect minds.

It is not only that the streets of young people can't remember even the "cursed ' 90s", not to mention the time of Gorbachev and Brezhnev.

In any event there is a Statute of limitations, after which they cease to be a part of life and turn into a long story in which Borodino and Stalingrad battle are nearby.

But desactualizada the past and the accelerated procedure is if continuous and with the ultimate power to operate it on public needs. Even people who in adult years have gone through 1990s listen to another dedicated incriminating passages or indifferently, or with the growing rejection of those who in the thousand and first time trying to shoot them with a propaganda harvest.

Prince Vladimir was not initially encouraging figure, and now becomes annoying — like every product advertised with excessive and aggressive molestation. And don't believe pollsters, post allegedly growing ratings of Stalin. Pollster just don't catch the indifference with which the masses perceive today as Stalinism and anti-Stalinism. Good or not, but both in their eyes is long gone. And today any past compromised by the authorities, the agitators which in turn all they touch, in a false and incompetent farce.

What the online manipulation of history is exhausted, the show attempts to use in state order anniversary-1917. Power or mumble something unintelligible, cursing or praising the revolution and the tsarist government, and then are surprised when teenagers shout: "Down with the king!" To the best of rocking the boat and the Russian Orthodox Church, which, up to the highest hierarchs, not even aware of how insensitive today's politically protective of their recitations, of their curse, addressed to the intellectuals and the people, and all their archaic, saturated with hostility to democracy monarchism.

The current situation is absolutely new for post-Soviet Russia. The regime's failure to present any compelling picture of the future have met before, albeit rarely. But never before it did not fit with his powerlessness to act as a reductant of some alluring in the eyes of the people of the past or of the defender of the poor restoration.

The old boy that invented and extols the power, now just as annoying to people as they are afraid of her to imply comprehensive financial prejudice, which she prepares for them in the future.

Until March 2018 less time, and the mechanisms of control over the past and over the future misfire for the misfire. Vladimir Putin is approaching the procedure without the re-election of both the traditional tools of manipulating minds.

Sergei Selin


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